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RecklessAbandon777 chapter 24 . 2/21/2019
This is really good, I'm in the process of binge reading. UGH I want to know what this Dave guys angle is!
rockkitten chapter 54 . 2/7/2017
Just finished Book 1. Wow! I'm exhausted from staying up late and waking up early to binge read this, but it was totally worth it. Excited to get started with Book 2!
Dunno12345 chapter 3 . 7/19/2016
This is pretty much me right now:

"Fifty three chapters, fifty three chapters, FIFTY THREE CHAPTERS, FIFTY THREE." *binge reads*
Annamarie61 chapter 4 . 6/3/2015
Interesting beginning. I look forward to reading more.
divad relffehs chapter 13 . 5/31/2015
Max isn't the only one who can heal things, he is just the best at it. Michael healed River Dog's broken ankle, and when Hank had given him a black eye Max asked why he hadn't healed it. The inherent assumption there being that he could.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 54 . 4/6/2014
Dave seemed to be concerned about others tracking the group why? Why did he have to get them first? Did others get the message too or something?
What is up with Dave and their memories and if it could be cloned meaning the alien trio had the knowledge and secrets of so many things stored in there especially about really happened to have them killed. Is that a good thing or bad and memories can be in the mind and recalled but can they be manipulated or altered in anyway or are they solid since these memories came from the memories of their past selves who were sort of dead hence freezing everything as is.
Is Dave and max worried about max remembering zan and fearing he may not look at Liz the same and such or remember ava aka tess and their supposed love. Those of think we're max fears and why he didn't fully embrace things like Michael did again something that didn't involve him being with Liz he would rebel. Wasn't it some part of zan that was drawn and attracted to Liz too in the first place not just max and his human side? Was Michael at the party and things where zan saw and met ava?
Why aren't they making decisions and talking with the whole group instead of the alien trio ?
River dog words come to mind and about their balance and the words work true for the alien trio and should embrace both sides to who they are and let them merge but be balanced and merge and balance past and present and hence move to have a good future and become not only who they want to be but we're meant to be.
They should no to have balance because denying either side was never good.
The alien trio always sensed each other but never tess which was interesting because even around they couldn't sense her. Strange that it seemed tess couldn't sense them either otherwise wouldn't she have sensed them and found them earlier or helped with sensing the other three. The thing that neither side sensed the other says a lot especially since Liz could sense max and max Liz especially if Liz was near by.
Glad they gained control of powers especially Michael. Wow Michael breaking level six codes is quite a feat. I guess after eight years they still see Dave as a threat and enemy why?
From last chapter and book max can be calm and collected but that also makes max quite deadly especially because you would never see his attack coming.
Dave wanted the group to research him and look into his life why?
It seemed Dave feared back then and now for his life from one or another but why? Why does it seem with what Dave asked and seemingly wanted and the reports of milestones that Dave made a devil's bargain with Max alien enemies.
Can Jake and Dave be trusted? I like how max trusts Michael and the same of their past self. I can see Max like zan growing and being more comfortable in the leader role and more confident.
I'm sure Isabel is struggling with blending because of fear especially of people telling her she betrayed her family and she'll be damned if she will repeat history but most be frustrating and scary to sort of relive and remember her past if she was a traitor.
Why not talk about their past and selves and other stuff with the other three in the group why keep secrets? Dave was worried about that in the beginning and needed to kids to not have secrets from each other. Michael happy when talking to max side and not zan is that because zan embraced Destiny and all that crap and more commanding and less questioning and max doesn't fully accept things the way they are and questions and ways decisions and listen more or something like that. Wow eight years and the special unit is still around how and why and why are the people in the group separated? They are working within Dave's corporation doing what? Why would the three automatically assume Dave is corresponding with their enemies and not maybe allies? What did Jake learn from their lab sessions and everything did he learn about Isabel and dream walking... Why does Jake and Dave assume they all have the same powers like when Jake assumed max dream walked him when max asked about missing time. Did larek correspond with Dave and why? Is Brody still getting signals and such and larek while in Roswell did the gang get more messages they haven't heard.
I guess it is natural with everything that happened to them they would assume Dave be a traitor and communicating with khivar instead of allies.
Is larek and people on anatar talking to Dave because larek would be another reason why Dave was forbidden from Roswell why the group was there. Or allies on antar because what happened to larek and Brody?
Nice preview...
