Reviews for Somewhere Out There
QueenOfHearts3 chapter 1 . 9/29/2005
aw how sweet! _ *grins like an idiot and looks around for a sequal* go JS!
Little Lady Mab chapter 1 . 12/29/2001
Um... interestin'. It's pretty good. I'm making a story that is like this, but the song is 'Hold on' by Kansas. I give you my best regards, and hope you get along nicely with all your other stories.
Carla chapter 1 . 8/31/2001
Great fic. I remember that song from when I was a kid. I think it suits them perfectly.
katzy85 chapter 1 . 7/24/2001
Good story...left an opening for a sequel...(hint hint)
Jackie chapter 1 . 6/23/2001
I really enjoyed your songfic. It is something that I think should happen in the Labyrinth world. Truly beautiful.
Bunny-chan chapter 1 . 6/6/2001
Good. So... Next chapter?
Taiki chapter 1 . 6/3/2001
Very good story. It was very sweet. Please please please pleaseeeeee write more like it. I liked it very much. Chow!
doesn't live here anymore chapter 1 . 6/3/2001
aaawww that is so sweet, there should be nore!
Melissa Davis chapter 1 . 6/3/2001
Awe, that was so sweet! I loved it:)
Unicorn Lady who should really sign in chapter 1 . 6/3/2001
Awwwwweeeeee... this was soooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuute! Heh, pointless fluff... but can you make an Epilogue? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! ::sad puppy eyes:: I'm going now, great job, LeAnn!