Reviews for Truth and Revelations
abraxas01 chapter 5 . 7/27
At a certain point and age, STUPID Harry gets really annoying. As a child he had some excuse, as a thirty-something year old man, he loses all excuses, I don't care how much hate he as for someone.
Mondtanz chapter 55 . 2/26
A wonderful story. At first I wasn't sure if you could reasonably blend the two universes together by making Daniel Harry's alter ego, but it worked out very well.
Thank you for sharing.
Whammmm chapter 1 . 6/11/2018
Slow, so very slow.
ak chapter 55 . 4/25/2018
bonne fic!
mithrilandtj chapter 11 . 12/21/2017
If voldy & crew are on a goa'uld planet with no evidence of civilians, wouldn't it be easier to nuke the planet?
roganjr77 chapter 55 . 5/4/2017
After finishing this story i would say its pretty good...
However i will not add it to any lists or give it any likes for 2 reasons I found really annoying.
1)There is waaayyy too much internal dialogue/monologuing and...
2) I originally chose this because it is a story of decent length for my liking and its stated both complete and categorized as a romance along with what ever else it is(i usually pick adventure or sci-fi for alternates)and i know it was drama and i am fine with that however...
I cant for the life of me understand WHY YOU CATEGORIZED THIS AS ROMANCE in any way...
Unless you define romance as thinking about previous dead relationships(i mean that in every way) or teammates simply asking how you feel about another teammate(then see #1) and then nobody does anything romantic or relationship wise at all...which for the record is ANGST at best not ROMANCE.
do better in the future if your still writing to list your fics better so your not wasting other peoples time read things they dont want because you misled them...good luck and have a nice day.
geekymom chapter 55 . 3/6/2017
Great job!
Guest chapter 55 . 7/31/2016
excellent story
Ahmira Zaraelys chapter 55 . 5/30/2016
just stumbled onto this story. This was a fantastic read. Am kinda sad to see it end. Nicely done.
buterflypuss chapter 55 . 4/26/2016
very good story
Jinxter15 chapter 55 . 3/19/2016
I've been hesitant to read this story as I just couldn't imagine it working but I must say - I LOVED it! You did justice to both original storylines and made it enthralling. I really want a sequel though :D
Daisy-023 chapter 46 . 12/29/2015
"The room is probably bugged, keep talking."
Saissa chapter 16 . 8/15/2015
Well well well, so that is what a female cat fight between 2 women looks like these days. I knew him first versus I know him now, I know what he was like as a child versus I know what he has done and I wont tell you any details.
It's a lot better than the classic female cat fight I saw on the TV Show Dynasty many years ago - if there are any older readers who remember that classic fight between Krystle and Alexis in a fish pond of all places!
Saissa chapter 14 . 8/15/2015
Sam has NO right to be jealous of Daniel whatsoever. After all if she hadnt screwed up with the colonel, )by demanding that the leave everything in the room), she could have been Mrs Colonel O'Neill by now!

To me, anyone who shows jealousy is usually a VERY insecure person who does not trust the person they are jealous of. So why would that person want to develop a relationship with someone who does not trust them.
teedub chapter 19 . 6/2/2015
I don't think I understand the moral qualms Sam has of using veritaserum on a prisoner. There is nothing immoral about it. Unless Sam - a colonel in the Air Force - is against questioning prisoners in general? But that makes no sense. There is nothing immoral about that either.
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