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Lily of the Shadow chapter 2 . 9/3/2012
I rather like this so far. I look forward to seeing how you develop it, I'm sure it will be brilliant. Also, while I know some people will appreciate the explanations provided, I'm of the opinion that a fanfiction author is under no obligation to explain themselves with regards to which "canon" they are observing. If you tire of such authors notes, I'm sure few people will begrudge saving you the typing. Questions are what this handy review feature was made for ;) Anyway, again, I am intrigued by what you have so far, and I eagerly await the next chapter.
Ivory chapter 2 . 7/6/2011
Update! Pleeeeeeease!
Ice's butterfly's chapter 2 . 6/11/2010

I am totally captivated by this story. For starters, I love the couple, seeing the Hostshipping fandom was that I found. And I have to say, damn, I loved! I love how plasmas "what would have happened" if Yugi had not won the duel. The descriptions are very good, the whole fic is very well maintained and detailed, and the story has intrigue and is very intense, apart

has maintained that the characters wonderfully. I really liked how you have made Anzu, I think the very human portrait ;D

Mulanzu chapter 2 . 7/23/2009
You should um seriously continue dis!

Its so good :O

But u havent updated in forever :(
TripleBaconBurger chapter 2 . 9/19/2007
Hey awesome story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter.

x3MooSiCDoRKx3 chapter 2 . 8/24/2007

you MUST continue it, please please please please PLEASE!
the hotness chapter 1 . 4/24/2007
omg, I like this, I really, really like this, and I hate that couple, and I hate pegasus, but I really, really, like this. _, okay, that being said, I have some questions. What about Yami Bakura, will he be doing most of the heroing, or will it be the real bakura, and if Yami Bakura is the one doing the heroing, wouldn't Anzu fall for him? Just wondering...also what about Kaiba, Pegasus said he wanted his knowledge, so will he like a mind slave, without any free will, who like tries to go after them, will Pegasus use the fact that he can control people in that state against Bakura and Anzu, after all they can't hurt their friends, or can Kaiba would be a scary opponent working for pegasus, with or without free will, since Pegasus has his brother, he wouldn't stop, he'd be like freaking Will they ever get the souls back after all Yuugi, Yami Yugi, Jyonouchi (btw did you know it can be spelled that way, with a y?) Mokuba, Grandpa and Kaiba aren't dead, they're just trapped in the card, will you show what's happening to them in that realm, like in the manga, when Yami imprisoned Kaiba in the card, and it showed how he felt like he was dying, being killed by duel monsters? Lol, so many questions...prolly annoying. Anywho, like i said good job, one thing though, you said loose, not lose, and can you put cyndia into the fic? That was Pegasus's whole purpose wasn't it? Good job, and what about Mai she was wandering around the island trying to find a way back home in the Manga, and ended up hitching a ride with the others, so will they run into her?
Setalina Muro chapter 2 . 4/23/2007
Ah. Yes. I was very excited to see this updated before I left for my Vegas trip. (as you can obviously tell, I'm back now. XD)

*smacks Anz* that's not like you Apricot-san. Stop being so cold! the little british boy was selfish. but all brits are. I mean have you 'seen' the level of preservation they go to in 'V for Vendetta' or the extent they went to to not lose the colonies? feh...

I feel bad for Ryou and sad that Anzu's mind has unhinged itself.

“we have a situation…” Well DUH! Your sadistic Pegasus makes me giggle though. I *heart* him. Although I do really wish we could have seen what he did to that gaurd...heh.

I liked that flash into Yami no Bakura's mind. It was very neat. I loved the way you described the soul door and such. Bravo!

Anyway, marvelous chapter as always. Sorry the reply was a bit late, but alas is the way of the world. XD


P.S. So I was wondering around on your website today (you really should re-link that to your profile, by the way) and i found the most hilarious thing. In your fanfiction section, you incorporated reviews into the end of 'Before RA Project'. Now, it must have been an old review because I barely remember that dream and when I read that it made me laugh SO hard. you have, like, no idea. Anyway, I'm going to be off to work on 'Blood Canvas'...again...*blows hair out of her face* here we go.
Chi Yagami chapter 2 . 4/20/2007

*sniff* stupid Anzu, making Ryou feel worse than ever!

and I don't necessarily think Anzu would've reacted like that right away...
Spirit of The Gauntlets chapter 2 . 4/16/2007
Aw...poor Ryou. T_T Thanks for the update - it's been ages since this fic got attention. (I hear you about the college business, believe me. I'm getting a watered-down version myself both next year and this year.) Hang tough, Yamiko, things will get easier once you get stable ground under you. Later. _~
Anesha chapter 2 . 4/16/2007
This is the first time I read this story and although I'm not a huge Anzu fan, I do like her in this story. She seems more real and less like friendship girl. You don't see many Anzu/Ryou pairings so I'm curious to see how this one will turn out. I love your writing style, you write their emotions so well, you can feel them while reading. I don't know what else to say but to say that I will be definitly waiting for the next update, no matter how long it will take.
LoneGothic-lazy-to-log-in chapter 2 . 4/15/2007
Hey, you did update after all~

Well. There's a new chapter. Happy days! (although my interest in YGO diminished a... little...)

I think I probably liked this chapter better than the last, mostly as the plot moved forward, but it was nice to see exactly what Yami no Bakura thought about all of this. Especially once the whole foundations of Ryou's mind was shaking and about to collapse. Nice description of the door to his soul room too, and it's very understandable why Ryou would never... ever... go inside there. :)

At this point, Jou and Yuugi are doomed aren't they?

I know you're doing this in the grand scheme of Battle Royale (island, schoolchildren, MASSACRE! ... I mean, bloodshed.) but somehow there being a few guards and two protagonists (that are still moving and living) dulls things down a bit. However, Anzu separating herself from Ryou - and that scene was good too - was probably for the better, because a) she's angry and b) they have to survive by themselves, up until they find each other again. (They... will, won't they? ;_;)

Hee. Thank you~ Good chapter. _
LadyKatherine29 chapter 1 . 12/1/2006
Just brillant work. I've never seen anyone do a AU version of this part of yugioh. This was very well done. Great plot, excellent flow and a brillant idea. Wonder if Yami Bakura will bring out another man eater bug? I'm on pins and needles. This was really brillant. Least Honda didn't lose his soul into a freaking card. Pegasus has got some major pay back a coming. I can hardly wait to see just how this all plays out.
Chi Yagami chapter 1 . 9/19/2006
I hope you continue this story _ yours are always really good and wellwritten. poor Yugi, Honda, and Jou T-T sniff. and even though Ryou and Anzu managed to escape, evil Bakura's going with them! -_- will the danger never end?

ja ne
Setalina Muro chapter 1 . 7/31/2006
Hm. Positivily dark, this one.

You know, when you said character death, I automatically assumed Honda (cause, really, who cares about Honda?) and I started laughing. I laughed still when he actually died, then I felt bad. XD

Anyway, this looks promising, I think. I might have to continue to read it. lol (no, kidding. I definatly will read it) But I do hope that they get out 'alive' at least.

Anyway, so now that you've posed requests for chapters, I want to see the next chapter of Quondam Paradox, dammit! Its number eighteen on your list, Yamiko! (piles on the guilt. mwha) Of course, any thing from you would be lovly. Hope to see something soon (I will get FML done, I swear. right now, if i don't stop writing or split this chapter in half, I have twenty pages to type *dies* and I feel as if I'm speaking in a Pegasus manner, so I might have to go work on 'ARAoK' or something.)

At anywayrate, good night to you Yamiko. Tons of love!

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