Reviews for Marrow
dlwlrmay chapter 25 . 4/11/2019
This story is really beautiful. Kimimaro's love for Sakura are so genuine and beautiful it pains my heart whenever he speaks about his feelings for her. This is a really well written story. I completely in love with the characters and the story itself. It touches to see how caring, gentle and so absurdly genuine their love for each other is I always feel my eyes misty whenever they have those small but meaningful talks It's just beautiful. The story and characters. Really no words to describe how beautiful this story is You really have talent for writing Please update more because I'm totally in love with your story
Guest chapter 35 . 4/8/2019
MOTHER OF GOD, WHERE IS THE LAST CHAPTER? The sweet surrender? Mind blowing love making? Promises of eternal love? Where. Is. It? Don’t leave me hanging.
Guest chapter 34 . 4/8/2019
I feel so vindicated. How I wished your Sakura’s attitude was canon... my God.
Guest chapter 35 . 4/4/2019
I love this story! I've first started reading when I was in high school and now I'm 29 and it's still my go to binge reading.
ItsMeMarissaaa chapter 35 . 3/18/2019
I really hope you update soon. I am in love with this story!
winonaluhan chapter 35 . 3/17/2019
KarmaLord chapter 34 . 3/11/2019
Oh come on now. you can't leave us like this
Kayemm25 chapter 35 . 3/9/2019
That was a fantastic chapter, sooo hot! I've just finished reading this entire fic and it's so damn good. So well written, I love the development of Sakura and kimimaro's relationship, and I really love Sakura's characterisation. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Kayemm25 chapter 3 . 3/4/2019
Kimimaro and Sakura is such a random pairing but I'm totes loving this fic! Poor kimimaro is so sweet
cafeanna chapter 5 . 2/26/2019
I think I’m addition to making me a KimiSaku shipper, you have made me a KabuSaku shipper. Which means I’m writing a fic with various degrees of success. I like how you write them, I like how they interact.
ItsNanna chapter 34 . 2/22/2019
I don't disagree with Sakura's decision — hell, she handled that better than I thought — but this is just sad, to be honest. Sasuke is a poor, lost boy. I just hope that they'd be able to move past this without much repercussions. 'Cause that would be hell. Sasuke is the type of person to hold grudges. Like duh. xP
ItsNanna chapter 35 . 2/22/2019
So . . . they just did that in front of everyone. Okay, okay. Cool. xP
That aside, I never considered just how much I would like this ship, much less this fic. But it's been amazing. I realize how long the time gaps are between your updates but don't leave us, please. Please! xD
cafeanna chapter 4 . 2/19/2019
I love seeing the relationship between Sakura and Kimimaro beginning to blossom
cafeanna chapter 3 . 2/19/2019
I really like how you portray Kimimaro. And Sakura, I love seeing Sakura kickass and save lives in fanfiction, I think I always like her in fanfiction better because the writers are more likely to give her fair representation. It makes me happy.

Kimimaro just needing human affection and reacting out for people is so adorable, and sad when you think about it, but I think this is the best portrayal of Kimimaro I've seen.
cafeanna chapter 1 . 2/19/2019
I am so excited to ready this. I have been in rare-pair hell for the last few days and this is right up my alley.
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