Reviews for In the Forest of the Night
Rasgara chapter 6 . 4/22/2007
i cant wait for the next chapter. I love this story. please continue soon


KaiPhoenix chapter 6 . 4/17/2007
this is without a doubt the most compelling HP fanfic that i have ever read...although i'm mad at my computer for not fully loading all of chapter 4...*mutters* stupid computer...

anyways...i absolutely love what you have done with Neville...he's always been a favorite of mine and he isn't written about as much as i would like...although he could have been seeing as how i have only recently started to read HP fanfics...i also like what you have done with Bellatrix's character...simply beautiful as well as heartwrenching...
Pawn'sVictory chapter 6 . 2/26/2007
Nice story. Just found this continuation a couple days ago.

I know the other story was getting really long, so those notes probably made sense. But it seems that your chapters in this story flow better without them.
Andromeda Snape-Malfoy chapter 6 . 2/23/2007
This has been an interesting series so far. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it.


Albus Paulsen chapter 6 . 1/27/2007
I think that giving Draco and Neville a brotherly relationship would be best; I really can't see a romance there. Congrats on a great story line. Keep it up!
Sailor Pandabear chapter 6 . 1/24/2007
Merrymow chapter 6 . 1/1/2007
I was wondering when you're going to update.
The Silver Fallen chapter 6 . 12/27/2006
The next time I try to read epics within 24 hours, I shall think of yours and remember that the chances of something being more entertaining or well written on the epic scale is not likely. Hopefully that will curb me, though your fic[s] won't be as lucky.. or unlucky I guess.

to the next review yeah? and if you turn me into an insomniac, I WILL hunt you down. ]
fire and napalm chapter 6 . 12/22/2006
I just closed my other review. I hate it when I do that.

Excellent idea, and wonderful execution. I love this story and it is very well done. Harry as Salazar is amusing beyond all reason, and I like the attitude he has. I can't wait to see where this will go next.

Now as for reader specuation ... I think Bella likely has Voldemort's kid (poor thing) and that she just might be a reincarnation. It's either her or Tonks that's La Muerte, because I think I remember you saying that she had a reincarnation in place. The 'amusing reincarnation of the year' would be, in my opinion, Godric being Voldemort which would have the fun effect of seeing Harry screaming at Voldemort and calling him Godric, which could ahve the pleasant side effect of killing off several dozens Death Eaters by pure shock value. I would certainly be amused, although I doubt that will happen.

Well, good luck with the story and please update soon. I eagerly await it. *grin*

Fire and Napalm
The-Resident chapter 6 . 10/21/2006
So far, so good. Even with the earlier work, you're building up the various situations quite nicely. I'm looking forward to when the various sub-plots come together and we have a better idea of where this is all leading. Keep on writing, you're good at it.
The-Resident chapter 5 . 10/21/2006
'“We simply wish to renew are acquaintance,' should be '“We simply wish to renew our acquaintance,'
The-Resident chapter 3 . 10/21/2006
'and he fervently doubted she wouldn’t be pulling him into another storage cupboard anytime within the next decade.' I've not see this particular sentence structure before. Did you really mean to write 'and he fervently doubted she would be pulling him into another storage cupboard anytime within the next decade.'?

'I don’t have to put up with that, and I’m refuse to do it anymore.”' should be 'I don’t have to put up with that, and I refuse to do it anymore.”'
The-Resident chapter 2 . 10/21/2006
an excellent chapter. A nice character study of Bella, Rockwood, and Arthur.

BTW, 'a trust one, too' should be 'a trusted one, too'.

I'm off to read more chapters.
Lady Prongs chapter 6 . 10/10/2006
I absolutely loved this chapter. I have been following this story from How to tell the truth from the lies. The characterization with the new and old personalities is amazing. I am curious as to what happens to Bellatrix. Maybe Harry can remove the Dark Mark for her because he is Slytherin and his descendant created it (personally I think he used blood magic, which Harry can counter or manipulate since they are of the same blood, but this is in my own little world). I would have Draco and Neville be friends. It would reflect the houses coming together. I am excited to see what happens next!
phoebe turner chapter 6 . 10/9/2006
wonderful chapter! i was so happy when i saw the update!
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