Reviews for Sirens
Viviane Brasil chapter 8 . 4/3
Amei sua história sou fã desta série continue escrevendo mais desta sua história não para com este trabalho
Viviane Brasil chapter 8 . 3/24
Linda amei sua história
MayRaven chapter 8 . 2/16/2007
Loved this story! I love all your stories! Now I must make time to go back and read the first adventure with Janapurna...Keep going! I am so silly I almost cried with that whole Varla part (won't say, don't want to spoil)~MayRaven
Sealgirl chapter 8 . 7/17/2006
Congrats on a wonderful, and entertaining and enjoyable story. It’s all set up so well in the first chapter, as so everything that happens feels natural. Even the *cough* plot device *cough* it smoothed in to the narrative, so only the most cynical would be suspicious.

The best thing about your New Adventures is the relationships (I enjoy the plots and the writing too), but you have a really good handle on how they all relate to each other. This is no exception. I could never be classed as an E/D fan, but their interaction was good. The “Haha you love me” was just so Eric. His “pain” at the rejection was very cleverly done too. The Bobby (sorry Bob) and Hank one was done well too, both miserable about the women they love.

But the one I liked the best was Presto and Eric. I really like the way you show their friendship, and their affection for each other and their mutual understanding of Presto’s new position. It’s done in a really effective way, especially in the lead up to the ending.

And I smirked at the cameos. And Hank hitting Uni. And the fertility totem (trust Eric to choose that one!). And the last words of Diana to Him.

*does reviews for Chocolates*

Ersatz chapter 8 . 7/17/2006
Thankfully, I've decided to read the chapters before reviewing this time – maybe that'll make me a touch more lucid *crosses fingers*...

As always, there were lots of great touches throughout, like Aurore calling Sheila 'little coralhair human', and sea-world cussing ('barnacles and shark...' you know what :D) – great stylistic tics.

Also like the effort you've put into naming the characters. I'm assuming Sylka is named after Silkies, those Irish mermaids. Or was that Kelpies? Either way, it's a nice touch and shows how much thought and care you put into the tale.

I picked up on lots of mythological allusions, most of which are doubtless way off (on my part), the most obvious being Diana being seduced by a near-divinity and Kosar's God-like possession and wrath.

For me, the swan is still reminiscent of Leda, making me wonder whether Kosar will exact some dreadful, Zeus-like vengeance. And then I went off on a tangent about the Peacock - it reminded me of Argus who was tricked when asleep, the same stated Eric was in when Diana betrayed him.

Then there's obviously the sirens, and Sheila's quest to rescue her loves from the 'underworld'...but I'm really in the realm of blither now :P

It wasn't until Presto's 'And tomorrow...' line that I realised the Macbeth reference - although Varla had blood on her hands, I didn't think her quite as bonkers as the utterly bonkeriffic Lady M. But hers was a very fitting, if tragic, end.

The climax of Chapter Seven was more than a cliffhanger – it was a true 'black moment'. After that, there was no way I could guess how things could possibly resolve themselves.

But resolve they did, and gave us a tantalising glimpse of future instalments. The sinister nature of the Truth sounds very interesting...

Liked how the characters relationships were stronger by the resolution, as though forged by the harrowing events, and it's good to see Sheila and Hank on speaking terms, although they clearly still have a long way to go. The Eric/Diana interaction was brilliant as always – adored the 'death' scene. A very apt end to a chapter with very *big* themes.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the lot *rousing applause*

Bring on The Awful Truth!
Sealgirl chapter 7 . 7/11/2006
That is such a cruel ending to a chapter. I love it - Well done!
Sealgirl chapter 5 . 7/11/2006
Lots of fun, frolics and fabulousness. I’m so pleased you decided to post it.

Random highlights - I really liked Eric and Sheila’s little chat, and the Naked!Eric at the end. She doesn’t even bat an eyelid, does she? And Eric talks to his Shield – I knew it!

And the look into Hank’s mind from the Nymph’s POV. Very interesting.

Diana saying the L-word to Kosar BARF! The whole D – K part was totally barf-worthy, actually. Well done! We all hate him.

“Glorified lawn Ornament” – I missed that the first time round. That’s just class!

Hope Sheila and Aurore kick bottom!

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Ersatz chapter 5 . 7/10/2006
What’s this? A Chapter Ten shaped respite from the mind-pummelling tedium of work? Many thanks!

Uh-oh. The gang’s scattered all over the shop. I blame it squarely on Diana *sniff*

No! Hank can’t wallop Uni! Maybe when she was a small, bleaty pain in the arse, but not now.

