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carocali chapter 14 . 4/1/2007
Well, I guess that answers my question about a sequel. Yeah!

I love that you've brought John into the fold and that there was this underlying current through the whole demon-hunting. Such an intricate plot and so diverse.

I wonder if John really knows about the Circle - something that Charlotte is hiding - or if he just has pre-conceived notions. i want to trust Charlie, and I think I'll be devastated if she turns out to be a bad guy. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Fabulous mythology and research. Truly amazing!


carocali chapter 13 . 4/1/2007
"Mr. Happy and the Big Dogs is wrong on so many levels.”

“What’s so wrong about it,” Dean retorted. Sounded pretty damn good to him, actually – almost wished he had thought it up himself. Big Dogs. He grinned. Dean could feel her heart marking time against him as he let go of her wrists, his hands entangled in her hair. “You jealous or something, Charlie?”

“Of the college cover band you’re stashing in your pants?” Charlie asked"

I'm SO glad I had already swallowed my tea when that line came out. That was absolutely hysterical! You have some really nice banter in this chapter and great one-liners! I'm a sucker for those!

So Aaron makes his appearance, although I'm still surprised that Dean hasn't ripped Sam a new one about it! Maybe I missed that along the way, but I didn't realize that Aaron was Charlie's father. Very nice. And I love how Missouri IS a part of all of this. VERY cool indeed.

Seeing that there's only one chapter left, not only am I obligated to finish it (after I do some grading) but now I'm worrying because you certainly cant wrap up Armaggedon in one chapter. Have you started the next installment? I guess I'll have to check your home page.

Wonderful work!


carocali chapter 12 . 4/1/2007
What a cool chapter! First, I love the nod to Harry Potter with the curses - and how if ANYONE could break one, it would be Dean. The whole healing scene was really amazing and the addition of Ellie is just a little nugget of sweetness. 'Uncle Aaron' did well by her... can't wait to see where else that goes. Will Sammy finally spill about him?

Gotta feel sorry for Smiley though, and I was SO willing to hate him. :D I guess he'll live up to his name after all!

And absolute kudos to the scene on the Impala between the four of them looking at the stars. All is forgiven, and trying to be forgotten.

These are Winchesters after all.

Great work!


carocali chapter 11 . 3/31/2007
Oh evil woman, you made me stop grading, again! And you weren't kidding! That was just an awful chapter. They were all so mean. I know the demon in the belly was orchestrating this, but my God it's awful to hear it coming first from Sam, then the rest of them. Oh, they are so broken...

And you popped out Sam's eye! Eew! And now what? He's glowing orange, and that's not a good thing. And what about Dean and Charlie? they're off in the corner writhing in pain from the emotional demon whore? Man! Evil!

Crap... now what do I do... I have to grade. EVIL!


carocali chapter 10 . 3/30/2007
Back again! I LOVED the reference to Duran Duran, and it was made even sweeter by the priest knowing it as well. Very fun!

What are these gargoyle things and what does the orphanage have to do with them? I automatically didn't like Mr. Smiley because of his name - just tried to seem too happy. That's always a bad sign!

I'm not sure how I feel about Dean right now. I think he THINKS he's doing the right thing by pushing Charlie away, but it's so painful - to everyone! I'm curious why Sam hasn't shared more of his visits/visions with Dean at least. Dean IS the one person he truly can trust... I'm sure you have your reasons.

Thanks for the distraction. I promise I will finish someday... but for now, I must go grade!


rozzy07 chapter 14 . 2/25/2007
Seeing this chapter unfold via John's POV really helped me like the man a little bit more again. He was never part of the great plan, a mere mortal man suffering the effects of war being made semi-whole again by the love of woman, a woman who bore him two special children and died because of it. No, he was never meant to do battle, to face off against the twelve or Shem, but yet here he is, nestling on a foundation of hope that he may have done enough to let his sons face the battle a little bit more prepared than the council would ever know or expect. Along the way he has built up a tower of support which only now his boys are coming to understand and perhaps to acknowledge. But still he is just a man, deeply flawed in too many ways.

