Reviews for Jaded Reflections
dragonrider1234 chapter 16 . 2/25/2016
Oh wow! What a great ending! But please finish this. What is going to happen now? What about dark razor? Please update!
taziahall chapter 16 . 10/13/2015
Biggest heart moment was when Feral boosted T-Bone's moral in that final fight. It's like their Commander-Pilot relationship was restored to what it should have been.

What a bitter-sweet and sobering end. Don't lose yourself.
AllInTheReads132 chapter 16 . 12/16/2014
Hi. Is another chapter coming up? Hopefully the epilogue...
Kristen Sharpe chapter 16 . 10/10/2014
Oh, wow, this was an intense chapter! First there was Dark T-Bone's final, awful revenge, then Razor genuinely scared me for a bit there. But, T-Bone and Razor's final lines together are just the perfect bit of- "SWAT Kat-ness" there at the end to assure me all will be well. Though I do wonder what will become of Dark Razor now.
Cody Furlong chapter 16 . 10/1/2014
Nice chapter, poor Dark T-Bone, wonder how long he had been planning on doing that.
Erico chapter 16 . 10/1/2014
Damn, I did not see that suicide explosion coming...but then, considering things, maybe I should have. If it feels anticlimactic, that's because that's exactly what a suicide feels like to those left behind...Like Dark Razor is.

His Callie used him. His Chance was nuts. The question now isn't so much what will happen to the good guys...the question is, can Dark Razor find some tiny shred of happiness for himself, or at least, a chance at redemption?

Eagerly awaiting more...and perhaps a sequel? :)
One thing I've noticed is that your section breaks tend to get eaten. Mine did too, until I started editing my chapters and manually inserting ffnet's page breaks (insert line) to replace what their editing software took out. It'd make the final segments read a touch smoother.
ulyferal chapter 16 . 9/30/2014
Wonderful conclusion. Loved it!
Black Oracle chapter 15 . 9/16/2014
Glad to see you still continuing this awesome SK story! Moving speech by Feral to T-Bone. Now waiting to see the outcome of the battle of the Razors!
Kristen Sharpe chapter 15 . 9/15/2014
Well, that was an absolutely epic final scene! Feral's speech, T-Bone's moment - just WOW! I loved this. I squeed. And, the fight between the two Razors was pretty intense too. (Though, for Dark!Razor's sake, I hope Callie shows up soon.) This story just gets better and better.
ulyferal chapter 15 . 9/13/2014
Absolutely amazing! Only a few minor errors that didn't detract from the breathtaking action. So glad you finally got back to this. Feel bad that I have had almost as long a hiatus in my writing as you but for totally different family reasons. I'd almost think people have forgotten me if it weren't for new fans reading and reviewing my work. Still, I feel bad that I've failed to finish the 20 WIP stories on here. However, you give me hope that I too will get back my mojo and write again. So keep writing gal! It's going to be a knock out of a story and I can't wait to read the finale.
Cody Furlong chapter 15 . 9/13/2014
Woot! Go Feral, Jake, and Chance!
Erico chapter 15 . 9/13/2014
Huzzah, the story lives! And what a fantastic update, with action on the ground and in the air.

Nice use of the Cobra Maneuver there by's one that's very difficult to pull off in older jets that lack thrust vectoring, like the modified F-14 that the Turbokat's basic design comes from.

I eagerly await your finish to this story, and whatever else you may throw in the direction of the swat kats. There are too few good stories out there for this series. There's a reason I follow yours.

Guest chapter 14 . 7/20/2014
Update the fregin thing already
Guest chapter 14 . 7/14/2014
Please update faster pleas it killing me
W.D chapter 1 . 7/3/2014
Is this done or not and wow a 8 year period between updates just wow new record
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