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kittyxi chapter 1 . 4/26
Soreallyd this story last year and loved it so much that I decided to read it again and then I thought wait why dont I remember thishappening only to realise THAT YOU UPDATED. u genius ! your incredible and tou should really update again xo
NaijaStrawberrie chapter 49 . 4/2

Omg it's been so long things have gotten crazy with me and I'll PM you later but HI! I'm finally able to read this entire thing! Okay, to be honest I'm about halfway done but I was reading on my phone so I couldn't read and review but I'll go through and quickly give some reactions and then continue reading and review as I read.


LOL I love how Roberto was copying Amara as she was flipping pages. so cute and hilarious.

DAMMNNNMNNNN RAY TOLD HIS MOTHER LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?! that was crazy! I'm just glad he kissed her at the end. Kind of like "you're bat shit crazy and I hate what you tell me to do but you're my mom and at the end of the day I still love you." Very well written!

Julian was such a surprise! That was so cute how he's now...friends...with her lol. I love it!

LOL this is so awkward, I'm reading this in a library, I have no idea who is behind me staring at what I'm doing. So now I'm awkwardly looking around making myself look 10000x more suspicious than I would have had I been quietly reading. awkward...

LMAOOOOOOOO. "AT YAH?...oh, good." the part where Anna screams thinking Ray wanted to hurt Jubes was hilarious. I nearly laughed out loud!

LOOOOOOVED THE CHAPTER! It was great and exactly what I needed. I haven't been feeling like myself lately (lots of stress and very little quality me-time) and reading this, escaping from my problems, really helped. So thank you!

Also I'm hoping that since it took me forever and a day to review this you'd have the next chapter coming out relatively soon so I don't have to wait too long for an update haha. :D
SublimeDayBlue chapter 49 . 3/30
I agree with the last comment. A college spin-off would make my next 95 years :)
desireesamonie chapter 1 . 3/28
I've been following this story for years and I want to say I worship this story. You have inspired some of my stories. I think you should do a sequel or spin-off when they're in college or something like that
Camileq chapter 49 . 3/24
Hi! Three days ago I found this fanfic because I love Romy, but actually I stayed for Xietro hehehe. I love your writing I think you're a real professional and I loved every minute of reading it! I read all chapters in such a short time - I am addicted to it. Thanks for songs because some I knew and you reminded me of them (Mindless Self Indulgence for example ;)) and also some new songs got stuck in my head! I really enjoy your stories so I hope there will be more about my new favourite Xietro ! :))also hope you're doing well. (Sorry for my english it's not my native language)
destiny18-au chapter 49 . 3/19
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in ages, I've killed another laptop! (Jubilee and I have a lot in common, just discovered I blew up 3 of Dad's good speakers as a kid...Oops!) Anyway I love this and I haven't forgotten about what I said, I saw that pic you posted on tumblr so going to manipulate I think for the cover.

