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KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 27 . 9/2
Fanfiction page doesnt let me write a review thats from chapter 25 thats why i write this in chapter 27. In chapter 25 Natal says something interesting about a royal family that scape from the north. That was my favorite and awesome part (if my assumptions are correct).
And in this chapter 26 (including Van Cloath flying infront Millerna from 25 ;)...) Gadeth and Dryden are awesome! I just want to see that girls fight for feathers. And the dance, how i love Allen for helping Hitomi. He as a lot of consideration even he knows about his sister feeling.
This fiction ROCKS!
Chapter 27 also with a lot of awesomeness!
That fight ladys and gentlemen..that girls riot! I was laughing a lot with this! But at the end Van has the quien relaxing dinner party that he wants.
I have to say this. I hate Selena already.
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 24 . 8/31
Wow! That trial Balgus vs Hitomi was very interesting. And she has her name! Hooray! That cloack! I cant wait to read about that.
And litte Celena maybe Will be a problemproblem for Hitomi? Because she likes Van and she want to be Queen.
But, Oh no you dont Celena!
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 23 . 8/28
Dilandau and Folken are related. I knew it! Oh, how i love this fiction :). I'm seeing how Merle is going to end. I hope is not what I imagined.
Thank you for saving Gadeth. And dear Van, holding to pleasent memories. I want to know Rutilus story and Hitomi training so its good that next chapter is full Of her.
But something is itchy in my brain. The last part were Rutilus talk about Hitomi's mother...
But I think I have to wait.
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 22 . 8/27
Really awesome. That battle in the sky so great. But my favorite part...Van and Hitomi scene (yey!)
Love is in the air! I enjoy it a lot. Very funny and lovely to read. With a mist of pure gore!
I never tough of Folken bring so evil. I like it!
Ahooy ti the next chapter captain! Now I'm getting close to book 2 :)
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 21 . 8/26
My God you are rigth! Two very indeed handsome winged guy figthing in the skies! I can not wait!
Poor Gadeth...I only hope that he not die :'(
You have to love Balgus. He is the grumpy granpa that everybody loves!
This Will be 3 books?! Now i remember that you say this history Will be divided in 3! Yes!
I wonder for Dilly...
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 20 . 8/26
I like Gadeth in here. Even in the middle of a fierce battle he has time to making jokes to Dryden. I was suprised than he could sense Zaibach change of position. Honestly.. This is awesome...really i feel like in the middle of the battle! THANKS!
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 19 . 8/26
This is awesome! The battle was fierce! And Van is very powerful. I wonder what Folken Will do?
The Trials explanation wonder me. Hitomi gas to figth vs Van! That would be very interesting.
Merle...what Will you do? I like a lot Merle and I dont want that she gets hurt...
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 18 . 8/25
My God! From a sweet Van brain imagination working to the start of a fierce battle!
I can not love this fiction more!
Can i portrait Van like in the movie? My brain tells me to do so.
I can stop feeling bad for Merle... If I'm correct, she Will know who is the bad guy in the story. And she Will be disaponted.
I dont know... To the next chapter!
(Huhujuhuhu...Van's imagination and Hitomi's dream /)
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 16 . 8/25
That Gadeth and his play. Its not rare that Dryden is his companion making this kind of Pranks. That was so funny. I'm nervous about the next battle. What is that Van lost and suffers about? :'(
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 15 . 8/24
Why? Why Hitomi saw Van like that? That is after the battle she dream about? Ooooh so much mistery!
I love the practice with Balgus, Hitomi is a good Warrior. The Strong Will is one of the most important thing in the art of war. Can't wait! This is awesome!
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 14 . 8/24
Wow...the diferent magical summoning are very interesting. I want to know about Van magic already!
Hummmm ok Folken and Dilandou are related? Because of Merle reaction at see him...And Van, sweet Van wanting to help others.
That part of Dryden and Millerna i love it so much. Dryden is one of my fav characters. In spanish he says in the anime "soy asquerosamente rico" (I'm nauseatingly rich). When I hear him i was laughing so hard of the way y describes himself.
Thank you...To the next chapter!
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 13 . 8/23
Rutilus is awesome! Matchmaking with the king, good Water spirit element! But i feel intriged because she says its no shure and its no "needed" that both pilots love each other. Mmmm, ok there Will be a connection because their power source are in love...but also she says the contrary chapters before! Interesting.
This is mote interesting, the sweet Merle is a Zaibach spy. And Folken...i want to know about Folken!
Again you answer my question again in this chapter.
Ahooy captain to the next chapter!
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 12 . 8/23
Ok... The fact that your history is similar to another by accidental is not your fault and you dont have to apologize, thats my opiniĆ³n. It is say that sometimes two or tree mind think alike it is want happen with your fiction. You sincerly explain about your idea coming from a dream and i believe you. I know another people than have the same ideas than others. Is not fault of originality from both parts, it means that you and the author have the same way of thinking or the same "kind" of imagination. That happens to me a lot.
You are courage enough and take your time for explaining this and apologize. You deserv all the respecto like an author. You have mine i assure you. So keep writing this beautiful jewel (the awakening because I'm in the middle of this firsth part of Rutilus)
Its awesome that you dream about Escaflowne. I also dream one time abd was Awesome too! The next morning i was so happy. Sadly i was no Hitomi but i liked the dream a lot :).
The power that Hitomi release its like electricista? I dont know why i just imagine it like that. I wonder about Van power. Talking about Van...huhuhuhu...he start to think like that, that pervert boy. But its natural because they are destinated to each other. In this chapter you answer my past doubts about Law and Land, thank you :).
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 11 . 8/23
Land was the element that cursed Fire and Water, but Law says he send the curse. So, Land ask the Law to make the curse for both? Maybe Land tought in the future they Will meet so if Fire wasnt hers he will not be for anybody. How they know their names? Escaflowne and Rutilus?
Law is so bad... He doesnt care about love but its a importante force that moves the world that he created. I hope nothing happens to Jajuka...
KaOrU HiMuRa24 chapter 10 . 8/23
The way that you describe the elemnets and how Rutilus and Escaflowne met is great! I can not stop reading!
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