Reviews for A Song In Time of Revolution
Reaver chapter 76 . 5/27/2022
There is no way that Connor doesn't die, based on the prophecy and the implications of having a closed circle of loved ones. In fact, I might actually be terribly disappointed if he lives, or at the very most is unscathed.
Reaver chapter 70 . 5/27/2022
I love the dialogue you give the characters. Particularly Luna's oblivious, stupidly savage comments that are clearly well-meaning but strike as far from that coming from any other person
Reaver chapter 62 . 5/27/2022
Didn't think of bringing this up in a review, but Lord/Lady-power seems to be as isolating as genius-level IQ. An apt comparison
Anon chapter 55 . 5/27/2022
In the times of stupid, the aware must repent and retract. Miles are imperial measurement and still widely used in England
Reaver chapter 44 . 5/26/2022
Being able to admit to myself that I have a weak will does not mean that I do not despise myself for it when I read of Croaker's breaking, knowing that I would have caved in long before Croaker even began to sweat.
sarrylover chapter 29 . 9/22/2021
This is bullshit still. Who cares about having to schedule time with Harry and Conner and significant others, literally Harry has better shit that he needs to be taking care of then listening to his siblings weird ass girlfriend trying to control shit that she has no business being apart of.
sarrylover chapter 28 . 9/22/2021
God why is Harry saying sorry when Conner should have griffin balls and speak up about this petty fight. Harry cares more about this fight then the possibility of have the dead 12 children’s parents as people to control him the vates.
sarrylover chapter 16 . 9/21/2021
Parvati is a child. Can she not understand that they are at war and Harry is a central figure. Why in the hell would he have time to just hangout with his brother when Werewolves are being hunted and killed. While the ministry is created more and more rules to make the werewolves look to be raging uncontrollable beast? Why would Harry need Conner beside him fighting voldy when he has draco who has a possession ability, while Conner has a compulsion ability that won’t effect the dark voldy.
Anonymous chapter 71 . 2/20/2021
don't kill regulus
or snape( dont be that cruel)
or narcissa (i would die if you would)
or peter
and if you come up with some physco plot in which draco fucking black dies then! nooooooooo just nooooooo it will kill me and harry. just .
regulus also said that people could die intending to destroy the horcrux didn't he? maybe there's some physco out there who want voldy dead more than anything and dies for that sole purpose and isn't any one of those fabulous people that I just wrote about? pleaseeeeeeeeee dooooooooont killl them! pleaseeeeeeee
Anonymous chapter 60 . 2/1/2021
I HATE AURORA WHITESTAG. yup that's all the words I need to describe that wretched woman. she says she doesn't want to control him and she truly believes that in her own twisted way but like it or not she is doing just that. CONTROLING harry. at first it was al real cute, I agreed with harry about the board and then that woman went and pulled crap like that. I DO NOT LIKE HER.
Guest chapter 47 . 1/15/2021
I love your story, I love the whole series and I’ve been binging it over the week. I think your plot line is well thought out and I’m so happy that Harry has finally begun to really assert himself and to fight for what he believes. I’m very excited to see what the upcoming conflict with Falco will bring and where Harry’s story goes from here.

If I had any misgivings about the story I think it would be with Draco. I love Draco, he’s one of my favorite characters and I even like him in this story but there are certain things about his character that I’m excited to see more development in. He is very childish and almost petty at times. I know some of it is endearing but I feel that Harry is so much more mature. I know that it comes from his life and his experiences, but Draco is so self-indulgent and selfish at times that it really seems like he is almost more concerned with what he “deserves” and what he wants than anything else. I just think that certain things in their relationship are somewhat toxic. Draco is often so concerned with what he deserves and what he wants and “pushing” Harry into situations that Harry may be uncomfortable in relationship wise because it’s what Draco wants. I just think Draco really needs to grow up and mature before he can reach that equality that he desires in his relationship with Harry. I’m glad you didn’t give him the absorbere gift. I don’t think it’s something that he needs at this point, or really at all, unless he develops more.

But overall I love your story so much, you’ve done such an amazing job. It’s so detailed and you can tell how much work you’ve put into this world. And I do like Harry and Draco, I think they are good for each other in certain ways, I’m just also looking forward to seeing more development in Draco.
MudkipStar chapter 27 . 1/9/2021
i never expected to ship severus snape and regulus black but here we are i guess
echamski chapter 74 . 1/8/2021
HARRY come on dude! We’re all rooting for ya, get it together!

Half an Inch chapter 92 . 10/29/2020
Haha draco is yet again acting like a child and Harry is having none of it. Honestly, what was he thinking, forcing Harry to take him to a very private moment when he wasn’t even invited? I’m very interested to see where his development goes because he is still very childish and indulges too often in self interest
Half an Inch chapter 45 . 10/28/2020
I am so glad Harry wasn’t able to give out his magic, especially his ability to absorb magic, like it’s candy becuase it’s one my biggest pet peeves in fiction. Draco, especially, does not deserve to be given a gift like that, solely due to love of power and fam
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