Reviews for Sometimes
Zeida-and-Maria chapter 3 . 8/31/2006
yay! You updated! Even if it was really short, and not part of the story, well, not directly. It was cute and funny .

Was he actually looking for cute little Goths on school grounds, or was it really coincidence? Just wondering. I would probably stop mid-snide comment too, if Riku was smiling down at me, with his hand held out w Sora's so lucky. Although, Riku does let him down in the end, it's still really cute.

You know, not all Goths read angsty books. I much prefer angsty fanfics to angsty books. That way, I know the usually happy characters, and can compare them, and laugh with glee at how much more depressing their life is compared to mine.

But, even after my love of angst is in full swing, I can't seem to write an angsty story. It just never turns out right. gr. I hate myself sometimes

but, anyway. I loved the chapter-ish thing, (however short) and I hope the real chapter three comes out soon, 'cause I want to see Vincent burst through a window of an old abandoned warehouse, and save Sora super hero style.

Zeida-and-Maria chapter 2 . 7/24/2006
Yay! You updated! And I reviewed five minutes after again! I'm like... So weird!

But, anyway, no! Axel is a villain in this? Why? Why? Axel is awesome! So is Roxas, and Namine is ok. So, Axel, Namine and Roxas kidnap him. And for what purpose? To get Riku to save him, (Which I know he wont, because you told me he wouldn't) or maybe they want Cloud to help, since he's Sora's older brother? Or maybe- um... I can't think of anyone else. I think Vincent is going to save him, but the kidnappers probably wouldn't know that, since Sora like JUST met him.

Plus that looked almost planned. The three of them must have been like- hired by someone, or something. The way Roxas said 'it's our job' so, who did it? Sephy-chan, trying to hook his client up, or perhaps it was Xemnas, because he hasn't shown up yet? Maybe Ansem and Xemnas both? I don't know!

Update soon, for I am a crazed fan, and will go on strike if you don't! Rawer! Although I understand that you’re trying, and you'll get it up as soon as possible, I'll still wait with baited breath! You’re awesome. *worships*

Sora is wearing a leather mini skirt? Dose he have pants underneath, or is he really cross-dressing there? I'm just wondering, 'cause it's usually Riku who cross-dresses, except in the story 'Cinderfella' which is really good, by the way. Another one of my faveorite authors wrote it. You should read it, if you get time. It's not finished, but she's still working on it, so it's like... worth it!

Hehehe... Great job on the chapter. Sephy makes a good business man. Although he seems kind of nice in the story, oh well. Still interesting. Keep going!

Zeida-and-Maria chapter 1 . 7/19/2006
Wow, this is a pretty interesting story! I like Sora-Goth too. It’s fun to do. I especially like you excuse for gothic-pessimism. It's sort of true; take it from the Goth, although most of it's the tolerance level. It just gets so annoying around peppy people, and people who aren’t willing to be themselves and such. But, anyway, very good so far! This going to be the first time I'm watching a story since it first came out. Most good stories are old ones, that are still being updated, but this one has lots of potential!

What are the pairings? I’m just wondering. I can see the Cloud/Leon, and the Sora/Riku, but is there some other twist? 'Cause it sort of looks like your setting up for a Sora/Vincent. I haven't seen any of those before. I've seen Vincent/Cloud, and Vincent/Sepheroth, but never Vincent/Sora. It would e interesting, although Vincent sounds jealous of Squall/Leon (I call him Squall) when he was talking on the phone, or dose he just not like Squall? I guess it could be either.

It's really good so far, I'll wait for more, with baited breath.

Keep going!


PS: I ask this question every time I review for the first time, do I talk too much? Because if I do, I'll cut my reviews down. hehheh... Sorry.