Reviews for Series 2 Episode 1 the catch up
Guest chapter 1 . 2/1/2014
This fic was hilarious, I'll give it that. #1 Dean was unconscious b4 the semi hit. He lost alot of blood from the demon attack so I doubt he'd wake up 1st. #2 Sam was driving not John. #3 Ignoringing Dean's injuries, there's no way he could get 2 the passenger's door with a huge semi smashed against the car, much less pull it open. Its physically impossible 4 Dean 2 get Sam out like that 4 many reasons. If the semi blew up, the impala would go up 2 seing as its smashed n2 the trucks grill. So John can't prop himself against the wheel since it'd b engulfed n flames.
Is John still possesed? Coz I really doubt he'd punch his injured son n the face when they need 2 call 911. Especially since John admitts Sam's dying moments later. They're outside so they're on the ground not the floor.
If John had surgery no way he still has his bloody clothes on. The OR is sterile. They'd cut em off n the ER. Sam's 2. Sam was 22 if not 23 already. This was hard to follow & the end was cheesy. Sorry harsh I know but wow...
Nate and Jake chapter 1 . 7/5/2006
You did a great job on the story. Now I can't wait for season 2.