Boo to the saucy Sea-Nymphos. Surely Hank and Bobby aren’t going to fall for...oh.

Sheesh, even Presto’s at it. Are men really that dim? *thinks* Yes, yes they are.

‘Bobby overboard!’ Hee.

To sum-up; Uni clobbered, Hank and Bobby in the watery murk, Presto chasing his (or at least *a*) lady love, and Eric tumbling in pursuit of Diana? Well, I’d better get back to work on this crappy file if! *clicks onward*

Sheila to the rescue. Bless. I could cwtch her, really I could.

A-ha – the Stevie song unmasked. And it’s become Diana’s earworm. Serves her right, say I.

Love the flashbacks, btw. It’s great to see the gang in a more ‘normal’ environment once in a while.

Aw. Diana loves Eric. Proper warts ‘n all love - the best kind *beams*

‘Dopey’? Now my colleagues are giving me weird looks for snortling at my desk.

A Peacock, all strut and puffed-up importance? The perfect avian match!

Sheesh, Kosar’s such a tool. Hope he gets a royal comeuppance for his treachery and ridiculous hairdo.

Once again, congratulations on yet another multi-faceted, gripping, and positively radiant update.

I’ve had more, yet I want more. Nay, need more!

Pretty please?
Sealgirl chapter 3 . 7/7/2006
So many brilliant bits, so much amusement and sadness and wedding cake. I agree with Ersatz - Eric in bed vs Twat with mullet...what is Diana thinking? Bet she'll regret it in the Cold Light of Day.

Lots of nice little character touches - esp Sheila and the theivery, and Hank and the ciggies. And poor old Presto, it's so good to get more than a glimspe into his head at the moment. But he's well pleased he doesn't need to shave though.

Thanks for getting it posted. More more, we all want more!

*does tricks for CHOCOLATE*

Ersatz chapter 2 . 7/7/2006
‘Diana looked up, at the carved ceiling and shining, silver lined windows, and marveled. Sheila looked down at the pristine floor, and worried that she should have wiped her boots.’ – So very Diana *and* Sheila. I love these little touches!

Given the title of this chapter, I’m a tad wary of old Janapurna and her curious castle. Not of Aurore though - she’s ultra dinky-cute.

Ah, so now we know what’s in the vaults. Interesting...and poor Presto. The lad’s having a rough time of it. Can Sheila cheer him up through the medium of snog? Just a teensy one?

It just clicked that Aurore is somewhat...seal-like? What can it mean? :)

Right, I’m really cluttering your review section now – guess I’d better pop my thoughts on Part I right here.

O, a hearty dollop of Eric/Diana frission – my favourite! In fact I was too busy enjoying the bun-fight to type any comments. I’d go so far to say it was my favourite E/D scene. So funny! And sad. And cakey! I adored it. Especially the (O_o) custard spectacles.

Now (and I’m being a complete thickie-stupid here) I’m a little confused as to who was singing in the stable. My first guess was the nefarious Sirens. Then I twigged that it may have been Uni’s lullaby for Bobby. If it's the latter, I like it muchly.

*Weighs up Diana’s options*...Hmm; sleepy, gorgeous Eric/guy-with-mullet, snarky, sexy Eric/guy-with-mullet...surely a no-brainer!

Overall, an absolute stormer of an instalment. And guess what? Yes, I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Predictable, aren’t I?

Hope the next update’s not too far away *crosses fingers*
Ersatz chapter 1 . 7/7/2006

In my excitement, I’m going for a full review-as-I-read-a-thon, so please excuse the blithering.

And off I go...

Eric’s flashback - sweet and painful and lovely. And you’ve got me wondering on that Stevie Wonder song...

Eric misses his scar. For some reason, this made me a little misty of eye.

Hank and Eric’s cave-spat. Ouch. Or should that be miaow? Somehow I can’t think of the words 'Hank', 'Eric', and 'Cave' without another of your fics. coming to mind...but I digress ;)

'Aw, you're always quitting,' – so many levels!

Bobby misses Pistol. Hell, I miss Pistol! And boo! hiss! to Zinn for ruining his first love.

A mysterious, lady-run castle? Didn’t have a glowing Grail atop it by any chance? Sorry, couldn’t resist :D

And who’s this alluring female...Ha! It *is* her!

Janapurna’s Floating Castle!

All in all, a truly champion chapter.

It’s marvelous how you’ve allowed us to ‘catch up’ with the characters after the frenetic pace of previous installments.

And while I love the script chapters, your prose is definitely my favourite, especially those quieter moments where we get a real good prod around the protagonists’ minds.

Rightio – onwards to Part II.