Reviews for To be Invisible
the fish is dead chapter 1 . 7/5/2006
Wow. I cannot believe this has no reviews...this is a really amazing story. You obviously have talent. Rather than a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes, the storyline works smoothly and the characters actions and words are believable. I especially loved the last line. It made me think about how it might have been for Sirius. James did appear to have the better life. Jealously is completely understandable. Also, your Dumbledore was PERFECT. I've found in many stories, authors tend to downplay Dumbledore's intelligence or wit, something that really irritates me. Dumbledore is such a fantastic character, and it's really an awful thing when he's not written in his full glory. I've noticed the same thing happening when people write Snape. But-wow, I'm rambling now . Anyways, I think you've inspired me to dig deeper into Sirius' feelings when I'm writing my stories. This really has been an eye opener.

It'd be awesome if you wrote more!