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JetGriffins89 chapter 1 . 3/19/2010
Normally if I'm reading a fic after it's completed, I just review the last chapter, but you've captured so many perfect Winchester moments that I feel obligated to point out the awesomeness.

I'm particularly fond of the Boy Scouts comment in this chapter. (It makes me wonder exactly why they had a Boy Scout and a grendilowe near a closet.) Good work.
Pixie Shtick chapter 6 . 2/20/2009
That is nasty. Love Marigold. Nice job with the characters.
Laura of Maychoria chapter 6 . 11/7/2008
Great story! A cool plot, and good character interaction. Reading any of your stories is like watching a good episode, only with some extra good insight into Sam and Dean. ::thumbs up::
youthere chapter 6 . 4/29/2008
I enjoyed reading this :) My favorite dead-hooker-in-hotel-bed scene is in the movie Four Rooms, if you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out. cheers yt
bhoney chapter 6 . 3/22/2008
Loved this: "Sam looked fine, so Dean assumed he was doing what Sam did best. Brood. He shrugged. Everyone had to have a hobby, he guessed." ROTFL!

I was worried about the other guests, so I'm glad you let us know they'd figured out the firemen would get there in more than enough time to get them out.

Liked the insight into Dean's thoughts, always wanting to remember the victims.

Loved this line: “Sam, you know I love the ladies, but if there was ever a woman to ignore, it would be the homicidal ghost of a dead prostitute.” “And feel free to quote me on that.” I could totally see JA delivering this line. LOL

I was a little worried that the police might still come looking for them-the fire did start in their room after all, and there would've been signs of arson, and they'd have been on the books as staying another night. Plus the two murdered people found in there. I wish there'd been a little more closure to this-like they'd checked out and then come back to stake the room out that night. Or something. Cuz the last thing they need is more cops on their trail.

I hope we see Sam pry some more information out of Dean in this series, on the whole "being alone" thing. Don't know if you carried that on or not. Hope so. I'd like to see a "chick flick" moment about it.

LOVED that Dean was talking in his sleep about Marigold. Priceless! Great ending!

I'm printing this one out to keep. Great story!
bhoney chapter 5 . 3/22/2008
Liked the argument over "human" versus "monster"-totally in keeping with their (season 1) characters to have this out. Liked Dean trying to deflect attention from Sam by pointing out that he's too tall to hide in the mattress. :)

Liked that Dean tried to protect the guy when the ghost came after him, even though he thought the guy deserved to be taken down. Glad you neatly solved the issue for us, so the boys didn't have to wait around for the body to be released. Neatly done. It was a nice change that the ghost didn't seem to mind them burning her body-she'd gotten what she was after.

Loved this: "Salt him too. I don't want to have to come back here." A practical man, our Dean. :)
bhoney chapter 4 . 3/22/2008
Liked that Sam knew his brother well enough to know that Dean wouldn't have slept the night before. Your description of the ghost was great, I could totally picture her flickering in and out. Creepy. Really liked that the ghost didn't attack Sam and Dean, that she had so much insight into Dean. “You fear solitude as a child fears the darkness, And yet you will choose to remain alone.” Nice. And Dean rubbing his chest, looking away... *sniff*

But, before I had time to be too sad for him, off with the action, and then of course, this great closing line from Dean: “Dude, I told you it smelled.” LOL Great mix of horror, humor, pathos...good job!
bhoney chapter 3 . 3/22/2008
LOVED Marigold...I have often wondered if Dean had a name for his gun...and his car! Loved that "Dean liked keeping Marigold happy almost as much as he liked keeping Sammy happy." LOL

This cracked me up: "He knew the universe was against him. He was reminded of it every time he noticed his younger brother was taller than he was. At least he wasn’t better looking. That would have been cruel and unusual punishment." So Dean!

I liked the insight into his thoughts during the conversation with the desk clerk, Dean's stand on women and choices. Good stuff. Sad that Dean is so often alone.

Thanks for lightening it up again: “I wouldn’t have hit him,” Dean growled once they were outside, walking back to the room.

“Sure, Dean. You’re the soul of discretion,” Sam snorted. “That’s why the Boy Scout ended up locked in the closet.”

“Yeah, well, he was an even bigger ass than the clerk,” Dean said, pulling the room key from his pocket. “But let me know if you see a grendilowe around here. It has a date with that guy.”

Don't think he'd have followed through with it, but it cracked me up anyway.
bhoney chapter 2 . 3/22/2008
Okay, I was really worried when they were talking to the cop. Smart of Sam to get the door room closed, but it seemed a little suspicious too...I was afraid the cop would call them on it. Maybe if he had made an excuse of some kind-didn't want to let the heat out? Don't know, just seemed like something the cop might've picked up on. Glad you had them leave and take their stuff with them.

