Reviews for You Broke Him, You Fix Him
slytherinsal chapter 14 . 10/6
But what will happen to poor Mrs Norris?
slytherinsal chapter 11 . 10/6
Just a thought. If Petunia is not Lily's real sister, then the blood wards don't actually count because there's not a drop of blood in common between Harry and the Dursleys.
MissNikita chapter 34 . 9/25
I adored this story, seeing the Flamels and how you arranged them in this story was wonderful.

I am glad Hedwig made an appearance had been missing her, The idea if her playing tag with Amicus is just too funny.
MissNikita chapter 19 . 9/21
I adore this story
Thumper56 chapter 34 . 9/19
Loved this story! I can't believe this is the first time I've read it. It has all of the fix-it that I could hope for. I can't wait to read more!
MissNikita chapter 10 . 9/19
Bloody brilliant and I love tgat you put the blame on the ministry for the wards
MissNikita chapter 6 . 9/19
Snape is in for a rude awakening, I dont care its bad, I hope he gets a good whipping
lol898 chapter 1 . 8/12
Really liked the story. It was really enjoyable. I liked the plot and the how the story progressed.
xoshortnsassy09 chapter 34 . 8/10
I feel like there are some loose ends with this story. I hope that you will consider a sequel that defeats Voldemort.
nightpurr1 chapter 26 . 7/21
I had to find a ch that I hadn't review yet. I live East of Edmond in a small town by the Name of Wellston.
I am so happy that you have are intend to write a sequel to this. YEAH!
I have health issues that have cause me to have problems working even pay time but the bits you have told us of your life gives me hope. Plus your stories are indeed great entertainment. Thank you so very much. Got to go. Need to see if the sequel is up yet.. Thanks again
nightpurr1 chapter 32 . 7/20
I have read this b4. love it as much as the first time. Loved Snape 10 rules.
I might I said this the first time I read it. It hasn't seemed completed. Needs a sequel, the dark Lord is still alive & planning on coming back. So with that left open and Harry and others training to fight him is just not completed yet. Would love to see you take this great adventure farther.
Guest chapter 34 . 7/12
Interesting story, and Snape came to terms with his f*ckery. I like him but he did some awful stuff and JK just let it slide in the book...Even if James was an awful bully towards Severus as a child, it in no way justifies at all how he treated Harry since he was an adult. In fact, it's 100 times worse considering he partially caused James and Lily's death.
Zoha Ven chapter 21 . 6/29
Could you make a backstory from twins POV from whe they found Harry crying? Because I don't remember . . . Amazing story! Shocked, never thought I could like an AU so much!
Pathseekerme chapter 13 . 6/14
Riddle Wraith chapter 10 . 4/25
Anyone who feels even the slightest bit sorry for Snape needs to have their head examined.
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