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DrunkenPanda chapter 6 . 7/24/2017
Can't you just take someone else's paper since you can be caught cheating multiple times?(I mean standing up, walking to someone's desk and taking it)
user51s2r chapter 4 . 6/1/2017
chapter 4 done, the characterizations are pretty good. Lots of good things in this chapter. The poor kitty and of course the sorta sometimes crazy demon brat with freaking little shop of horrors going on! I hope I see a 'FEED ME SEYMOUR' moment coming up!
user51s2r chapter 3 . 5/31/2017
So I finished chapter 3 and yes, I had my WTF moment. But this story is pretty amusing, so I am going to try the next chapter! The fox's rendition of events was hilarious and awesome.
Wolfone10 chapter 19 . 5/3/2017
Pein "glaring bloodthirsty murder"? ROFL.. How exactly does one do that when one is a CORPSE? In the anime I have never SEEN one of pein's paths glare.. and that's because they have a "FLAT AFFECT"... as in DEAD BODIES... Pein "glaring" is essentially, anyone STARING! A lot is lost using PUPPETS! Of course the REAL nagato being a cripple kinda makes the whole "glaring" thing laughable anyway. Also pein glaring at konan? His ONE AND ONLY real ally?... The ONLY "friend" he still considers a "FRIEND"?... I think you might wanna go back over your source material. Only a complete FOOL (or an uchiha) turns away REAL ALLIES. when in the midst of people that will KILL THEM for showing weakness. (oh and she knows where the REAL body is being kept)

Oh and btw: if you haven't been TOLD this, the fourth CAN'T BE SUMMONED without the mask, his soul is lunch for the shinigami, no HUMAN or snake is getting around that...
Wolfone10 chapter 18 . 5/3/2017
So naruto is LEFT lonely, but by your very words, is never alone?.. THAT MAKES NO SENSE... It drives me nuts when authors do this... You EITHER make him "hated, scorned, left alone"... OR... you make him "have friends, be noticed by people, and have others around him"... YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH! They are mutually exclusive to one another. I fail to see how this is SO difficult a distinction. Except for the thought that the third must be an UTTER MORON for leaving him alone and ALL OF US KNOW IT! Nobody can be THAT frightfully STUPID and the village still be standing! But of course that means he knows how naruto feels and either is a COMPLETE and UTTER sadist, or actually WANTS THE VILLAGE to turn into a lifeless crater! ANY WAY shape and/or form you cut the "blame pie", the THIRD GETS A TRIPLE DOSE!

"an old man, a highranking blah blah blah, that is revered"?... ROFL Danzo is HATED BY EVERYONE THAT IS A NINJA... Revered?... ROFL in what universe?
Guest chapter 14 . 5/2/2017
The uchiha make no SENSE, they're AN EVIL bloodline but we're supposed to feel, WHAT? Sympathy?.. I don' think so... ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING bad, every cruel, evil and senseless act of sadism can BE TRACKED back to an uchiha... IN THE ENTIRE ELEMENTAL NATIONS! That clan should have been wiped outta existence LONG AGO. Heck a GUNSHOT to the temple, and you've solved MOST of the world's problems... I can't think of a single LAW-ENFORCEMENT, FEDERAL AGENT, ANGEL, or even NICE person that wouldn't do that trade.
Guest chapter 13 . 5/2/2017
Actually, the ONLY reason he wasn't put to death for treason, let ALONE war crimes was because NARUTO became a "fangirl"... Otherwise his punk ass would have been hanged in public!
Wolfone10 chapter 14 . 5/2/2017
DO you know why most people HATE sasuke?.. the bashers, the others ones... Well, number one he doesn't DESERVE the power ups he gets... Yeah he watched his family die... GUESS WHAT?... SO do a LOT of people in ninja villages, and apparently so DID a lot of people in the kyuubi attack, but they don't get pump ups from no where... He's done and has gone through NOTHING... Two... Everyone hates seeing naruto becoming one of the FEW regular HUMANS to a screeching "fanboy" with regards to him, it's DISGUSTING how kishi did the character. He's as bad as Ino or sakura... Willing to sell out all his goals in life to save this PIECE of trash, that doesn't want or deserve it... (so apparently to the author, naruto's friends mean nothing to him)... sasuke needs to die in a ditch (OR if not the bashing type, just WRITTEN OUT in a story, like they have "no contact" anymore").
