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shroudson1 chapter 51 . 10/4
ok I need more. I have to know what will happen with Romy and see how close amarto can get. poor Wanda she really didn't want to participate, oh well. how much longer til prom, shock it never came up. well hope to hear from you soon.
Ballislife12 chapter 50 . 9/7
So. You know me as Desireesamonie but some shiz went down and I totally forgot my password and all that jazz So I am currently rewriting young love. Ugh, any heyooo! Dude you've been gone for so long I've been going through Rebellious hearts withdrawals.
Shellyluv34 chapter 2 . 7/30
I really love this story please finish it pleazzzzzz
Maddylovessmiles chapter 51 . 3/28
I feel horrible for not reviewing for such a long time so here it goes.
Rebellious Hearts is one of the very few fics that I will actively go back to re-read for my own pleasure. Since your last update I think I've scanned through the whole thing two times and am currently going through a full in depth reading. Its also one of the few fics that i enjoy all the pairings.
You are an amazing writing and I feel like I can't truly compliment you enough for the masterpiece that you have created. This is certainly a story that I wish will never end.
Guest chapter 2 . 3/24
Crystal Aamquelin(movies) Tv tropes
Rebellious HATES being told what to do by the her sister and her borther in law and tends to take matters at her own hands
Badass Princess:DUH Badass Fashionista:OF COURSE!
Childhood Romance:With Pietro. They were seperated froor 8 years after HYDRA captured himab nd wanda before they met agian in the Infinity War.
The Leader:of the FF Fiery Redhead:DUUH. Control the Elements:DUUH
The Beautiful Elite:Crystal is the most beautful Inhuman in her generation.
The Smart One:Crystal is EXTREMELY clever and witty,and tends to outwit even her own sister and .
The Ingenue:Now this may not look it,but Crystal is said to be the ingenue of her family. The Fashion Designer:DEFINITELY
Unlimted Wardrobe:This also goes with the rest of her family.
Little Miss Snarker:Crystal is a ways up to new wits and innuedos to make life more interesting. Impossibly Col Clothes:CERTAIN FOR SURE.
Nice Shoes:Crystal has A THOSUAND deisgner shoes complimenting her MANY outfits in the series.
Fish out of the Water:When she first came to earth,she had NO IDEA how to act like a human thus causing her to be humiliated and freaked out and crying in her hotel room for days.
World's Most Beauitful Woman:Alongisde her sister,sheis also one fo then most ebauitful inhuamans ever graced the ihnhumans race. Pietro fell hardcore at first isght when he gazed at those elarge ember green eyes. Many men(including Fandral) also said to have a crush on her. She was also lusted after by Ronan because of her unsurpasssable beauty.
Living Doll:Look at her light auburn curls,large felin elke ememebr green eyes,doll like face,faultless nose,full red lips and petite curvarceous figure with a tiny waist. Dion't you think she's one?Even Clint,when he first saw her,he was like'Are you sure this is a girl?'
Spoiled Sweet:Well yeah,she can be a bit naive and tends to have temper tantrums every now and then,but she also has a heart of burning gold which tends to help ithers when needed and NEVER shuns away from poor people to help. Even thoguh they're not as fashionable as her,that is.
Heroes love Redheads:With Pietro Maximoff himself. Pietro Maximoff's mother has auburn ahir,which is why he has a thing for redheads,espeicaly Crystal herself
Guest chapter 51 . 3/18
Remember me? Lol how's the hiatus going? We'd love to hear from you soon. Love, Me
Guest chapter 1 . 3/14
Please update the suspension is killing me!
kimmiikatt2013 chapter 51 . 3/5
hi! i just wanted to stop on and say that this fic is one of my top 3 favorite fics, in fact Alara's "Xandu" is tied in first place of my ll time favorites. Actually, second and third place also go to stories of yours, second is MoE & CoD(i really wanna know what happens ti Etienne) and third is tied between Total Manipulation & Assassins.

