Reviews for It's Not All Right, But It's Okay
I Be Sporks chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
Heh. For some reason, I found the "Thank you, JESUS" line kind of hilarious. Eddie, you are a perv.
Rose and Eddie have been my favorite characters since the first Teen Titans comic I picked up at the library at age ten-Eddie because he's Eddie, and Rose because...I don't actually know. Because she's baddass? Anyway, this seemed pretty in-character, and the observations of Rose seemed very true. There aren't nearly enough fics for these two and I really like this one. Four stars, A plus, all that.
Hope to read more of your stuff soon!
Peace off!
lifeisabook chapter 1 . 12/10/2011
Well. . . Eh. It's kind of like the name of the story. Okay. Not great, but pretty good. It's got some good themes, if a bit overused. It would be better if the bold words were italicized instead. There're some pretty bad grammar and spelling mistakes, but not too terrible. It would be a really good idea to get a beta. Eddie was very IC. Good job with that part. I liked that Eddie didn't know about Rose's thing for Bart. Good nuance. Could use improvement, but good job.

EmilyTheCutestEvilDeadGirl chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
Great story!
Green Gallant chapter 1 . 9/24/2008
Good story dude, this is the first time I've actually reviewed an Eddie/Rose story. There really needs to be more of them. I might have to start doing some if necessary. There's just so much to love about this couple, I dont know where to start. And you put together several good reasons yourself. I really love thier dynamic. I always felt it was one-sided though, because she doesnt seem to show any obvious signs like Eddie does. But I like what you did here. I couldnt tell if she was kissing Robin or if it was Kid Devil. Safe to say I know who it is now. I really do wish for these two to be together, you can tell they need each other. And mean alot to one another, and I can just tell that it's an honest love. All right, now I'm getting all sappy. XD But seriously good fic. There really needs to be more Ed/Rose fics. D
Saikyo-Master chapter 1 . 2/5/2008
Oh, I liked the story. Eddie's quickly growing into one of my favorite characters, and Rose is always fun to examine.
kansi-a-lari chapter 1 . 7/28/2006
I love your story!