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Sasusc chapter 12 . 4/7/2007
**sniff** I love that! I love the ending. Clark saying those same words to Jason at the end of SR is my absolute fave scene. I love how you have Jason saying those exact words to his own son.

And as I remember someone saying on your LJ, I can really read "Torturing" much, much better knowning that this is the end to all that torturing. This is the happy ending I won't see in that fic. This makes all the crying and depressing images worth it. Especially to hear Jason repeat the "You will be different" speech! **wink** I can know safely go back to "Torturing" without worrying too much about the not-so-happy ending of the fic.
Sasusc chapter 10 . 4/6/2007
Even when you're not torturing Jason and Clark, you still make me cry! I love this chapter! I really do. They really were able to sit down and talk and get their misunderstandings out of the way. And I love how Clark has seen/heard all of his concerts/games/etc.
Darrel Doomvomit chapter 1 . 4/3/2007
i just read chapter 17 of being jason white and decided to re-read this, and all i can think, is jason is such an idiot! i mean, really. in a relly infuriating way. it drives me insane. i am still going to raed it, but he drives me INSANE!
Sean Montgomery chapter 12 . 3/8/2007
Ugh. What a story. What an ending! What a... GUH!

I adore this story, and I'm so sorry for letting it sit in my favorites for so long without a review. You deserve every single one you recieved and so much more. This was an excellent take on the future of this wonderful movie, and the only thing that excites me more than another film coming up... is that you've got another fic set before this one! *wee!* Off to start that one now!

Excellent, excellent job, Alphie! This is a true gem in the SR fandom!
Sean Montgomery chapter 11 . 3/8/2007

I like the change in the emotional drama here. The three years taken to clear up their relationship has obviously worked well. Clark's concern over missing a certain day of the week was simply adorable. It was rough to read how Lois reacted to finding out the truth. I know everything turns out okay from reading your V-Day and Christmas fics, but the road getting there is never easy. If you write a story following this one, it'll be interesting to see how their relationship is shaped and molded from this knowledge.

One more chapter to go! Onward!
Sean Montgomery chapter 10 . 3/8/2007
*sniffs* Guh... the weight and depth of this chapter made me an emotional wreck the first time I read it. The billionth time makes me feel the exact same thing. You did such a marvelous job with this chapter. I can't even pinpoint a certain part of it that stuck out to me. The whole thing was just... GUH. It was everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be. And so, SO much more.

A few chapters left to go. I wanna read more! : D

Sean Montgomery chapter 9 . 3/8/2007
I think this chapter title could be 'Awkward'. Sure feels that way for Jason and his nervous attempts to talk to Clark.

I LOVED the memory at the beginning. It makes this all the more heartbreaking to think about. We all know - we just KNOW - what Clark would have done differently if he had the chance, and how this whole thing could have been avoided if he had just stayed and ignored Luthor's deceptive articles. This great story, though, has only been building up to this next chapter. And I'm so thrilled that I don't have to wait several days to conclude it. : )

Sean Montgomery chapter 8 . 3/8/2007
Just like that, another dynamic chapter after one that shifted the entire emotional drive of the story. I LOVE that Kate is making him look deeper and deeper into this situation. Funny how things can change so suddenly when you vocalize your emotions, huh? Her acceptance of his half-alien bloodline is a big step in getting this taken care of, but the bigger leap will be talking to Clark and getting this entire thing setteled. Good thing he knows that now...

Sean Montgomery chapter 7 . 3/8/2007
'I didn’t snap back. I would let her say whatever she needed to say. I deserved whatever she wanted to toss at me. “Do you want me to go?”' - Oh, snap, snap, SNAP! I just had a revelation reading this! This is EXACTLY what Clark could be thinking this entire time! 'I deserve what he could toss at me'. Wow!

'“What do you want?” I asked bitterly.

“I wanted to see how Kate was doing.”' - GUH! That's SO Superman! And just another bit of salt to Jason's wound!