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 53 . 4/6/2014
I always have a thought if Max and the royal four were such prizes and hope for antar than why didn't the resistance try and help max more or send things down and not make so many demands on him just to get help? Shouldn't they be leaping over themselves to help and get max to come back and want to come back and help? that is another area where things don't add up or make sense. Is it really a good thing for max not to remember his past self because if he doesn't remember than he is vulnerable and people can lie and say stuff that isn't sure and he can't remember to defend himself or refute the lie or his memories can be altered or manipulated or something like that. So again is it a good thing max can't remember or bad? I would assume both and hope Dave isn't trying to make max remember something that wasn't true or something he wants them to remember or be evil like that.
I do like Dave's analysis that things might not have happened like he remembers or been told and things are seen in a human like and other stuff Dave told Max earlier regarding things now and past and such like that and of memories etc..
Dave was hinting at so many things there I am not sure what to make of it. I also like Jake's questions he thought to himself of what he wanted to ask Liz like if she wanted to have max children and why didn't she run from max when she knew the truth. What is that always a question like she was supposed to run and odd she didn't and such. I think max did a good thing by connecting with Liz and letting her see him so she saw he was still himself and she saw how max saw her.
You sure don't want to make max mad because he would be more dangerous to deal with proof is in the window. That and max can control his powers and punch but if let out he holds quite a punch. I can understand Dave and Jake's and Ray nervousness especially with their powers and their safety concerns but he should know or hope to know they have no fear if they mean them no harm but will have to work on the trust issues. Dave shouldn't fear them as long as he keeps his word and means them no harm but if not watch out. Max has control of his powers but like the two events before in the lab he can display quite a lot of power and if nervous and without control that could have happened in the office and just exploded with energy ..
Dave needed max to close the deal for many reasons not just because he was the leader and the group would follow him.
I am curious about why Dave thought it was a disappointment that max lost his son it was more behind that than just the thought of losing a child. Kyle referenced it Jake referenced and Dave about not only that max is king but Liz is the future queen like it is given antar will play a part in all their future stuff and what not. Why is this important, it certainly isn't to Liz who just wants max. I guess that is the difference Liz doesn't care all she wants is max and love and is independent and such unlike tess who clung and wanted to be royal and the past life stuff.
While Liz would always do the right thing even if it kills her and also fiercely protect max and is abundantly loyal etc... tess was never that and would turn on Max and did and never seemed to want to protect max or anything that Liz would do but only want she could gain from max. I am also why Dave is curious about why Liz left that summer and such because didn't they tell Dave about the orbs and message and such and Liz thought he belong to tess. If that was the case than Dave wouldn't be curious still and it seems like he knows something the kids don't like the message was referring to Liz or something and not Tess because Dave was hinting all sorts of stuff. Wouldn't the resistance want to risk things if it meant bringing back the hope they had of being freed from kbivar?
Will Dave and co. Learn about the granolith and future max? I don't think tess left in the granilith or at least not earth atmosphere because things never added up on that front either. If they did they wouldn't be after max still and such and if they had his son same thing. That leads to more questions of why did Tess come back if the council stated the baby was human and rejected as heir. That says a lot... Why chase Tess and baby if they had no use to khiavr and why return to earth and how did she accomplish it because people would have known she was a traitor by the time she got there. Again just seems like more lies she told and nothing changed with her. It also raised a lot more questions too.
If tess wasn't ava that also shows that the royal seal won't pass to just anyone or child and the child might not be max. Tess seemed to only want one thing...
Why does it seem like Dave wants the group to become good liars what is the point?
Dave knows about Kal how and why is he surprised the name wasn't brought up..
Did Dave talk to kal and does Dave know max tried to find his son and a way back to antar and found kal...?
Will Dave teach about decision making etc...and what else to teach them and why? Why does it feel like Dave is coinciding to himself he is and will die and the kids are his legacy. Will he ask max for help and will max save him or help?

I liked how max departure from the office gain power for max and stripped Dave of his. Something max will need in the future etc..
Max acted like a king and leader in that moment.

So part of Dave's past is people using his mind to kill people interesting. Jake was saved by Dave and Jake wouldn't be alive if not for Dave how and why? I like Dave thinking that things just come together in his mind's eye where he can see things like the combination that led to their freedom... Jake and his feelings of being free and such. I hope Dave is good and that he and Jake and ray stand by the kids and help each other. What is the alpha files and why is it important to Dave's and Jake past and the kids future?

It also sounds like on the plane Dave met with someone but that someone was a brody larek deal of someone taking over another body..
Was it the kids mother from antar that he met? She would be the choice to make the deal especially with all the restrictions Dave had like forbidden from Roswell and it sounds like a mother thing to do. Especially when everyone is after max and max having to deal with so many wanting him dead for various reasons and one of the things that us special about Liz is that she loves all of him. She is a relief for max because max has a lot of burdens to carry and it probably is never easy knowing you are a target for death for so many people.