Still to find out that the boys are not coming to the safe place they expected, instead that John is setting a trap for 'the girls' has me more than a little worried now. Sam still has Mr-Uber-Demon crawling around his guts, lets just hope that he can keep it inside when he faced by his father's deceit once again. Honestly this short chapter has me so chilled with worry now. John Winchester may be making the mistake that sets the balance back in Shem's favour. Please let me know you have more winging its way soon. Rozzy
rozzy07 chapter 13 . 2/25/2007
Quite honestly I don't know where to dip in with my review with this chapter. It read like a novel rather than a mere chapter, from Missouri being one of old power that royally pisses of Shem big time.(sorry I've started thinking of the most evil thing in the universe as Shem!). The fact that Dean in cahoots with Charlies have been feeding little Ellie Ding-dongs so that he can keep his potty mouth ongoing made me giggle, then when after Dean & Charlie come down for breakfast after their night of passion she made me giggle out loud again with this oh so innocent remark:

The little girl grinned. “You didn’t give me a Ding Dong this morning.” She turned to Charlie, stealing a piece of sausage off of Charlie’s plate. “Did he give you a Ding Dong this morning?”

I loved how Dean & Sam in their lighter moments act as a counterbalance to an often serious Charlie. The threat of her chasing after them on a Vesper was just too much girl, I can still see the cape flying behind her as she takes out the big baddies with her weapon of choice - her book bag! Sweet jesus no mascara, no matter how waterproof was safe from that I laughed way too hard at that point. Now that Charlie is firmly by Dean's side, having great sex (sigh - so jealous!)and little Ellie is going to the safe house with a whole world of Barbie paraphenalia (ActionBarbie may well be on the shelves by Xmas if the Enterprising Winchesters have anything to do with it...) you gave Sam & Charlie a moment together. It was a moment needed as the balance between the three is ever shifting, with Dean and her now a bonafide couple there was/is a danger of Sam feeling like the third wheel when in reality he is the hub, the centre they all spin around. Charlie however helps him see that family is now more than just his brother, that his fight with Shem is not one to take on alone:

Sam knew where this was going, and the thought made his heart stumble. “We’re your gifts?” Shemhezai tittered madly, singing something about Charlotte being crazy all her life, and Sam’s chest ached with the lie.

Shem will doing anything, impart any cruel thought or vision, to break Sam but somehow I can feel the sense of balance shifting away from his control now. Sam is after all is still there, still strong enough to keep the monster at bay, and his own army is building at his side to do battle.

So sorry for the ramble, (I ramble when I have too much to say but not the skill to spit it out coherently...) and just forgive the seriously whacked out late review status. This story just grows more gorgeous with each new reading. Rozzy.
carocali chapter 9 . 2/18/2007
Another down! I am intrigued by Aaron, and I'm not quite sure whether I trust him or not. It's creepy that he knows every aspect of what is going on. And while he's angry about them goofing around with practical jokes, he doesn't seem to realize that that's what makes Sam who he is; to keep him grounded. He needs something else to think about, not just the end of the world.

The relationship between Charlie and Dean is really interesting. It's like watching a dance where they each take turns in the lead. I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but it's been interesting. I'm nervous for both of them - that they will hurt each other. Literally. Hopefully "Geek girl" can help him find his center to move through their next stages.


carocali chapter 8 . 2/17/2007
Hi! I know it's been a while, but I do promise I'll get through your fascinating story.

Can I just throw out there, that I HAVE seen Surf Ninjas, although I don't remember a plot, per se. I'm sure it was fascinating. Isn't it fun when we can throw all our little nuances into a story.

So, it's just getting creepier - now Dean is full-on having death/empathetic visions? Yikes! And when he has them, these bat things will come after them? And Sam is still trying to keep the baddie at bay. So much happening.

I hope to get another chapter read soon, but for now, I must go grade. You were a wonderful distraction though, as always. The lore you have created is truly wonderful!


SomeoneElsesDream chapter 14 . 2/2/2007
I am in love with this story! I was so mad when it ended...until I realized that there is sequel coming! Sooner rather than later please?
rozzy07 chapter 12 . 1/15/2007
Sometimes words fail me and I struggle for coherency - this chapter has done just that to me, stripped me of the ability to put into words so much that should be said about this extraordinary piece of writing.

The battle should have been lost, the ascension should have taken place and the Winchester boys and Charlie should all have failed and died - and yet here they are, breaking unbreakable curses and stopping that which should not be stoppable.

The Cordi Peredo snarled, its challenge answered by a shout – the only battle cry that Dean Winchester could make as he charged forward.


And the tiniest part inside that was still Charlotte hoped that it would be enough – that defiant cry of a little boy who carried a baby through a burning house – as her throat swelled

And there it is - that which Dean will do for Sammy, what he will become - a true warrior to fight for the pure soul that is his brother. And then Sam does the impossible and destroyed the demon - truly becoming the Light of Dawn. Girl this one line just summed it up perfectly for me:

The boy with the demon inside had saved them all.