*warning: slight language-none directed at you i promise!
This fic, is one of the main reasons why i love these parings, them with the character development in each story, through different, never stray off from who Marvel intended them to be. i love it. thank you for a fantastic read(:

so questions for you,
Romy-obviously they make up t some point, or it wouldn't be a Romy :p but my question is, will it before the summer? how does Remy find it in his heart to forgive her? and lastly, can we cut this Rogue being depressed and mopey shit? Shes a kick ass leader of a group of Goth's, in my opinion, its just wayy to OOC compared to the rest of the story for me, i think her pride would get the best of her, and she'd at least pretend to okkayye a little better. this is a revenge fic, i'd love to see her pride and confidence show through as she continues to crumble Jean's, now rusting throne. I want to see Rogue completely destroy her, but that's just my thoughts on it :p

Jonda: don't really have any questions about them, great job on making them seem realistic!

Xietro: i love them, they are one of my def OTP's. i love their arguing, it's their own way of showing eachother how they care for the other person, and how they release some of their sexual tension.

Amarto: does Amara go back to Nova Roma? or does she denounce her title s Princess and stay here with Berto?

Jubilay: hearts, they're so sweet, i love that Ray is goth, maybe because i am:p

overall story:
does this fic end when school does? i'd love to either see a sequel or have this one continue until Rogue, Laura Lex, and Wanda graduate. and maybe a sequel or something about their class reunion where the four grades in this story all come back and see how they've changed, or how the girls still hang out and cause trouble and re still goth(:

thanks for your awesome writing, its kept me sooo entertained and i feel like i'm there with them, i want really badly to know what happens, the suspense is killing me. and thank you for taking the time to read this review, if i may ask, do you have a time frame for the next update? i saw you're going by the number of reviews per chapter. do you have enough reviews? how many do you have? i can find some people to read and review if it'll help(:

Pliipness chapter 51 . 1/1
I love this story, but after 6 months without any update I'm starting to think this story has been forgotten. I hope you update someday I wanna know what happens next
Lala143 chapter 51 . 12/17/2015
I miss you. I Miss You. I MISS YOU! COME BACK!
Jasmett chapter 51 . 11/29/2015
Hiya, have been a long time follower of this story, rarely reviewed though, I know I suck. But anyeho, I had lay off coming to cause I was spending to much time here and not enough doing school work. But when I would stop by I'd check and see if this story had any updates. I was always disappointed to not see one. Today I finally went to your profile to see if maybe it had be discontinued or something, and saw that you wanted reviews for updates. So here I am! I really love this story and how complex the characters are. You've made me fall in love with everyone(ok not Jean and her crew). I hope you get the reviews you need to finish the story cause seeing my ships not sailing together really sucks :)

In case I haven't gotten the point across "I like it" :D
Anna 28 chapter 51 . 11/14/2015
Dear, It has been toooo long now, pleaseeee come back soon
thereisnothinghere12 chapter 51 . 11/2/2015
You should come back to writing. Ik elder scrolls are taking up your time but I need to know what happens next lol
LoveMeant2BE chapter 51 . 10/19/2015
Long time no see.. i missed you n your fics ofcourse.. you know my deep ned amd crave for RH.. im all caught up amd reread it like i dont even know how many times... Xietro super eppp.. over all i have the feels cant wait til you update... people give her what she want she deserves it ...
You know know me Fighting For LoveMeant2Be
Chow Bella
Nen chapter 51 . 10/12/2015
You. Need. To. Finish. This.
NOW! lol Girl I opened my email yesterday to find 7 emails from fanfiction and I got SO EXCITED and then SO FREAKING DISAPPOINTED when I realized you hadn't updated. WHEN AM I GOING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!

Ahhh re-reading this was the best. I loved every bit of it and laughed and cried all over again. It was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see what you do with the Amarto relationship. Are we going to find out Roberto is a long lost prince and he's good for Amara? Is he ever going to punch her fiancee (I would die of laughter reading that).

I just hate how everything is going to be over! I wish after everyone got back together we get a couple more chapters of happiness and love and cute moments.

Hmm what else do I want-OH! The part when Pietro kept cornering Laura in random hallways when they were messing around was SO HOT! PLEASEEEEEEE bring that back! I loved those scenes.

Will Laura ever find out that Ororo and her dad are dating!? I'd love to see her reaction to that! I wonder if she'll be really happy about it, or feel kind of used, as if Ororo was only being nice to get in her good graces, you know?

I don't want this to endddddddd! T.T
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