Reviews for Remade
Robert Richards1 chapter 39 . 5/27
it's kinda funny that leia says there's to much pain yet she has no idea the pain anakin has dealt his whole life which is about 5x worse than her's cause he's had to suffer through everything he's done and been put through in his life
Natosi Pranja chapter 108 . 3/7/2023
I love this story so so much! Best ending and balancing act (for not only Ani but Padmé, Luke, Leia, Jedi, Rebels, and Empire—institutions and individuals at odds all have good reasons for their philosophies but the key is to find a balance between all extremes). Best I’ve seen thus far! Thank you.
Neroscurse chapter 108 . 8/23/2022
Such a fun story to read, thanks for posting it! Been an enjoyable week reading it.
JackRussell.Lover chapter 1 . 5/3/2022
Oops, that last comment was a complete accident, but good story!
JackRussell.Lover chapter 8 . 5/3/2022
Sssssz sszszszszs
Rairi Valelira chapter 108 . 2/4/2022
This was fun
Rairi Valelira chapter 54 . 2/4/2022
"its not so easy, nobody can possibly understand me and my suffering!" -leah, and every other kid that experiences anything slightly traumatic.
MandoWalker chapter 30 . 7/19/2021
I’m mean that’s debatable, in the fight it would have been better that Luke wasn’t there
hc94436 chapter 108 . 4/5/2021
I love this story!
Guest chapter 26 . 3/4/2021
I can't believe Leia is being fooled by Palpatine.
Does she not remember Vader said he thinks that Padme is still alive?
Guest chapter 25 . 3/4/2021
On no Palpatine has Padme, hurry anakin.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/4/2021
I really like the way luke is handling this. I would want answers too.
Guest chapter 18 . 3/4/2021
Ok I know Leia is going though a hard time right now. However it is getting a little annoying that she keeps blaming Vader for Alderaan when she is more to blame than he is. Vader didn't care for the millions of lives lost? Fair enough. But Leia didn't care either. Maybe she should do some reflecting I hope she does later on.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/4/2021
Very nice really got the sense of the conflict going on with the twins. It really must be hard going through this but at least they have each other.
I know they do not know this yet but really can't blame Vader for killing obi-wan after what obi-wan did to him.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/4/2021
I really like Piett in this.
Also I never really understood why Leia hates Vader for what happen to her home planet. After all she had more of a hand in it than Vader ever did. So why not hate herself too? Just seems a bit unfair to me. Tho she can still hate him for other things he has done of course.
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