But the cost is too high, a clearly dying Sammy struggles still to keep the beast inside, That cocky, arrogant beast that pushes to be free of the 'ant' that harbours him! But this little ant is not lost, saved by one of the 12, and the battle can still be fought anew. Ellie saving of Sam was beautifully done, her innocence so joyful it shone off the page. With her touch you restored that once beautiful face (hopefully please!) and gave Dean back his brother and Charlie an anchor of self belief that all cannot be lost. I loved how you explored her feelings of worthlessness in her brief reflective moments of her back history - being with the brothers is bottoming that negativity out and she is surely growing into something real and strong now. From just Sam & Dean the unit is growing ever stronger with Charlie on board (no getting rid of her now thank god)and with Ellie along for the ride it is watching a family grow, unbreakable and very honest.

Again lost for words - too much to say but without your elegance or ability to put it all down to paper... Simply put this damned fine chapter just blew me away and shook up the cobwebs in my head to clearer thoughts. Roz.
Fireman Phil chapter 14 . 1/9/2007
Well, you can call this chapter an epilogue if you want, but it seems more like a preview of coming attractions to me. You've provided loads of backrground information and the conversation between John and Ellen at The Roadhouse foreshadows problems up ahead.

Since you've invoked The Beatles, allow me to remind you the next cut on that album was titled The End and the lyrics are: And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

This story has been a real joy to read. I look forward to the next one in your series.
Fireman Phil chapter 13 . 1/8/2007
This was another delightful -dizzy- chapter! I love the way you've brought Missouri into the story. I think most fans agree she is a very intersting and compelling character - even more so with your contributions! Who would have thought she would be part of the same "family"?

I am so happy that Dean and Charlie finally get together. I admire your sense of good taste in presenting the bedroom scenes. They are exciting, enticing and insightful. Suitably descriptive but not lurid. As an unabashed fan of your Charlotte, I love this line: " There was no way in hell Charlie was ever going to be made to feel ugly again because some nasty fucker scarred her." And later, this one: "I’ve never had anyone touch me the way he does – like I’m beautiful, like he’s proud of my scars. Proud of me.” Good for her; good for Dean; good for you. Yet, I still sense darkness and danger.

"The Winchesters don't do malls." How could they? They'd be instantly swamped by teen-aged girls and a few older ones, too, I'm sure. LOL

Your CCR reference not withstanding, I like the chapter's title. It suggests optimism about the future. Of course, hope can be misplaced. You have done a nice job interjecting the unexpected twist before. I see no reason you won't do it again.

Your notes clearly indicate you are having fun with this story. Me too.
The Cat's Whiskers chapter 14 . 1/7/2007
In a word: fabulous. Eagerly looking forward to sequel (as long as the blasted alerts are working). I liked the nod to PTSD, but I also liked that bit about how the (corrupted) Circle inadvertantly "chose" John when they murdered Mary. Whenever anyone used to start talking about the "best" hero of Buffy I always used to say: Xander Harris because he fought exactly the same evil as everyone else with nothing but his own humanity to fall back on. Its easy to be a superhero or a supernatural hero if you've got psychic whammy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy etc, etc, to give you an edge, but the real heroes are those who do all that without those advantages - like John Winchester - he didn't want to be ahero or saviour of Man, just an ordinary guy.
Fireman Phil chapter 12 . 12/20/2006
Wow, wow, wow! What a chapter! It hits my emotional buttons on several levels.

The first thing I noticed is your reference to Charlotte's childhood. To me, her need to live

in silence could be the result of several causes - none of which are pleasant. Yet you show us that she

has found a place in life albeit with a sadly diminished self-image. She is alive and making

her own way through life. She is discovering she has a purpose. Good for her and everyone else who has faced such challenges.

Tremendous battle scene, and the effort mounted by Dean, Sam and Charlotte can only be

described as noble and befitting what was at stake here: holding off Armageddon. Who would have suspected the

deciding factor would be a small child with the special gift of regenerative healing? Ellie is wonderful.

Your post-battle summary infuses the story with a marvelous sense of logic and believability to this story. I love your Enochian lore and the Unforgiven Curses. Perhaps the best part is your description of the recognition the characters are achieving as a result of their collective brush with death. And yes, your inclusion of that kiss between Dean and Charlotte was pretty good, too!

I can't say enough about this passage: *Charlotte nodded. It wasn’t that they were still alive; it was that she felt alive for the first time in her life.* Good for you. It's time she blossumed and is appreciated. The series of conversations among the characters at the end of the chapter is very satisfying. It's so nice that happens on the trunk of the Impala.

I can hardly wait for what happens next.

I've seen the weather coverage from Colorado. You take care out there.

Here's a holiday toast to: "Good health and good writing (and reading)in the New Year!"
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