Reviews for Don't Bother
Sesshy's Girl 00 chapter 1 . 8/20/2006
Once again another wonderful job! You fit to the characters to the lyrics really well and gave an interesting perspective on the Faye-Spike-Faye-Julia relationship.
fight-thedead-fear-theliving chapter 1 . 7/4/2006
This was...beautiful.

The song fit perfectly, especially in the areas where you placed the lyrics.

This is definitely one of my favorite cowboy bebop fics. You captured Faye really well, and her relationship with Spike.

Good job
Miss June chapter 1 . 7/3/2006
Great story, Phoenix! I liked how you filled in the gaps in the show... def makes me view those last few episodes a little differently. I loved how you wrote the characters, they were faithful to the spirit of the show. I'll be thinking of the love triangle between Faye, Spike, and Julia the next time I hear "don't bother" :)
cannotdisplay chapter 1 . 7/2/2006
well ello ello there my dear phoenix! haha, yeah i just checked out your profile. very funny :P

okay, now onto revewing this amazing amazing story! i actually do think this some of your best writing. so much emotions pumped into this one! my god. anyway, if you dont like it that much, what can i do? just know that i really enjoyed it :)

i had no idea this song could fit so nicely in a bebop fic, but somehow you pulled it off incredibly! shakira's not my fav, but i really like how this song worked.

this fic started out real dark. poor faye comparing herself to perfect julia. how sad. the way you pitted them against each other was real good. aww, faye. how could she ever think shes not exquisite? shes so much prettier than julia! i actually thought julia was kinda ugly with how plain she was, but apparently Lunkhead saw something in her. and damn him for not being 'any man.'

when faye was looking for definition in her stomach and butt and arms, i gotta tell ya it made me smile. just some of your descriptions were pretty funny and i liked it a lot.

and faye dressing herself in spike's things was so cute and sad. and im glad she knows that her feelings are wrapped up in him.

but grr, why do i hate julia so much? i bet she was the popular girl in highschool. i never liked thos girls. being a tomboy is so much more fun.

i wanted to pick out some specifics that i really liked about this chapter, but the whole paragraph after the line 'She practices tai-chi She'd never loose her nerve' was just incredibly beautiful. really.

and how the hell DID spike get julia? he certainly is much more suited for faye's soulmate. well, actually he's mine, but i'll let faye borrow him for the sake of this wonderful fic.

and damn julia for being spike's death. she is so not worth it.

oh, and the differences between the three times spike and faye... uh, were 'together' were written so beautifully. im still puckered up. and thank god faye's better at "it" than julia. hell yes she's a stupid anorexic bitch. why do i hate her so much? can this be healthy?

ohgod, and then spike and faye's moment was too intense. why is he such a jerk? but jets always there to save the day, huh? good old perceptive jet.

and then everything just came together in the end just beautifully (i need a new vocabulary.) this fic felt more like a spike-doesnt-return ending, which made it just all the more bitterly sweet. excellent job, capitan.

the only thing i caught was that a few times you use the word "where" instead of "were." but other than that, great great job.

love it phoenix! cant wait for the next one! luv ya!