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malasha33 chapter 12 . 5/29/2016
Loved it
m.j chapter 7 . 4/11/2009
OMG! is was the best story ever!it almost made me cry, my eyes got all watery when sharpay and troy had there "talk".this is pure awsomnes!
Going2Alaska chapter 12 . 11/16/2007
Great stories. Isn't RASCAL FLATTS THE BEST BAND EVER? I am obsessed with RASCAL FLATTS. Great job.

EMilY.JAMiES0N chapter 1 . 8/3/2007
Loved them all!
Eclaiirex chapter 12 . 7/31/2007
h e y

~~..• (.••.)•.

u kno Anna, u should be ashamed of urself. u rite such beautifully written one-shots and then just leave the writers hanging there, waiting for more? do u want us to die from waiting? so when were u going to update? let me think after another three years? -sigh- when i actually ended, as in finished readinf all twelve chapters i was actually kind of upset, considering the fact i'm not really that bothered when good stories end. well not bothered-bothered but of course i am upset when they do end, could u leave ur readers lyk that?

So here i was just browsing around and somehow, sometime i ended up on my mate christy's profile, i clicked on her fave authours and on seeing u there i had this strong urge to actually to log onto this colection of one-shots and read, and boy, i dnt think i could of spent a tiring summer evening a better way then this. i luved every single chapter, not luved cuz that would be the i will say i luv all twelve chapters. of course stupidly enuff i hvent ever actually come across to reading this before and believe me i hv slapped mysely a few times...actually a dozen to make it fair. How could i of not read it? -smacks self-

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter one was brilliant i dont think there would of been a better starting to the story/collection if i do say so troy is sweet. when she refused him at first i was lyk 'no sharpay such unjustice, cum bk!' but at the end they finally did. i did cry x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter two was great in its own way, i say that because Lana runied it. grr i felt lyk strangling her mid-way and she forced herslef on troy that just goes to show wot a good-natured person she is ryt? but oh well at least there love did bring them togther. I loved the ending x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter three, i luv this one alot, troy is so considering and sweet in this shot, Sharpay is ill and he cums to save the day...or the evening. aww poor Sharpay, i could actually feel my self shudder when u described how ill Sharpay was. Thnx to Troy everything turned out to be good, or great x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter four, i cnt believe Sharpay wasnted to ditch the prom, i felt lyk strangling her when she refused but thnx to Jason this tym, he saved the...hmm the girl who didnt want to go to the prom. Troy was so cute in this chapter. and i dnt know how a prom ends myself so..but it was a good ending and i'm glad they got togther x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter five,i dnt ever write in first POV cuz i jst cnt, LOL but u sure do, so it great i enjoyed it cuz it was different from the others and i lyk the way u've used the song words to accompany it, its a shame troy wasnt in this chapter and i cnt even imagine him dy- i shouldnt use that word -cries- poor sharpay x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter six,stupid Kieth and his robotic mates, how dare he insult Sharpay, freak i bet he isnt so perfect himself, -mutters curses under breath- and ugh! they injured Sharpay but then troypay power! zap! her injury brought them togther, in a way it was good but then again bad, LOL i truly fell in luv with this chapter but i'm still upset that Sharpay didnt say yes to him, well she sed maybe, LOL that was good x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter seven, OMG i dnt think i could of thought of such a great way to get the readers tunned at one point, i mean -hello- troy u could of wait maybe she was just trying to pluck up to talk, the guy needs a fast reaction, much lyk a troy action, LOL, boy she was shocked! silly Troy this one was a sort of twist considering it was Sharpay running after Troy this time not the other way but still i luv it both ways, i luv u x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter eight, how sweet can he get, aww i felt myself crying wot a sweet cutie, Sharpay should be impressed! and it was another songfic, i luv them. i'm pretty sure this would of taken u ages to do considerinf the fact that ur a gal and his a male but u seemed to have grasped the technique, one word, well actually two, ur amazing x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter nine, i luved the fact u got a water fight in this chpater, LOL they r always great, LOL. the part where sharpay doesnt feel exposed at first but does later on it gives an impression to us that she is falling well basically feeling awkward, a good sign! LOL the ending was awesome just as always, i suppose ur getting quite bored now, but wot can i say all the chapters r amazing! x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter ten, the two alone, after school a brilliant scene to write, ha sharpay classic always pouting and stuff and the part when she faked cried was hillerious i mean seriously i could of fallen for that and troy did he must of flipped when he found out she was joking, LOL and wow the screen-childhood clip thing was fab-tastic a great way to make them come togthether, an Anna-classic x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter eleven, now this one i would say is my favourite-test chapter ever and the best one-shot ever, if u sent this in on valentines day then i'm sure most people would flob to read it, it was excellent and the fluffiest! a wish cum true the title is so sweet, too and Troy, oh troy his so stubborn Sharpay had to force him to tell her, LOL but he did and troypay came becuz of a single star i'm gonna wish on them now, a job well done on this chapter, x

~..• (.••.)•.Chapter twelve, u updated after three months it states, -shakes head- i expected more u of u, zeke was out of order and so was gabby, but i'm sure that if they didnt let go then troypay wouldnt have happened. Sharpay, sharpay sharpay, so stubborn i felt lyk bashing her, punching her silly gal. but she did hv to get over zeke but ryan and co to the rescue well done team. another gr8 chap x

So finally, i'm sorry for not reviewing for this earlier, forgv me? and since i've given u a short comment for each does that mean i'm part of the lovely reader's group? LOL plz update? i understand that skl and things can get in the way but still find tym for us. being a teen is hard -cries- i'm 13 and lyf is getting hectic in skl and stuff, and i'm finding it hard to update my new fic, LOL its called LOVE and i'm only on chapter two plz R&R, LOL. spare sum tym. i'll be wot do i hv to do to get u to write? -cries- plz have a cumbk! i'm missing u! LO e.~..• (.••.)•.

i'm offically ur newset fan, i luv u x ~..• (.••.)•.

Again update and reply to my comment saying how great i am, as many people state, LOL jokes i'm mean and bad, LOL i just wanna say:

ur ~





and the best writer ever!


much luv

~..• (.••.)•. ~..• (.••.)•.
hotsodagirl chapter 12 . 1/21/2007
Sorry I'm a little behind on reviewing yet again...

Anyway, I loved that! I love the song, I always have, and the storyline was really good, too. Very good job :D I hope you're having fun with high school because I'm not :( But that's beside the point. Again, great job!

wonderstruckflightrisk chapter 12 . 1/20/2007
i love these one shots. they are too cute.
XxThaliaxX chapter 12 . 1/20/2007
Yay! I love reading these oneshots, and you updated! I did actually read the lyrics, and, believe me, I am also guilty of never doing so. This is probably one of my favorite oneshots so far. Great job!
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 12 . 1/13/2007
OMG THAT WAS SO CUTE! its okay if its cheesey lol. i always end up writing corny endings as well. anyway, good job.
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 10 . 1/13/2007
OMG that was so cute and so funny! OMG ahh that was so cute AW!
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 9 . 1/13/2007
that was pretty good :D
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 7 . 1/13/2007
Aw that was cute. if you listen to the right song to fit the mood it can make you cry LOL.
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 6 . 1/13/2007
Wow, that was incredibly touching. I mean like its really good. I liked it.
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 5 . 1/13/2007
Omg I cried. that was... really good.
AlwaysxAddicted chapter 4 . 1/13/2007
Aw that was really cute!
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