Reviews for In the Moment
Ranuel chapter 1 . 8/24/2006
I like the way you are handling relationships here. Everyone is pretty true to the growth of their characters in the manga. It's nice to see Kikyou as a three dimentional chracter too.

Kagome in jeans for a change is nice. She does wear them from time to time even if a lot of fanfic writers forget that.

Remembering that Miroku is a real priest and not just a comic relief scoundral is very good.

Some quibbles:

Having Shippou call Kagome Okaa when half asleep was sweet and very believable. However, I don't really buy it in chapter 4 when he is wide awake and they are in front of Kikyou. He is using it to get his way though and that is in character.

It's not very likely that the quest would drag on for 3 years, and wasn't even at the point where Kohaku joined up with Kikyou. I'm guessing that dispite the current T rating that was done so that you would have the freedom to do a lemon later on if you wanted.

Kagome sits Inuyasha an awful lot for a story that seems to be manga based instead of anime based. She hasn't done much of that for a long time.

So, overall I liked it enough to want to see chapter 5 when the site stops giving you problems.