Wolfone10 chapter 13 . 5/2/2017
"old people that SHOULD have NOTHING to do with a dictatorship AT ALL" and should be quietly DYING in an old folks home that smells of death and anti-septic.(hopefully, you have Tsunade grow a BRAIN, but I bet not.). OLD people that have 'PAST THEIR EXPIRATION DATE"... really only have whatever power a SELECT few GIVE them, otherwise they're basically "running out the clock" till the reaper comes to claim them... If it's a dictatorship(which it is), then the hokage has all the power, to grant OR REVOKE anything they want. I fail to see how ANYTHING LESS can work in a military village. and do you REALLY wanna LIE to your ultimate weapon? (I can see it just not caring if he/she's word means anything if yours doesn't)... AND DETONATING in the middle of the village OUT OF SPITE?.. What kind of ruler does that make you?
Wolfone10 chapter 11 . 5/1/2017
I would SERIOUSLY question sarutobi's title of "noble" as far as I have seen, there is NOTHING (including his death) that is the SLIGHTEST bit NOBLE... He's JUST a "MONSTER MAKER"... and a really "PATHETIC leader"... I honestly think in most stories (including cannon) he's trying to bring the leaf DOWN... or if this is best attempt at helping, someone needs to get him outta the council room (no wonder his grandson looks like he escaped "special classes" with wearing a football helmet all the time)... He reminds me of the grandfather that "means well", but has "NO IDEA" how the whole world works anymore and it "scares and confuses him", plus he MOVES with the speed that a turtle could out pace him. He's a "poster child" for "find a nice OLD FOLKS HOME for the elderly".
Wolfone10 chapter 10 . 5/1/2017
If Naruto has the first's power, PLUS the nine-tails?.. Then garaa should be a WALK IN THE PARK (so easy it's laughable). (of course I thought that even cannon to anyone that can do kindergarten math)
but for some REASON everyone thinks garaa is a b.a... as a one-tailed, shouldn't he be THE RUNT of the litter?... AS in EVERYONE can beat his butt, except apparently humans? (I mean at one point it was stored in a a TEAPOT for a while, THAT'S just embarrassing.). I mean lets face facts... In cannon, SOMEHOW the "no-tailed" tailed beast is more dangerous (kisamie) and the zero tails has a whole MOVIE how it can be taken down... Somehow...GARAA isn't that dangerous and is kinda a JOKE. If tails are it's power level.. then it gets LOST IN TRANSLATION, or it's REALLY, REALLY STUPID.
Wolfone10 chapter 4 . 4/30/2017
I don't really think naruto FINALLY standing up for himself would create MORE problems for naruto (as it is in these stories that is semi-impossible)... Instead I think it would create a LOT less, because there seems to be ONE thing that EVERYONE in konoha understands and they understand it A LOT more then ninja, or sealing, or even hopes and peace... They understand FEAR! When naruto is a "punching bag" they can have hate and fear, or apathy and fear and that leads them to hate him more AND more... as long as they can take their hate and fear OUT on naruto then it will just keep escalating as the FEAR becomes less and less, which at this point in the stories, if their BEATING him has been happening, means they REALLY DON'T fear him AT ALL... (something that seems misunderstood by the hokage)... IF he starts STANDING UP... THE FEAR will replace the hate... I mean they can hate and fear ninja (I mean they have better status, they have superpowers and if they decide to do something, NO REGULAR person can stop them)... but they don't take it out on them, WHY? Because they FEAR them, they KNOW they'd beat them either bloody or DEAD... So, the same applies in BUNCHES to naruto. As for higher up shinobi? That's just stupid: 1. THEY KNEW minato, so they KNOW naruto's his kid(regardless of Hokage-driven LIES)... and 2. They understand sealing so they know the difference (but if the kid won't even stand up for himself, why should they help him?.. That's NOT how the ninja wold works).. 3. They know they NEED a jinchuriki regardless of what the stupid civilians(and lower ninja) think. 4. They know it HAS to be an uzumaki (and naruto is ALL they got). 5. A passive (or masochistic) jinchuriki is OF NO USE to the village.
Moonlight Slayer chapter 15 . 4/23/2017
How disappointing. Naruto ends up protecting the village. It started well vut it died once you did that
TroublesomeFox21 chapter 3 . 2/15/2017
OMG I just died! That sarcasm. Oh my heck what was that? I cried. I love minato, I really do. But I can honestly see him saying that. Oh my heck, I usually wait to review until I read the whole story but man. That sarcasm...on point! :)
Guest chapter 18 . 2/2/2017
I despise this story. You are horrible at creating plot. Naruto is free. He can chose to not follow order. I am so pissed. You got me excited just to disapoint me. This type of story are the one I hate the most.
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