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Pirate King Ray chapter 1 . 11/2/2013
Uh, the Empire is still leagues worse than the Rebellion.

They blew up Alderaan, killing millions if not billions of non combatants and civillians (and don't give that "oh they were plotting against the empire. Even if the government was the idea that every single individual was a traitor is ridiculous (the rebellion was stated to be tiny, and Tarkin's comments about how "Dantooine is too remote for a good test, we need a more effective demonstration" and "military planet, then name the system" shows that he was less interested about keeping order and more about showing off his new toy, which sent the message, disobey us and we will murder you all. Even more insulting is that leia had given him false info AND HE STILL BELIEVED SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!) The empire commits random acts of terror with ease, and in general they don't give a shit about civilians

This is from
Instances of Imperial Slavery:

Amanin (Empire Comics): During a battle with a tribe of Amanin on their homeworld, the Empire entered into an agreement where the local tribe would provide captives as slaves to the Empire in exchange for being left alone. The fact that this is a political agreement approved by the Empire shows that the state is in fact endorsing slavery.

Chromans (Young Jedi Knights): Enslaved by the Empire for their mining skills and put into forced labor. One slave was periodically selected at random for death to serve as an example. The "example" was made by strapping a Chroma to a rock and allowing his body to deteriorate in the sun, not unlike a worm or a slug baking on a hot sidewalk.

Elomins (Multiple Sources including Black Fleet Crisis and Coruscant Nights IIRC): Enslaved on their homeworld and forced to work in mines.

Entymals (SW Encyclopedia and SW Adventure Journal): Enslaved to work in Imperial Gas Mining. It is noted that the Empire worked with at least one Corporation to accomplish this.

Kadri'Ra (Alien Encounters and SW Adventure Journal): This species was enslaved and by the time of the Battle of Yavin had been reduced from around 140 million individuals and 14,000 individuals. I cannot discern at what point the population began declining, with only a Wookieepedia mention saying that they numbered 140 million during the time of the Republic. However, this only calls into question at what point did the Empire take control over this species, and how fast the decline may have been. The Empire is also noted for having declared this species non sentient, and thus suitable for slavery.

Gamandars (SW #74): A near human species enslaved by the Empire, The Wookieepediaa article even provides a PICTURE, scanned from the comic, of these beings in chains and ragged clothes.

Goroth (Goroth: Slave of the Empire): A species whose enslavement is clearly indentified in the title of the first publication to identify them.

Gossam (NEG Alien species): A member of the CIS targeted by Palpatine after the clone wars. Their home planet Castell was still recovering at the time of the Vong War.

Humans (Multiple Sources, Jedi Academy Trilogy as an example): There are multiple examples of humans serving as slaves in various capacities under the Empire. Many of these people were political opponents of the Empire. Some humans were conscripted into the Imperial Armed Forces.

Jenet (Essential Guide to Alien Species IIRC): Enslaved by the empire for use as forced labor in mining endeavours.

Lurrians (Han Solo's Revenge): A species whose enslavement was permitted by the Galactic Empire.

Mon Calamari (Multiple Sources, including Essential Guide to Alien Species): Misrepresented as non-sentient beings by the Empire, and enslaved so that the Empire could co-opt their production capability. Admiral Ackbar himself was a slave to Grand Moff Tarkin.

Nosaurians (Clone Wars Comics/Dark Times Comics): One of the most notorious examples of Imperial Slavery in the aftermath of the Clone War. The Nosaurians were part of the CIS left vulnerable after the surrender of the Confederacy, as the war ended the final vestiges of Nosaurian resistance surrended, and many were summarily executed. Many women and children attempting to escape were captured by the Empire and sold as livestock and the notorious slave markets of Orvax IV. Depicted in this comic are many Nosaurians being kept in large underground pens prior to sale.

Noghri (Thrawn Trilogy): After their world was poisoned during a battle in the Clone Wars, the species was kept in perpetual servitude to Darth Vader as environmental restoration efforts were in actuality sabotaging the environment. Vader would later turn the species over to Thrawn.

Selkath (Manaan: Depths of History): This species which was prominent thousands of years before the Empire, and after Palpatine's rise to power, their homeworld was attacked and occupied by the Empire. The Selkath were forced out of their deep water residences and made to live in floating cities on the surface. Many Selkath were enslaved and used as labor to clean and support the restored Ahto City, which had become an Imperial Resort. Some Selkath were even killed by the Empire and used as FOOD. During this time the Empire completely ravaged the world's oceanic environment.

It is noteworthy that Darth Vader provided additional manipulation of the Selkath. The Force Sensitive Order of the Shasa was corrupted by Darth Vader, and in their Dark Side induced frenzy the Shasa committed many terrible murders. Afterwards, Vader apparently co-opted the Shasha into his master's service.

