Reviews for in you and i
dockingdisney chapter 1 . 11/27/2010 captured him amazingly! that was brilliantly written! well done!
Herald Aros chapter 1 . 7/5/2006
Wow. Nice one-shot. I really liked the Roxas PoV, and how he's afraid of the dark because of Sora. I always thought of Sora as not very frightening, but to Roxas, it would be different. You portray that *perfectly* in this; Roxas doesn't WANT to be Sora, he doesn't even LIKE Sora, so it makes sense that, when Sora starts telling him something that he knows is true (and doesn't like or want to admit), he'd be afraid. To him, Sora is the embodiment of all of his failures.

I also liked how you had him see Axel in the shadows. It makes me wonder if it's just his memory playing tricks on him, or if maybe Axel had been spying on him for while.

I loved the cross-crown imagery. And it makes sense, too, because Sora's very much a warrior and has little time for Ultimate Truths and such, while Roxas is, in a way, searching for his own Truth. And then he regects Sora's way of life, which struck me as very Roxas-ish, since he doesn't want to be Sora, he wants to be Roxas.

One thing you might want to do is go through and add spaces. FF.N will occasionally take them out if you edit in the FF.N program, which is really a pain.

Hope you write more, because your stuff is great!

Herald Aros