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Remedy's Melody 109 chapter 2 . 9/14/2013
tht was a cute little story
Remedy's Melody 109 chapter 1 . 9/14/2013
tht was pretty gud but a lil too quick 4 my taste. loving it so far though.
Razorslove chapter 1 . 12/28/2011
To the chapters in the review box. I think they are both very good.
Take a chance on me chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
Jake woke up in his room with a headache that could only be described as, "Monstrous". He had a head bandage wrapped around his head, also along his rib cage. He could see his sides were a bit bruised up from the assault, but they would heal with time. Jake sat up rubbing his eyes, the moon was out already, Jake realized he slept through the whole afternoon. He slid himself to edge of the bed, feet touching the hardwood ground as he stretched his arms in the air and yawned, only to feel a rush of pain from his side and hugging his ribs hissing.

"Damn...he really did a nu..." Jake stopped talking remembering what he was going to tell chance before they went out on their mission, and what the test results said. Jake slowly led his hands onto his stomach as he rubbed it a bit, he had forgotten all about it when they were out in the field fighting. Jake's eyes started to water as he though the worst for his newborn that was slowly growing inside of his body, Jake looked down onto his hands as they caressed his stomach. He knew nothing was wrong with his baby since it wasn't at the ending stage of growth and that it was still one of Chance's seed finding a place inside of Jake to rest before growing, but Jake still he felt a surge of sadness knowing he put his and Chance's kitten at risk to save the city. Tears poured out as Jake's closed his eyes when he moved to hug his rubs again, every time he took a deep breath it stung on the inside and hurt him so. So many things ran through his head and they wouldn't go away, Jake was confused, hut and alone. He needed Chance by his side, but he didn't know where his love was at the moment. Jake began to pant quickly as he opened his eyes to only see his empty room again, tears falling from his face onto his lap as Jake held onto the sheets of his bed before taking a big puff of air before screaming to the top of his lungs.

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!" Jake broke down crying as he held onto his stomach again hurting all over, bent over a bit sitting up crying loudly hoping his love would come.

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANCE!" Chance dropped his bottle as he looked outside the kitchen to Jake's door, loud crying followed his cry for his mate. The bottle fell to the floor shattering, he alcoholic liquid spattering on the ground as the glass bounced before staying still. Chance was stunned by what he heard, shaking all over like he was in a bad dream that he couldn't get out of no matter how hard he tried. The burly kat wasted no time as he sprinted up the stairs, forgetting about the stinging pain he was feeling in his knee as he finally made it up to Jake's door as he, once again, kicked the shit out of the door making it fall to the ground. Chance rolled inside the room and stood in front of his lover as he got up from the ground and looked down at Jake who was sobbing uncontrollably, Chance put his hands on Jake's shoulders as he knelt down facing his love at eye level.

"JAKE! Whats wrong buddy?" Chance asked shaking his lover for a minute, Jake just wrapped his arms around Chance's neck and hugged his lover tightly as he continued to cry into his shoulder blade. Chance just held onto his lover close to his body, feeling Jake's tears soak into his shirt along with Jake's grip on his torso getting tighter and tighter. Chance looked onto the side his lovers head and began to lick it a little, comforting his mate a little as Jake's calmed down a bit and started to choke and sniff on his own air while nuzzling into Chance's fur.

"Chance..." Jake cried into his fur, it was hard to hear since his cry was muffled a bit while his head was buried. Chance just kneeled there holding his mate close to him, he didn't know what was wrong with Jake and was scared shit-less for him. He had thought that Dark Kat had found out who they were and attacked his love while he was resting. Jake put both of his hands on Chance's chest, laying his own head on them as his cries softened. "I'm so sorry Chance"

"What is is Jake, why are you sorry?"

"Chance, earlier today I found out something that I wanted to tell you earlier..but...but" Jake sniffed as he buried himself deeper in Chance's embrace closing his eyes. Chance held onto Jake's shoulders as he pulled his lover away from his chest and looked him in his amber eyes, now puffy red and still shedding tears.

"Jake, tell me please" Chance softly said, his grip loosening to make his partner more comfortable. Jake raised his arms and placed his hands on Chance's, then sunk them down to his stomach. Chance was confused as he felt Jake's belly and rubbed it a bit, putting a quivering smile on his lovers lips.