What did Jake tell Richard when Richard cornered him? Why was it important to gain max acceptance of deal and trust for Dave and now that he is agreed to it what will he set in motion? something couldn't happen until max agreed.
Everyone has conceded that although stuff happened because of what max did it is agreed that was the best decision max made was saving Liz and bringing everyone else to the alien trio like Alex, Maria etc.
The fact that even before he healed her he always wanted to be near her and watch her and such. It seems like max greatest wish came true when max saved Liz. That he not only had Liz in his life and she knew the truth but that she accepted him and loved him all the same and he could stop admiring from afar.
I also like Maria being Maria and telling Liz to either forgive max or let him go after the whole future max and tess debacle because Liz needed to hear and know and make a choice of her own. I also like how every single person involved in the secret is fiercely protective of max. I don't think max even realizes it because he is worrying about everyone and putting too much on his shoulders. I also think that is why everyone had to agree and be there because max needs to be protected and have allies and who better than the ones who have already shown it time and again including the sheriff.
I hope Dave isn't conspiring with Max enemies that would just be horrible whether he knew or not. Why does Dave have to report to these unknowns? like Dave had others reporting to him with reports but why have to report his stuff to this other side why was it important? did Dave agree to stuff because he could understand stuff about being in war zones because of his parents etc..what rules did Dave have to comply to and why did Dave agree or what made Dave agree. Why the need to keep them for an indefinite time and even if they left years later it would be bad and devastating to his plans?
He set rules for his own protection why? Is he afraid of max and doesn't think max is a good guy or will kill him? Or is it from the other side and if he is endangered will he go to max for help? Max has proven he likes helping people and is a good guy. It seems Dave wanting and worrying about protection is another thing and something he too has to protect max like all this is to protect max and also to groom the group and have them practice so they can fight is another. I am hoping Dave is a good guy. Max is trusting him and agreed to the plan but barely...
Max is trusting but not stupid and from past events gaining his trust is harder and max is learning.
Excellent story now I must go to the next book and story.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 52 . 4/6/2014
I don't think Dave and Jake know about how Liz and max found the orb through flashes and being very sexually heated.
I just remembered and thought it funny that early in the story Liz stated when she cornered him about what he did and questions that she never finished the list and max laughed saying he has no other secrets from her what more could she possibly want to know. I thought that was sweet and funny.
Why is Dave worried about feeling powerless especially around max and co.?
I liked max making a point of not only stating things simple like they had a deal but walking out with out further adieu and without Dave dismissing him. I also like that max gave him quite an impressive warning by shattering more glasses than Michael and doing so quietly. I also like max being direct about Dave being a dead man or any person who touches his precious Liz Parker. Dave must realize this and fast and keep it because others have not that if you want to stay safe and such then don't threaten or touch Maria deluca or Liz Parker otherwise you will have a couple of very temperamental aliens on your hands who are mighty powerful and will destroy things to protect them. I like that max is direct in his warning. I feel Jake and Dave mean no harm to their loved ones.
I also like Liz and Jake's conversation and Jake just itching to chat with one Liz Parker about everything. I liked Liz revealing he didn't give max a choice about telling the truth after looking at his cells and glowing hand print. I don't like Jake's last question he thought to himself about is Liz was strong enough to hold onto max heart like their love and bond is fleeting or something and why does it always impress or relate to Liz and capturing an alien king heart. Why all the reference to his alien side on that one. It is just a boy who fell so deeply for a girl he used his gift to save her. Why always reference his alien side and the fact he us a king that it's impressive she caught his love and heart like it was some big feat and she did it effortlessly and unconsciously or something.
I like max having pride especially on regards to Liz and he thinks it is miraculous that she didn't run for him and such but she loved him back. I am glad Dave thinks max decisions are usually good and right most of the time and getting Liz in his life was a big one and right. I still think it's funny that max thinks that is the biggest miracle in his life and the thing that gives him most pride and smile is Liz Parker and her choosing him back.
Nice chapter..
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 51 . 4/6/2014
I'm assuming Dave's ban on Roswell while max and co. Was there was for certain reasons like not disrupting their lives, if Dave has a deal with the aliens allies not to draw attention to Dave and such by enemies, not to draw attention to himself by having seeing the gang. It seems like he couldn't go straight to them with the deal because of what he agreed with whoever asked him to take them under his wing in the first place. I understand that and also to have max keep his life and have some semblance of normalcy. Also so no one could connect Dave to the group...
Interesting...who would care enough about the group to warrant a ban on Dave from entering Roswell while they are there?
the friends and family in max and co. Life played a huge role and were a good thing in many ways especially since they all care so much for them.
