Reviews for Felines and Backlash
Gwntan12 chapter 1 . 6/27/2016
Chapter 2? What chapter 2?
Morph chapter 1 . 11/13/2008
Seems like an interesting crossover. Would like to see more
Travis P chapter 1 . 9/13/2008
I can't wait to see Winry's face when she sees the Turbo Kat. That would b ... classic
keemew2 chapter 1 . 7/3/2006
(SWAT Kats side)

Aside from some rather choppy writing this is good so far. You have the characters written out nicely and, aside from T-Bone cursing, you have portayed the SWAT Katz magnificently. I really like it so far.

(FMA side)

Well...lesse now. You did portray Ed adn Al pretty well at the start. Then your charactierization went alittle down hill once the Kats apperaed. First off you mention that Jake and Chance were knocked out on impact, then in the next paragraph they are awake adn getting out. I think it woudl have been a bit mor einteresting if they had been knocked out leaving Ed ad Al tryin got figure out what to do.

ANyway you have both parties acting a little ~too~ calm, for my taste. It doesnt' matter how many cretures either of them have seen, they would still react a little more then how you wrote it.

ANd I am so sure that Jake woudl know what a chimera was. And a transmutation circle. Rememberm he is the smart one.

Oh, and the Turbo Kat is CHANCE's baby, he is the one to get over excited abotu the plane, he is the one always raving about it...Jake is the weapons tech. He is the architech. Jake is the one who designed the Turbo-Kat, yes, but both he AND Chance built it and Chance is the one that maintains most of the jet. Of course, when it comes to the ejector seats, I am sure that is in Jake's feild, so that part is fine. Just keep in mind that Chance is also a mechanic, one fo the best around. He's just not electronically sound like Jake. Mechanics and Electronics are two entirly different subjects.

ANd another thing. Neither Jankle nor Chance would EVER,no matter how muddled their heads were from a crash, introduce themselves to a stranger as Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong.

IF you ever need any help, go ahead and ask, I have done heavy research on SWAT Katz and foudn some awsome tech sites. I could give you a list of them. The SWAT Kats encyclodpedia is awsome. There is also a site dedicated to the gadgets.

ANyway, good fic so far. THough, this isnt' a very long chapter. When you mentioned how long it was I was a little worried abotu how long, or short, fo rthat matter, a normal chapter was for you.

Anyway, please update soon, even if I am the only one who ahs reviewed. I suspect I will be, bot many FMA fans are light heartedenough to take SWAT Kats seriously. In fact, as someone who has a possibly really good idea for a very well written and plot filled 'smurfs' fic, I am probably the only one willign to give an SW FMA x-over a fair enough chance.

How sad. Oh, well, more fun for me!

Please update, and dont' tkae my critisms to heavy, I am just trying to help.