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Guest chapter 60 . 6/1
I love your story. It's really well written. I noticed that you hadn't updated I a while. Are you still working on this story?
Nalissa Patali chapter 60 . 4/20
I love you story but I don't know why it just ended.
MemorialFantasy chapter 60 . 7/8/2014
Hello! I don't often review, but I'll make an exception. I started reading this story shortly after you put it up. This, and Lily The Waitress are two of my Top Ten Fanfics of all time. Please update. This story is fantastic, and the thought you have put into the plot and character development is astounding. I beg of you, update.

Forever reading,

Guest chapter 60 . 2/23/2014
First i wanna say that im reading dis in 2014 and read all 60 chapters im sorry if i never reviewed before it was just too exciting and i just wanted to know wat happened next.
Wat i thought about snape is that i liked the fact that he rescued him. Im glad that frank and allice are getting engaged im soo sad that chris died i think that siri and marls suit each other and should stay together and have a son together i hope that james and lily will get their happy ending
It seems like u have given up on this story i dont want that to happen i hope u update soon coz i really wanna know what happens next plz update soon
LilyEvansxox chapter 1 . 7/3/2013
JadedLights07 chapter 60 . 6/28/2013
omg so amazing! i hope you update soon.. and btw, i am totally MarlenexSirius shipping atm, pleas make them last 3333
Member-of-the-SlugClub chapter 60 . 9/17/2012
Great Chapter! Update When you can!
ShiningBlue chapter 60 . 8/1/2012
Really, really liked your story!
It's well written and your're creative about the plot, a great story to read:)

(On a side note; bear in Swedish is "björn", "bära" is the verb of it. Nothing much but

Looking forward to an update!
ISSTIAUTNG chapter 60 . 7/17/2012
I believe Severus rescuing Lily was the only sensible escape for her. He was the only one who knew where she was, and cared about her. The consequences of his actions (the healer being killed in retribution) also makes sense. It was a dire situation with dire results.
Albus wanted to give Lily a sense of purpose to help her heal. Lily wouldn't want to lie/sit around until she was able to help the Order again, and working on her degree was something tangible for her to work on.
Raising a child together and depending on one another encourages emotional attachment, so it's logical for Sirius and Marlene to get together again. It could easily last, but it could crumble apart worse than before.
Frank wanted to reassure Alice that he is dedicated to her, and seeing her disappointment and despair over the jewelry box moved him to give her concrete evidence that he loves her. It makes sense for Frank and Alice to have the stability of marriage during these tumultuous times.
I believe Teddy is going through shock, as Lily described, but time will tell whether this is a permanent coping technique for him. Her capture certainly had an impact on his life.
Christopher was old, yes, but he died with pride, surrounded by those who he loved and who loved him. His family will miss him, but they've already had some time to come to grips with him leaving them.
I am enchanted by your story, and eagerly await the next chapter!
Ms.Snape1504 chapter 60 . 6/21/2012
About Severus' rescue, I think it was really sweet and reflected his inner soul which later on as in the books is shown to be protective of the only person he ever loved. And the fact that he got someone killed because of that, it isn't that shocking or new since that is Severus, he is a true slytherin. To do anything he can for the people he loves, even get rid of a life.

I didnt like Albus' decision of sending Lily away, as plain as that.

Sirius and Marlene are meant to be together, I hope you get them ,married in the end. :P

Frank and Alice are perfect. The proposal was too cute and I actually chuckled a bit too along with the surrounding aurors. ;)

I do not like Teddy's re appearance.

I cried at Christopher's death! Like really. It was so sad and i felt the pain!
Phantomfanatic chapter 54 . 5/19/2012
I love your story I really REALLY want you to update I've been hooked on it ever since I started reading it please update you haven't in like three months
Lioness Amythest chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
Sweet story :)
Alanna n' Jon 4ever chapter 60 . 4/18/2012
I absolutely loveee this fanfic, just found it again and read it for probably the third time all the way through. I need to read more! Any plans to update soon? (Pretty please with sprinkles on top?)
Demidovah chapter 60 . 4/8/2012
Just read the whole thing and now will post a review.

Overall, not bad. My biggest problem is that I find the characters EXTREMELY unrealistic, and find that a lot of the plot is, again, unrealistic (Lily being a supermagic Guardian who is in with the royal family and stays at buckingham palace is verrrrry unrealistic lol. I highly believe that Lily was just a very normal girl. Bright and kind, but mostly normal). BUT because this story is AU, I will chalk up the changes in character and plot to you simply taking liberties with them due to it being AU. I prefer that marauder stories stick to canon, but that's just a matter of preference so I will not pass judgment based on my personal preferences with stories. I do like the creativity I've seen throughout the story though, and I like that you have come up with more original ideas rather than the same old plots that continue to get used OVER and over...

I have noticed some occasional discrepancies regarding dates and time frames, which again, you might justify by saying it's AU.

Maybe once or twice per chapter I found a spelling or grammatical error, but they're rare enough that they didn't cause too much of a distraction for me. Things like mixing up Wreak and Wreck, or Peek and Peak.

There are some times when very important scenarios are written in a matter that seems a bit rushed, and then there are times when less important scenarios are a bit too drawn out. It would be great if you go back through and judge which sections are the most important, and try to lengthen them a bit. One of the biggest things I noticed is a lack of suspense. There are some places where adding in just a little bit of suspense would REALLLY boost the overall mood. Don't rush through those dramatic bits!

I do have to say I was disappointed when I saw the chapter where you complained that you were not getting enough reviews and threatened not to post the next chapter for months unless you got a certain amount of reviews. Asking for reviews in a more discreet and nice way would be OK, but the way you complained was a bit like a petulant child... and then in the next chapter where you said that the people who DIDN'T review were lucky that the other 15 people DID review, I found that a bit childish as well. Honestly, I think YOU are lucky that you got the reviews. Had you not gotten the reviews, and then not posted the next chapter for several months, you would have lost readers. People would've stopped following your story. People would have started to forget about the plot, and start to stop caring. I know that when I see massive amounts of time where a story isn't updated that I start to lose interest, and if I start to forget what was even going on in that story, I'll probably just remove it from my stories list. So, I'm not trying to be mean but I'm hoping that you realize that you could very easily LOSE readers if you start complaining about lack of reviews and threatening not to post. Be kinder to your readers. Even the ones who don't leave reviews. Besides, you have over 1000 reviews so I don't think you had anything to worry about )

In any case, I look forward to seeing reading the next update!
OfUnendingDreams chapter 60 . 4/5/2012
Omigosh. Oh my gosh. This is like, one of the awesomest stories I've ever read! The characters are well-developed, the plot line is complex, and the writing style and technique is amazing!

I've never really imagined what is must've been like for Severus, watching Lily withJames...but you've done it!

Please update soooooonn!
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