"We went out on a dangerous mission today..." Jake gasped as he took a deep breath. "I didn't tell you this afternoon...I found out that I was going to be carrying your kitten...or kittens" Jake looked up to see Chance, the tabby had a shocked expression on his face, eyes widened and mouth half way open like something had just caught his tongue. Chance just looked down at his hands still placed on Jake's stomach, it was warm, soft and well toned as a matter of fact.

"Are...are your sure?" Chance asked looking back at his lovers eyes.

"I'm really sure, when I woke up I remembered and thought about the fight I had with Dark Kat...I didn't think about it when I was in uniform. Now...and now...I feel so scared for my babies" Jake narrowed his eyes as he hugged Chance's torso with a death grip, Chance comforted his mate by patting him on the back softly, he was still shocked at what he was hearing. Chance found the idea of being a parent nice, but hadn't thought about it much really. He also knew that Jake would have to stay home when the SWAT Kats were needed, Chance continued to pat Jake on the back before noticing that his mate wasn't moving much.

"Jake...?" Chance asked, he hears some light breathing coming from his mate, the poor thing cried himself to sleep. Chance held onto Jake as he laid him back down on his bed slowly, one of Jake's arm was across his chest as the other laid straight down his side. Chance placed a pillow underneath Jake's head and covered him up with his sheet before standing up looking down on his mate. He looked so lovely sleeping, his eyes were a bit puffy from all of his crying, dried up tear streaks showed on his fur. Chance took his hand and brushed Jake's hair as he turned around to leave the room, again he would have to fix the door he knocked down. Chance turned off the light in Jakes room as well as the hallway light before entering his room. He didn't bother to turn on his light, he could get to his bed without the aid of illumination, Chance fell onto his soft mattress bouncing a couple of times when he landed. Chance reached for the head of his bed and grabbed his pillow, bringing it to his chest as he hugged the soft feather filled pillow and smiled to himself. He had always planned to someday have a kitten or more with Jake, but never thought it would come up so soon. Even though they haven't slept in the same room since the incident between them, they still cared for one another deeply, now that a new chapter in their lives was about to be written Chance couldn't help but let a smile dance across his face. He started to drift slowly to sleep thinking about being a father to a young kitten.
loosing you chapter 1 chapter 1 . 11/20/2010
It had been 12 years since Emily was born. Emily Wilson was on her way to her Dad's room so they could go get a hamburger but when Emily walked into his room Kyle was laying on his bed asleep.

Emily knew that it was almost 3:00pm and her dad had gone to bed last night was at 11:50pm.

so Emily started to wake him up.

Dad, wake up Emily said as she shook his shoulder then she saw that he was holding his chest and greeting with teeth.

so Emily called for her mom.


Pam hared her daughter's scream so she ran into the room.

Emily? what's wrong? Pam asked her and Emily looked up.

Mom we have to call 911 right now dad is having a heart attack Emily cried.

so Pam ran to the phone with Emily behind her and Pam started to call 911.

later the garland fire department, an ambulance, and 4 police cars shoud up at their house.

Emily saw one fire-fighter that she knew. his name is Aaron Bennett her best friend's dad.

Aaron? what are you doing here? Emily asked.

we like to help when there's trouble like this Aaron replied.

what should we do now one of us has to stay here to make sure that Emily's dad is going to be ok or not Pam said. and Aaron thought for a moment.

Pam you'll go with Emily's dad to the hospital and I'll take Emily with me and we'll wait till there is any news Aaron said.

Pam nodded A few moments later, a couple paramedics brought out the body of Kyle and put him in the ambulance.

And Emily went to go stay at her friend's house for a while

Mean while Ashlee was playing on her computer when she hared

the door open nad she saw her mom Chris to go see what is was

Chris and Ashlee saw Aaron carring Emily in his arms what happened to EEmily? Ashlee asked.

her dad almost had heart attck so Pam went with him to the hospital and were going to wait to hear any news Aaron said

so Emily is staying with us for a while Ashlee said and her dad nodded.

so Ashlee helped Emily to her bed and they laid down together.
Cody Furlong chapter 2 . 10/17/2008
The story plot I liked, but it could've used a beta to help with the writing.
momo fersure chapter 2 . 8/5/2006
Awesome Chapter!
momo fersure chapter 1 . 8/5/2006
Hey Amanda ! great story so far! keep the good work up! on to the next chapter!

Ja Ne
Smeesnoops chapter 2 . 7/23/2006
I love the part with Razor & Shadow, so romantic. As usual Feral is his usual self.

I like this story! Hope to see another one from you!
Smeesnoops chapter 1 . 7/22/2006
Cool! I like this, I hope there's more!