I like it that max loves seems about Liz besides beauty like her mind, heart etc.. but in his eyes she us the most beautiful woman on earth and still is since third grade.
I like max describing how he chose Liz and what a wonderful feeling that she chose him back. Also that max is swayed from her and no one can compete or compare in max mind to Liz Parker. If he was really meant for Tess he would have felt and noticed her that first day but didn't no matter what it's always about Liz. I like max answers regarding Liz Parker and why Liz.

I am curious about Dave's last thought...
What miracle does Dave and co. Have to pull off and why and if he didn't it would lead to a bigger disaster? Dave is grateful Liz chose max back and such but why is that so important especially for Dave's plan? We saw what happened when max and Liz were separated due to future max but what is Dave so relieved about that Liz loves max back? I am glad Dave caught that Liz is a topic you don't want to mess around with especially around max because max can only do things if they include Liz Parker. I wonder what Liz's parents would think that she is married to an alien but a king and he saved her life. I wonder especially about Jeff Parker since Liz is a daddy's girl. How can a father intimidate his daughter's love interest when said interest saved his child's life and is an alien king. I am also thinking it would be interesting for Jim to have to field questions and others regarding the kids from the parents since he was in the know. I would love to see Amy reaction and that Maria is dating a warrior alien commander. I'm a curious how Jim is handling things and feel bad because he us a good guy and helped but even he couldn't help against the whole army. I hope they don't give him too much grief. I have to see when max left the house and moved in with Michael.
I think it is a wise choice Ray told Michael to take a break because you don't want things blown up. I like Jake and Liz talking and they have common ground because they were saved by the two upstairs and a nice feeling to know someone else cares that much about you to risk everything. I hope Liz realizes that Jake is thinking of his own past and his need to talk to Dave and not max and co.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 50 . 4/6/2014
Funny how both max and Dave's past will cause each other harm or add an enemy to their list if discovered.
Kind of funny and ironic.
I always say max and others need to have a balance and embrace both sides but don't let one side supercede the other or take control. The mystery of Liz and max. Will the book reveal something different with Dave redecoding it? Tess was the one doing last time and controlled Alex so she could have made Alex make it say anything especially to benefit her and confirm her words. Why hadn't max spoke about his doubts and concerns about tess and why make her a confidant if he has troubling thoughts and feelings regarding her? Did max really like being praised that much? Tess again praised him for being a king not being zan or max and another sign showing she didn't know a thing about max or zan or their supposed past. Why did things including past memories and stuff feel awkward with Max? The vision and Liz stuff seemed always right and natural to max and felt right but with tess felt wrong.
If Dave deal with the other side is getting max to remember and be zan and accept tess or something as his love queen bride or whatever I am going to scream.
Will the book translation be different with Dave and is Dave hinting that tess was not who she said she was? Why all the stuff with what he remembers from his previous life what is he getting at?
Did tess really remember anything or just what she wanted to think she remembered? Max doesn't have to be one or the other... he can still be both and such and still remain who he wants to be and become. As long as one path he thinks he can't have Liz is a path he will never take because he won't give her up. So any path or plan has to include Liz because if he can have Liz probably the thing he wants most he is more opened to other things. Max was closed off from his supposed Destiny because it stated he couldn't have Liz so he was going to rebel like hell.

I liked max and Dave conversation but I am also why the majority was of what max could recall in his previous life and about tess. Why talk so much about that girl what was Dave trying to glean? Why does max need to be max for his plan to work was is it about being max that is more important? Why is important to be talking about max and the boy who fell in love with a girl than anything else?
This chapter has me thinking a lot so max is going with the deal and such...
I liked max statement about leader and being the last out and such which would drive Michael nuts because Michael has to protect max and such. Michael would stand by his leader and king no matter what. I wonder about things.
Will max and zan life have to combine and who does max want to be and become? Will Dave amend the alien book to fit things or have it be truth? What did messages say from the signals? Is max real mother still alive? Why would max being zan or think he is xan have ruined his plan? What is it about Dave's plan that has it important max is max loving Liz and seeing things in the human way even his past self?
Is it because zan accepted things as we're and Destiny and max doesn't fully do so? They believe in certain things but differ on so many others. I hope Dave understand that anything will not happen if Max is told or something involves him not having Liz. That is something that will get you a wall faster than anything. I can understand Dave's curiosity of what it is about Liz and her importance for max that max loves her and would give up and do anything for her. He would protect her with his dying breath.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 49 . 4/6/2014
Nasedo and tess research max and co. Before Roswell so that doesn't help their case. Neither would be driving max further away or such hence taking a different tactics during the hell summer.