Loved this exchange: “Ok, so maybe we should’ve stayed in the car last night,” he admitted. “Ya think?” “I hate sleeping in the car. It makes me cranky.” “And we wouldn’t want that,” Sam observed. The difference between Dean happy and Dean cranky was not a whole heck of a lot sometimes. “Man, at what point did the possibility of being attacked by who knows what become better than being cramped up in the car for one lousy night?”

And of course, the whole "poofed" coversation, and Sam pointing out that she'd picked another guy over Dean...hilarious!

Great chapter!
bhoney chapter 1 . 3/22/2008
Okay, I'm coming out of perpetual lurkdom to comment on this story because I LOVED it SO MUCH. I've already finished the whole thing, but I'm going to comment on each chapter in shameless hopes that glowing praise will inspire you to write more fanfic for us. Cuz it's not going to take me long to blow through what you've got up. :)

Overall: LOVED the dialogue/banter. I could totally see the whole thing playing out as an episode, could hear their voices in my head saying the lines. You were rockin' the characterization. LOVED the mix of humor, interesting plot, suspense, brotherly interaction. WELL DONE!

Okay, this chapter:

LOVED the reference to Dean as a "delicate flower"-ROTFL!

Really liked the insight into Dean with the bittersweet. And so nice that Sam is probably more aware of it and what it means than Dean is.

Loved these lines: "It’s physically impossible for you to not notice a woman, Dean. Even if she’s trying to kill you.” And the comeback: “I can’t help it if I have keen powers of observation,” he mumbled. Oh, and this one: “You going to let me look at that, or am I going to have to knock you out myself?”

And of course, this whole exchange:

“Remember the Boy Scout motto, Sammy.”

Sam sat down heavily on his bed, leaning back against the headboard. “Dean, you locked the only boy scout we ever met in a closet with a grendilowe.”

His brother smiled at the memory. “Yeah, well he wasn’t prepared, now was he? Besides he was being an ass.”

Sam only grunted. Truth was, the kid had been an ass. “You gonna sleep with that under your pillow?” he nodded toward the shotgun.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Dean said straight-faced. “I’m going to sleep with it under your pillow. Mine will be busy cushioning my manfully-wounded, but somehow still strikingly handsome head.”

Sam began to reach for the other pillow on his bed and then stopped seeing Dean’s full Cheshire Cat grin make an appearance. The jerk would keep that one too if he threw it at him.

“See? That college education did wonders for you, Sam.”

Again-I could totally see them having this exchange (though I did wonder if Dean would really lock someone up with a monster-it made for good banter though).

Anyway, I really loved this story. I'm putting it on my favorites list. I'm excited to read more of your work. Please keep it coming!
fredo chapter 6 . 12/30/2007
nice story, thanks for the read, and this, "Sam looked fine, so Dean assumed he was doing what Sam did best. Brood. He shrugged. Everyone had to have a hobby, he guessed.", hehehe...
fredo chapter 5 . 12/30/2007
really cool story, i'm enjoying it. Loved this, "He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. Well, crap. He’d learned to live with hating himself a long time ago. But Sam… The look on his brother’s face, the disappointment, Dean wasn’t sure he could live with seeing that look."
fredo chapter 3 . 12/30/2007
okay, my friend Kwater sent me here, and so far this is a nice story. THis line, "He knew the universe was against him. He was reminded of it every time he noticed his younger brother was taller than he was. At least he wasn’t better looking. That would have been cruel and unusual punishment.", just excellent!
luvjase chapter 6 . 12/4/2007
This was a great story. You have a wonderful way of keeping true to the boys. Thanks for sharing.
MeShelly chapter 1 . 10/8/2007
*spoilers in this review

I guess after reading this fic, I don't really understand why Sam couldn't smell anything in this chapter, considering that a *rotting body* is a very physical thing. If her body hadn't still been there, I could imagine her spirit targeting Dean as a receptor for a phantom smell, but I guess I can't imagine a ghost blocking the physical presence of a smell from a person, just because they weren't specifically interested in that person (in this case Sam), if that makes any sense.

It was cool to see Dean switch from laid-back to Hunter-mode as soon as he suspected outside/supernatural interference. Also, that Sam has enough stock in Dean's senses that he can doubt his own. Watching them gather feedback from each other, prodding and 'apologizing', hypothesizing and planning-it works really well.

Dean singing children's songs to puzzle through things was a cute detail. Sam's certainty that even in a life-or-death circumstance, Dean can unconsciously catalogue a woman's features was another fun point.

They locked a civilian in a closet with a Creature? A humorous sentence, but I guess I find it a little hard to believe.

Nice place for a stop: plans for the morning, with a promise of action.

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