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SkyBlue1309 chapter 32 . 7/10
Talk about cliff hanger! Lol but not really since we obviously know what’s going to happen. Lol. Love this story. Very happy I found it here almost completed so I wasn’t waiting in agony ;) can’t wait for Anakin to meet his mom I’m so excited! Love this story, very well writtten with keeping up all the elements and char cters and povs from others. So well done. Can’t wait for the next update :)
Guest chapter 32 . 7/5

So. Are the lot off them going to move to Naboo? It's not like our boys are going to feel as safe on Bandomeer any more, with their new antipathy for the Council, and Naboo is pretty damn nice. Also, easy weekly dinners with Shmi's half of the family. (Assuming Obi Wan and Anakin Will Not be up to moving in together right away if at all. I expect they'd prefer being near enough to visit often but still at least a little isolated and private to themselves.)
Guest chapter 25 . 7/5
For not passing on the message of where Jinn found Shmi even if they carefully ensured Jinn didn't know. (Anakin would have known she was safe, would have been able to call her or her coworkers to check on her.)
For scaring Anakin by making Obi Wan sick, of all plots. (If they went to these lengths they could have come up with something, anything else.)
For being the reason Anakin crossed paths with Dejiak again without backup. (Obi Wan being on the same i/planet/i at the time probably would have resulted in either the bastard getting physically beaten up, mentally modified with prejudice through Force tricks, or framed for something even he can't get out of severe punishment for after getting chased away from Ani. And Anakin would get Safe Hugs really really soon after.)
For siccing a Sith of i/any/i rank on Anakin, without Obi Wan in the same i/system/i even, and then LOOSING HIM IN A DAMN CROWD because they stupidly decided to send him running around lost in the Lower parts of the city.
Guest chapter 22 . 7/5
This feels like a terrible plan. They should have listened to Mi'aka - they forget these aren't Jedi, aren't people they are truly familiar with in any way. She knows them a lot better.
Maybe Anakin is still terrible at shielding compared to what they think he'd need for this, but they could have just outright asked them to come to Coruscant for something else. Obi Wan is still plenty awesome at shielding, even if he'd be too guilty to hide the information from Anakin as much as they'd prefer he still could help ask Anakin for help and not slip the most important detail. If they can go as far as getting Obi Wan actually sick and scare the shit out of Anakin for this they could have concocted some other plan, like faking a follow-up outbreak and again claiming there isn't enough medicine. All they'd need with that is a convincing way for Ani to find out about it and he'd probably still want to help, plus he'd be a lot more stable and less scared with Obi Wan healthy and insisting on coming with him even if he hates Anakin's flying. And with everyone's stupid prejudice about the AgriCorps, why would Obi Wan's well-shielded presence in the Force stop Ventress from approaching Anakin? Unlike some of the other former Initiates who remember Obi Wan at the Temple, no one is going to expect him to be a big threat like we know he still could be (especially with Fierce Protectiveness triggered since Anakin has so little training, regardless of talent).
You would think Yoda might have thought of that, with his interest in Obi Wan's potential, but he i/is/i crazy old and it has been two decades. He was at their house for like, three hours at best which does not lend to his recent assessment being more than "still around, still bright-ish".

Also, Jedi Detachment is a i/problem/i when trying to analyze and predict literally any non-Jedi, and the fact that they have so much trouble realizing this is a big part of why I end up wanting to bang my head off of something (at least briefly) every single time I have to think of it. Crackfic usually being the exception.

Honestly between the part they don't know how to notice or plan for (Shmi and Dejiak) and the part they planned poorly for (choosing something -illness- that the thought of which has been terrifying Anakin pretty much since he week two, or less, as he tentatively started liking Obi Wan and had hope he'd get to stay with him) this is practically screaming that it's going to go horribly wrong.
It's also screaming that Anakin is probably going to tumble headfirst into Bad Shit and while he's scrambling Obi Wan is going to recover enough to throw a fit and chase after him in worry. And then when it's over one way or the other, they both are going to be Very Unhappy with the Council. (Mi'aka i/might/i get a partial pass, from Anakin at least, following orders and all, as well as taking careful care of sick-Obi. No one else will, though whether it amounts to anything but some scathing holovids...)
00Chup chapter 32 . 7/4
Knight Vigilant Koren chapter 32 . 7/3
Yes! An update, and. Lovely one at that.

I can't wait to hear of the results of the comm call. But I think shimmi is going to be a bit more tenacious about finding out about anakins past than oni wa expects.

Please update soon!
RyuuShadow chapter 32 . 7/3
What? Nooooo!
I want to know what Obi-wan said in the recording! .
Mantinas chapter 32 . 7/2
This was a good chapter, I like the detail in here.
pronker chapter 32 . 7/2
Satisfying POV from the Lars family. Oh, Shmi, you did the best you could to find Anakin; I am hoping your reunion goes well. You are wise to continue searching, all the while treasuring your second family and working towards having your own life, should Anakin not rejoin it.
Sony Boy chapter 32 . 7/1
OH my gods. Seeing this from the Lars family pov is a brlliant transitional chapter. I love it. So much.
Dirtkid123 chapter 32 . 7/1
Teehanu chapter 1 . 3/24
Love it! Beautiful written, the whole story is so real, main characters with all their flaws and virtues, simply love it!
RyuuShadow chapter 31 . 3/8
Awww :3
I can't wait to see the mother and son meeting again!
00Chup chapter 31 . 3/4
loved it, very well written xx
pronker chapter 31 . 3/1
Such a soothing end, a shower to wash away all the troubles, or so it seems. At least, it gives them a fresh start and they are wise to recognize that. I liked how Obi-Wan told Anakin to tell Shmi his 'truth from a certain POV', teehee. and I look forward to wherever your muse takes this. It sure is heading towards more peace than they have had in some time!

TCM showed 'Bridge On The River Kwai' yesterday and Sir Alec's performance once again pleased, because he has this sly, puckish quality that suited both Col. Nicholson and Master Kenobi.
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