If tess did sleep with Max whether through manipulating or not she only had one shot to sleep with him and get pregnant. So if Liz and max have slept together for seven months with pregnancy how did max get tess pregnant on first try etc..
What was said in those signals being sent or received? Who and why is someone after Dave and by association max and co.?
Interesting that max and Dave and Jake still have enemies out there hunting him. Richard is good if it took him less than 24 hours to find many suspicious things out starting with the breach.
Tess got to max when he and his mind were most vulnerable hence her ability to make max think he connected with his son. She tried to control max in so many ways. I like Dave's observations of Maria and her friendship with Max and that she protects him and keeps him grounded. So why didn't max go to her or heed Maria's words and warning? Did max really sleep with tess, was anything she Saud true especially the book she controlled Alex to decode, was max son endanger, did she leave in the granolith, was the child max if there was one... endless thoughts, analysis, and questions about her and everything.
Good chapter..
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 48 . 4/6/2014
Interesting chapter with Max talking about tess with Dave. I do like and agree with a lot of max thoughts and conclusions about her. Tess never really did get anything or appreciate things. Funny how max did try to include her and she still betrayed them and future max stated the reason she left is because max didn't include her how ironic. That is a big one max never noticed tess at all the first day. He felt awkward with her is another. Dave saying also gives hint too.
I liked Maria's assumptions and feelings about tess because I felt the same way I never liked her and she always had an agenda and playing tactics. I'm glad max had Maria during that hard summer and max trusted Maria and Maria did warn max not to trust tess. So why didn't max seek out Maria when he was feeling isolated and alone what made him seek out tess? We know tess used her powers and such to try and create what comes naturally to max and Liz and other things and yes max doesn't seem like the reckless and one night stand guy. Why is Dave so interested in her though I am curious.
You brought up a lot of good things in this chapter regarding max and the whole tess thing. Tess never stopped saying they were meant to be and trying to force things and that they were married blah blah and anything and everything alien and Destiny just so she can feel important and be center of attention. She never was interested in anything or anyone non alien and no past did she talk about or try new things.
I understand all the different emotions and feelings and reaction to this topic because of what did and did it consciously and without remorse. She tried to trap max and use anything to get him to be hers. She was only ever sorry of being caught and I get the distinct feeling she never wanted to try and fit in either.
More thoughts later..
Good chapter though he on some good stuff and really made one think on others. Dave did have a good question about that hell summer and I wonder where he is going with that.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 47 . 4/6/2014
It seems to me max needs to accept both sides to himself and sort of merge to become who he was meant to be and be able to have everything he wants.
Funny how you get Michael's attention rather quickly if it involves blowing something up or anything to do with being destructive yep that's Michael. I liked Kyle's description of seeing a Michael rath combo as Michael embraced both sides instead of human alien combination. I also liked max and Kyushu discussion on Buddhism etc..
I also like Ray showing them how to defend against guns.
I liked max vision of his past memory as zan and what he was thinking and feeling and max insecurities about not only embracing zan but also what comes with it. Max isn't really yet and thinks it will mean giving up things he wants. Max and zan want similar things but not all the same and zan embraced being king and Destiny and max doesn't want it. I could understand Kyle's thoughts about following max not zan and the importance of who the hybrids believe themselves to be.
Curious and lots of thoughts to ponder.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 46 . 4/6/2014
Now I'm confused what us Dave playing at again going in circles and spinning things why?
good chapter...
I like max knowing thing and be more confident with the meeting..
Will max need to accept both sides to himself? So Dave is already profiting off the trio and wants more why?
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 45 . 4/5/2014
Who approached Dave two years ago and why and why couldn't he set foot in Roswell etc..? Why approach Dave of all people? if he was approached he was approached when Tess was still around so did the other side be a sympathizer for Tess or something else regarding her and why is Liz the key now for Dave and others? Why are people interested in max son especially if human and no seal and not ...
I liked max being relatively honest with his thoughts and feelings to Dave. What deal did Dave make and was that why all six had to be together? Who did Dave deal with on the other side and why can't he tell people and why did he get permission to take them under his wing two years later why did the other side or who Dave dealt with give him permission then. What changed for the other side?
I hope the other side isn't a Tess sympathizer...what happened two years ago for Dave to be approached was it tess taking off and what not or something else that caused Dave to be approached because tess can back a year later so it can't have too much to do with her. Why was it important Dave couldn't step foot in Roswell ? Why did Dave have to see Max and Liz but especially Liz?
Too many thoughts and questions popping in my head now..
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