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keara.park chapter 51 . 8/21
Please update soon please. This is a really good story.
Shellyluv34 chapter 1 . 8/21
i love this story I really hope u finish it pleaseeeeee lol :)
Tophers Mamma chapter 51 . 8/7
I love this story! Cant wait for an update.
Camileq chapter 51 . 7/17
Hi ! Sorry that I wasn't in the last chapter here. But I am now after my bachelor exam :))
I am waiting for the next great ideas from Xietro to Romy :D still love the story and still waiting for you :)
(Deep in my Heart I wish for the next new Xietro history, tell me please if it could come true :d)
Have a great time till the next chapter! I'll be here this time :)
metalgoddess chapter 51 . 7/12
Ok I have this to say. After Anna and Remy drop off flavor of the day, I seriously though they were going to get into a car accident. My mind wonder on how they could have died. DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! You're doing an evil laugh, aren't you?
I'm am very intrigued to find out about this sports auction and will they be shirtless. Lol
You still have me guessing on Amara and Roberto. It's very close to coming back, then we're reminded that she has an arrange marriage. :-\
Hope for an update soon :-)
Guest chapter 51 . 6/27
Still mad I see, took it out on the chapter? Have a good hiatus hun
Anna 28 chapter 51 . 6/17
Hmmmm ok I am not that mad at remy now, poor Anna and Remy now have to undergo plan B too and this time all the ships are plotting together , can't really wait for the next update. Enjoy your break and come back sooooon.
NaijaStrawberrie chapter 51 . 6/15
To say I'm bored at work would be an egregious understatement lol. So I decided to finish up this chapter. I read most of it, but haven't been in a good mood lately (long story, I'll tell you later) so I didn't read and review at the same time.
But I just re-read the first chapter since it, of course, popped up when I searched for the story and as soon as you finish with the story I'm definitely going to re-read everything from beginning to end. I'm so excited lol.

Anyway, Loved how they both smelled each other and got off. That was super cute!

Great ending! I love how they all came together to get ROMY back together. So cute!
Nitzu chapter 51 . 6/15
Part of me wishes Remy and Rogue would just get drunk star talking, blow up and yell each other, so they can get everything out into the open, and then just launch at each other and end up between the sheets and do naughty things. Amazing chapter once again
TarraM90 chapter 51 . 6/9
loved this new chapter :) the Romy was full of sexual tension and angst which am hoping will all build to something good :) Lex has really got her meddeling head on and lets face it we all wanna push them in a room and make fight it out :) made up pietro has started helping even if this first one backfired. love the jubilay... Amarto and Jhonda clips, the jump backs to the cooking lessons, the drumming lessons and just a cute cuddle for ray and jubilee :) another excellent chapter lovely and super excited for the next xxxx
Warrior-princess1980 chapter 51 . 6/5
metalgoddess chapter 50 . 6/5
OMG I can't believe I forgot to write my review, I seriously got sidetracked this time. I am so sorry.
I liked it because it gave me a little more hope for romy.
Xietro plotting is very good, I want to see if anything good comes out of that.
Im gonna keep this short, I really want to read the next chapter.
Cheshire Kitty 101 chapter 51 . 6/5
Yay for Escaping Insanity and Sinful Delicacies! Go Xierto! At the end of this chapter the I kept imagining Pietro saying "welcome to the dark side." Then Laura adding in a creepy ass voice, "we've been expecting you :)"
Nangel4 chapter 51 . 6/5
I love, love seeing an update. And as much as I don't realllllyyy want you to take a break, I would like to see Sinful Delicacies updated. Let's start with Elizabeth and Warren, I think I want to smack both of them, right in the back of their heads. Can't wait for the rude awakening. How cute were Roberto and Amara baking cookies. And I really, really wanted to hurt Ray for interrupting them. Bad Ray, very, very bad. Although Ray's lucky Jubilee didn't smack him, "I could have dated Tabitha". But he was very sweet and cute with Jubilee and that's so sad that they are preparing themselves for heartache. I still looking for a happy ending here, with all the couples, just letting you know. And Wanda does seem to end up on his lap a lot. That was a cute moment they had together. is any guy really dumb enough to go up against Wanda, John values his life. Laura and Pietro are going to get in troubleeee. I have to say the part were Laura's thinking about Remy being a chair and calling girls chairs, I had to step away from the computer, I was laughing so hard. That just hit so funny. That was great. And at some point Remy and Anna are going to kill them. And plan B needs to work. Those two need to handcuffed together, just so they have to talk. And Anna doing her good deed, by taking Remy and Alexandra home. Maybe not a good idea to let Anna drive, almost two accidents in one day. Great, great chapter. Hope you don't make us wait too, too long for an update. Thank you so much for taking your time to update, I love getting to read this story.
Little Gem Magnolia chapter 51 . 6/5
Very nicely done, my lovely! I really enjoyed this chapter! :D
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