'“What’s wrong with me, Kate?” I asked at long last. “What’s wrong with me that he couldn’t just be my father?”' - OMG... this entire conversation, the way it's written, the shouts and bellows and everything else... is completely and utterly AMAZING. I remember reading this for the first time and being totally caught up in it, then... the absolute ache that built in me reading that all he wanted was his father. Masterful job here.

All of it was masterful, really. I was completely addicted and wrapped up in your world with this chapter. I couldn't avoid the rest of it - and, if I remember correctly, I was late for whatever event I needed to go to that night. : )

Sean Montgomery chapter 6 . 3/8/2007
Good gravy and potatoes... this chapter was AMAZING!

It's weird - I always forget how much I love this story until I read this chapter. There's so much going on in this one coversation between Jason and Kate... he's so scared of being rejected, and she's confused on how he was able to lift that darn wall in the first place... add Superman's parting words to the mix, and you've got a chapter just waiting to burst. I love how he refuses to 'be like him' and leave Kate crying in the car. He knows it might mean he's going to lose her, but he'd do anything to NOT be his father. Heartbreaking. Wonderful. GUH!

Sean Montgomery chapter 5 . 3/8/2007
Ooh! Action! I like action in a chapter! And what a chapter it was!

I love the idea of Jason being forced to use his abilities. It's just another reminder of who he really is, and how he can't ignore it forever. Really, my heart broke for both him and Kate while the rock was above their heads. He's so afraid of rejection, and she's got no idea why he's telling her to leave...

Superman's talk about the sun was so perfect. It's like his admission to Jason's accusations - ignore me, ignore who you could be, but don't ignore the one thing that gives you life. Kinda like Superman himself - at one point, he had denied who he was and could be to spend a life with Lois. The context is a little different, but I think you get the idea. : )

Sean Montgomery chapter 4 . 3/8/2007
Hey! It's Clark!

Now, how much did I love seeing Dad show up in the tie and glasses instead of the suit? Jason got his wish, but I think he found it harder to talk that way. My heart is really breaking for Clark here. I think we can all agree that he'd be an awesome Dad, but only if he hadn't left. The situation you've put these characters in is very realistic, and I love what you're doing to the fandom. Adding Kate's anger is another harsh addition, but it really fits.

Sean Montgomery chapter 3 . 3/8/2007
Ugh. A heartbreaker, this one.

I like the potential in Kate and Jason's relationship. I never would have thought of her as a pshycologist (if that's what she is - guess I'll find out as I go), but I LOVE the possibilities that come with that.

Jason and Superman's talk on the roof... showed a lot of things. Just how many questions have been left unanswered between these two? How long are they going to let it last? Just exactly why does Jason carry so much contempt and hatred for his father? How long is Clark going to stand back and let it continue until he does something about it? The revelation at the end, though... that was tough. It's going to get worse as it goes, I know...

Sean Montgomery chapter 2 . 3/8/2007
Again, an equally nice set-up for the story. Jason's got a plan set in motion, but he's got to know that he can't avoide his father forever. And I love how Lois is reacting to all of this - people with a hatred for Superman never did go well with her. Beyond that, though, it shows us that she's still in love with him. She might never admit it while Richard is around, and certainly not while Jason is in the same area, but in her mind... she never could deny it...

Richard is, in every word, the family man here. And I adore you for that. Richard needs his credibility as a character, and any story that has him as the good man he is instead of a jerk/potential villain is a good story to me.

Sean Montgomery chapter 1 . 3/8/2007
Here as promised. Finally. : )

I remember reading this introduction and getting a serious blow to the gut. We get a fresh taste of Jason's frustration and anger, but we also get his disappointment and his heartbreak. He wants to be normal so that every 'super' thing doesn't remind him of who he really is, and who's legacy he'll carry on. It's a tough read, but it's a wonderful set-up for the rest of your story.


(this isn't the Super!Review, btw. i'll get to that on 'Being Jason White') : D
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