Take care and talk soon.
lovely smile chapter 49 . 3/16
Finished! OMG I'm so Sorry it took me this long! But I did it! and I for one enjoyed every moment with each ship and Kurt's talk :-) each ship had a talk that was Very much their own conflict with themselves and the Romy situation which was very refreshing! X shut up pietro!.Wanda and John finally talked things out about the Emma thing. Amara and Roberto was cute! Ray and Jubilee: Oh he put his mother in her place! Damn was that manly. I loved the symbolism of ray giving his mother the keys back! I was a so you can't do anything bout it! Lol and thing can't Bobby was sweet karma! Go Anna! The angel and Anna talk was Very sweet. You can tell she really caress for her girls even for the one that was her own double player in the chess game ;-) Anna really let herself out there for angels to see what he can loss. The talk with Kurt was really brotherly and Anna reacted as always, pushy Lol that that is Anna and he knows it. And poor remy just sitting there being emo.. tears! At less we know that They're both hurting... saddle.., this was a great update my darling! Loved Very talk and the fact that Anna finally got her moment to let it out. OMG I just might cry with her! :'(
Thanks for updating! Again Sorry for taking so long! But I loved it!
metalgoddess chapter 49 . 3/14
I'm so sorry that I haven't wrote a review yet, my 2 jobs are becoming more demanding.
First of all Yay for Ray sticking up to his mom, hopefully it will get through her thick Skull about not being a biggot.
Even though the convo between Kurt and Anna wasn't that long, it was insightful. In fact all the other ships were insightful on Anna's behalf too.
I think I'm really too bummed out about romy. I know it was coming but it is still heart wrenching. I wonder how they will come back together. Will it be her (logical since it was her fault) him (since he is so miserable without her) or could it be some or all of their friends? I'm guessing that I have to wait a while for that.
I can't even think what will happen in the next chapter, you have stump me.
Roach of Wrath chapter 43 . 3/14
Amazing story! Kind would like to see the Guys interact with each other more. Maybe in a road trip setting where they are forced to send time with one another sing to Pandora then a really girly song comes on like 'Jar of Hearts' ,but Pietro refuses to skip it because it's his last skip, and one by one they all start sing along. Getting lost and refusing to ask for directions and other hi-jinx.
TarraM90 chapter 49 . 3/9
hello lovely... sorry its a bit late but been super busy but as always i will find time to read your eagerly awaited chapters. I have to start with saying i loved the Anna and Kurt talk and although it was brief as you mentioned it hit home and really showed a relationship between the two of them. very happy that Ray stood up to his mum and that she hopefully has learned her lesson there, also that him and Jubilee are now happy together. Amara and Robertos little scene was lovely and i hope things work out for them in the end, I also loved Ray and Wandas fiery and yet sweet chat which i think really showed them off as a couple. Remys little scene was sad but i think important to see where he is at and that the two of them are hurting just as much as the other. as always i cant wait for the next one. Tarra xx
lala143 chapter 49 . 3/8
Please update on Fridays. It's hard to follow the story if it's on a different day. Not for those that have accounts but for those who don't have one. I know I don't really review much, but I still check for updates every Friday (even when you say you're going on break or take a week break). I think that keeping updates to Friday will be easier on us readers.
Nitzu chapter 49 . 3/7
Once again amazing chapter. Bit late with my review, but having bit busy atm :D Finally Rogue allowed herself to cry. You don't always need to be the strong one and pretend everything is fine. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Anna 28 chapter 49 . 2/28
Hi, finally happy to see that all of the ships except romy offcourse together, i liked all of the couples interaction, they all had their say especially their genuine feeling's, most importantly how they couldn't stand to see their friends being miserable and why they acted the way they acted it shows how deep the friendship is and also remy could see what the others couldn't, that she was feigning ignorance,trying to act nonchalant when she was definitely not so. I can't wait to see how romy would confront each other,i mean the interaction between them , they can't ignore each other you know, they have to let it out too. waiting for the next update...
TazzieLuv13 chapter 49 . 2/23
OM-AAHHHHHHHHH the ..romy...feels...just...too..much
I love it but I hate it
Nangel4 chapter 49 . 2/23
So happy you are back. First this is Nancy ( yes, I finally got an account, didn't know I could get one). Love it and so worth the wait. Poor Anna and Remy, there is a lot of work to do there. And how sweet are they that they want their friends to be happy even though they are hurting. So happy she didn't rip the cards. I liked Laura and Pietro's talk too. i think it not only showed how much they care about their friends, but also showed how strong their relationship is and how much she means to him. Then we have Wanda and John, she told him like it is and had to remind him that no matter what it seems on the outside that Anna is hurting, just like John hurt her. And how sweet that he gave her his drum sticks and had them engraved. Next we have Ray and Jubilee, they are so cute together, I think they are your sweetest couple. I love how he told his mother, and yes she should be happy that he is with someone that makes him that happy. I love how he stood up to Bobby, that was a funny text Jubilee sent. And goodbye Bobby. On to Amara and Roberto, still trying to be friends, and you are going to fix it before she has to go back right, right? pleaseeee, pretty please. That was cute them in the library and than getting ice cream, after keeping Ray from killing Bobby. And you had Anna talking to Warren, hopeful he listens. Betts is too much, I think she likes pushing Laura, although very funny, Can't wait to see how they get together. Really great chapter. A MONTH! Okay, if you have too. And hopeful you get to update Sinful Delicacies. Thank you for updating and I can't wait for more.
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