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AoKanojo chapter 10 . 2/24/2012
Hur, just checked your LJ content in regard to your Wend stuff...didn't know you plunked Rena with Alen (although in the anime, Alen was hot. Hah. Anyway) So now Dias and Claude are . Although you mention you'll make anything Dias/Claude more hint-ish than overtly out there...but that's ok ;)

The idea of Leon-on-Claude-on-Dias is a very amusing mental picture if I try to think about it. Hehe, catboy catching technology. I still am not sure why Leon has the cat ears and his parents do not, unless he was adopted O_o Well, in-game that was so, I can't recall the anime well enough to remember if Leon's parents were given ears as well.

Good to see that Dias is such a GOOD big brother. *snickers*
AoKanojo chapter 9 . 2/24/2012
Fanfic is for drooling out whatever's on your mind at the moment-fortunately what you drool out is entertaining and nicely written, unless you're actually going for an odder style/perspective on purpose. Then it's still entertaining but odder, hehe.

I could kind of imagine Dias being an artist...hanging out drawing stuff, sitting still and being quiet P Heh, hidden talents...I still find the Item Creation in SO2 really fun, although the fact that everyone could learn to do *everything* like that is a little out there. But hey.
AoKanojo chapter 8 . 2/24/2012
It may be more interesting to write things from Dias' perspective since, for the most part in game/anime, you DON'T get his POV since he's the stoic he is. Whereas most of the other characters of SO2 tend to be a lot more forthcoming about their thoughts and feelings; that applies to nearly everyone even if they aren't Claude/Rena. So it's easier to conjecture the thought processes of most everyone else except for Dias.

Which, after all, is the main impetus I seek out SO2 fanfics-find out more about the hot dude that hardly ever talks P
AoKanojo chapter 7 . 2/24/2012
Hmm, this is...uh...kind of weird XD But your dream with it *was* weird, so ha! I'm actually at a loss of what to say for this P Except that I'm glad I'm not a miner.
AoKanojo chapter 6 . 2/24/2012
Hmm, don't ask me why, but reading this chapter made me think of how it would be if the two of them sparred. Oh, I know they had the Lacour Arms thingy, and they sparred in the anime...I think...but having a fanfic would be different ) Again, no idea why that idea popped into my head XD

And Claude, who knows, maybe Dias is having very interesting thoughts about *you* and is just keeping them to himself ;)
AoKanojo chapter 5 . 2/24/2012
This could almost fit into the "If/Then" continuum, although this Claude seems more silly than the other one is shaping up to be: more like how I consider the "canon" Claude from the game to be.

It would be interesting to end up plopped in another place, knowing a more evolved civilization and thinking about how the primitive one is going to go from A to B. Even with all our technology, I know there are many that wish for a simpler time...and in Claude's case, technology / the advance of humanity ended up destroying the state of Earth to some degree. So it must be nice to be in a place that's like a "do-over."

I randomly think, now and then, what it would have been like to go back to the age before humans, just to see how blue the sky would have been, or how green the plants were. Guess Claude is getting that feeling, although he's still among civilization.
AoKanojo chapter 4 . 2/24/2012
Not sure why I get the impression, but with all the fragments and short sentences, it kind of feels like stream-of-consciousness...kind of thing O_o

But yeah, it's weird that they have magical cameras when they're still in the "medieval ages" so to speak.

Completely random drivel/answer to your author comment:

Dunno, maybe they're paranoid because, more than most, their families were the yardstick they went by in defining themselves. Dias, so that he would never be the "weak person" again, Claude to be someone "other than his father" as he always lived in his shadow. If they lose these memories, a big part of who they are would be meaningless. Not as if people in general aren't defined and shaped by their families/loved ones, but it's a big pinnacle issue their identities revolve around.

OK, I get off my randomosity kick P *moves onwards*
AoKanojo chapter 3 . 2/24/2012
Sweet, Dias/Claude-ness. Haha P It's sappy but in a good way, and in a believable way-it's not like Dias is OOC romantic or anything. Just slight touches that point to the fact, but nothing heavy handed. (Although it *would* be funny to see Dias be romantic. Heh)

It would be amusing to see how Rena took this; although I guess if you kept her as "Dias' little sister" and not the canon partner for Claude, it works out just fine. Also interesting would be to hear their thoughts/see little interactions with their fellow comrades after their battles have ended.
AoKanojo chapter 2 . 2/23/2012
Well here I am at your behest P Admittedly, I'm not a...poem person _;;; But I'll give everything in here a read through )

I think cauterization was more for when stuff was getting chopped off, but I could be wrong; I think it was to essentially seal off the stump by burning so you wouldn't bleed out. Fortunately cauterization like that, in civilized places, doesn't happen except on a very small scale with proper instruments.

Poor Dias. He's still lugging around his emotional baggage all these years later. I guess it's not something one can forget, but still. Maybe Claude could make him happy *insert SO2 PSP Dias/Claude subtext* ;P
S.Zix chapter 18 . 7/8/2009
This has sort of an elegant angst to it that makes it easily rereadable. I really enjoyed it.

You might not like the formatting, but I do. The numbers are like sticks, and its more stream of conscious-y that way.

I liked how there are countables in each section. Except the last. I sort of would have liked for one of them to be playing with some countable object in the end. Even though the point is kind of that counting helps him to remember, and he forgets the date of the day they met. Still, this piece has sort of an ironic tone, and I think that would add something to it.

"I think the keeping counts more than the track" That sentence confused me a bit because I wasn't sure if you wanted to say keeping count's about more than the track or keeping count is more than keeping track or that the track is somehow countable. So yes. Lost.

It was refreshing. And a unique piece. It had a simple, but also a profound point. So thank you for updating.
S.Zix chapter 1 . 6/8/2009
So I spent a few hours hopping around your page and reading random snippets. Not enough to do you justice, but I very much enjoy your writing style (poetry as well as prose). It has this fun-loving depth to it. I'm going to go back and read things more closely and leave comments, but just letting you know that I enjoy this piece (so simple and so easy; it flows so well!) and a lot of your work (the close inspection of Dias and Claude's relationship is refreshing), and I am going to favorite you.

Even though you don't update often : ).
BlindWhitechapel chapter 17 . 7/19/2008
I wish I had a fancier way to say that I really liked reading this. :D It would be great to present you with some sort of detailed, well-written compliment.

I guess instead I'll say that what draws me in is your voice: you use the commonplace to establish the deeply personal in a way that seems real, more than realistic. But it isn't just serious; this voice works well with humor, too. I admire that more than anything.

Blue Crow chapter 12 . 8/13/2007
I'm so glad you've updated! It's about time I reviewed your series, and let me say that I love it! I love the way you portray Claude and Dias together! Please keep writing ]
Gabriel Ice chapter 4 . 8/14/2006
"They were the same as yours. They must have been. Or were they."

There are a couple of sentences in here that need question marks at the end, including here. (I get the feeling that stream-of-consciousness trumps grammar in this story.) More importantly, though, I like your musing on how we take shortcuts with our memories in order to fit more information in.

Great tinkering with POV in this. First one, then the other, then I-don't-know-who. Both, maybe?
Gabriel Ice chapter 3 . 8/14/2006
"much as how one is never quite aware of the exact moment when sleep overtakes the senses."

The reverse, however, is not true, as everyone who wakes up to an alarm knows.

You write about characters' thoughts better than I do. At least, that's the impression I get from the first paragraph of this.

The other impression I get is that you don't like babying the audience. I have to figure out what's going on by myself in order to follow the story. Sometimes that makes a story impenetrable, but here it seems to work.
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