Sludir (SW Adventure Journal): A technologically primitive society conquered and enslaved by the Empire.

Talz (Truce at Bakura): Enslaved and forced into mining on their homeworld of Alzoc II, where they were intentionally underfed and benevolent attempts to improve their conditions were punished. This was another situation where the Empire attempted to circumvent the rights of a species by declaring them non sentient.

Trunsk (SW Adventure Journals): Designated as legal for enslavement by the Empire. Enslavement was aided by a secretly Imperial-friendly planetary ruler

Ugnaughts (SW Comics): Confirmed enslavement of the Ugnaughts on Bespin by the Empire under Hugo Treece. It is not confirmed if the the species continued to be enslaved on their own planets as they were after they were conquered by Greivous and the CIS.

Wookiees (Dark Lord and other sources): One of the most famous enslaved species under the Empire. Enslavement began in the aftermath of the Clone Wars when a group led by Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader attacked the planet under the pretense of hunting Jedi Fugitives. Trandoshans were permitted by the Empire to hunt and harvest Wookiee pelts, and for a time the Empire maintained a strong militarized presence on the planet. Wookiees were used notably in the building of the Death Star, and were forced into servitude under threat of death for their captive families.

Yevetha (Black Fleet Crisis): Enslaved by the Empire, who exploited the Yevetha as skilled labor. Yevethan females were used as sex slaves, and Yevethans killed by the Empire had their remains publically displayed at places such as schools in order to inhibit dissention. The Yevethans rebelled just before the Empire was to begin a mass execution of its slaves.

Yuzzem (Splinter of the Mind's Eye): A species that, like the Wookiees, were enslaved for their strength and ability to perform heavy labor.

Toprawa (Wraith Squadron): It's cities bombarded and population redcued to barbarism after a rebel group smuggled the Death Star plans via that world. Survivors were made to humiliate themselves in order to recieve food.

Ghorman Massacre (Multiple sources, including the Hutt Gambit and Rebel Dawn): Wilhuff Tarkin landed his ship atop protestors, killing or injuring hundreds.

Teardrop Massacre (Allegiance): Imperial forces under the command of the Imperial Security Bureau execute citizens during a search for Rebels and Rebel sympathizers.

Ettam Massacre (Empire Comics): Imperial forces destroy a hospital in their hasty attempt to seek and destroy Rebel Forces, no punishment was handed out and the commander responsible praised for his efforts.

Atravis Sector Massacres (Children of the Jedi): A vaguely referred to series of Massacres attributed to Wilhuff Tarkin. No description is given

Despayre (Death Star novel): The prison world of Despayre was destroyed in the first firing of the Death Star, although many of its occupants were criminals, many of those criminals were political prisoners not guilty of any actual crime.

Subjugation of Sulon (Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire): Imperial forces murdered inhabitants of the planet Sulon, disguising their vehicles with Rebel insignias to implicate the Rebellion in the attack.

Camass (Hand of Thrawn duology): Camaas was destroyed and most of its people murdered when Palpatine ordered an attack on the planet.

Falleen (Shadows of the Empire): Many thousands were destroyed when a biological weapon escaped an Imperial Weapons lab, in order to cover up the incident and to prevent the spread of the disease, Darth Vader destroyed the city with an orbital bombardment.

Order 37 on Bellassa (Last of the Jedi series): Civilians rounded up and arrested under threat of execution unless former Jedi Ferus Olin turned himself in to Imperial Custody. It was suspected by Obi Wan that the Empire would not honor the agreement if Olin turned himself in although this is entirely speculation on his part.

Bombardment of Eluthan (Last of the Jedi Series): After Separatists on Acherin surrended to the Empire, the Imperial commander ordered that the capital city of Eluthan be bombarded in retaliation for the casualties his forces suffered,

Third Battle of Theed/Battle of Naboo (Last of the Jedi Series): The Empire is discovered to be stockpiling illegal explosives on Naboo, later, the Empire would forcibly remove the Queen of Naboo from power.

DJ Caligula chapter 1 . 4/11/2009
Thanks for writing this! I just read "The Wrong Side of the War" story arc, and I was so intrigued by the Roshuir/Shan relationship that I ended looking for more stuff about them. I found your story on the Imperial Chicks website, and really enjoyed it! Roshuir was pretty hot, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that.

Are you going to be posting any more chapters here at ? You'd have to tone it down a little... it might be worth it though, just so more people could see the story.

I wish Dark Horse would do more with these characters, it seems like it would make for another great story arc. Plus, it's hard to go wrong with Fabbri's artwork, that guy is amazing.