Reviews for Beautiful Darling: The Lum Chronicles
Scarlet.Nina chapter 1 . 12/20/2010
This is a great story! I love what I have read of it so far, your writing style is wonderful, I just hate that it took me so long to find a story like this! Good job combining the stories into a wonderful plot!
The Mad shoe1 chapter 24 . 2/15/2010
A truley awsome crossover fic, great work!
redskyy chapter 12 . 5/3/2009
Since reaching the halfway point, I wanted to leave a review of things thus far. I'm very impressed still how well you managed to characterize and mesh each of the three universes together. You blended together a storyline that makes sense, with each universe fitting in without feeling out of place. Maison Ikkoku would be the hardest, but they've been understandably more in the background until recently. With the recent information about Soichiro's mysterious background and Godai's abnormal power, I'm very intrigued by what happens in that part of the story.

I also like how you have handled the various relationships. I'm glad you chose not to include Kagome, as that would complicate things even further. I've always Miroku and Sango, with the dynamic with similar characters like him and Ataru fun to see. Everyone is how they should act, and I like that. With Maison Ikkokku being my favorite story of Rumiko Takahashi, of course I like seeing Kyoko and Godai. I wouldn't mind you see doing one of just MI in the future, as there's a terrible shortage of fanfiction in that category anywhere.

The development of the plot is well-paced, as well as the revealing of important information like the time rifts, Reverse World, and the power behind Soichiro and how it could possibly relate to Godai.

As a side note, you should integrate this story into the new crossovers section. It should boost visibility of this great story and would be seen in all three categories. Can't wait to read the second half.
redskyy chapter 1 . 5/1/2009
I don't usually read crossovers, but this is shaping up to be pretty epic. You combined each series very well so far and have the characterizations down pat. I'm particularly looking forward to what happens with Kyoko and Godai in the bigger story. Looking forward to reading the rest.
jalp-MI chapter 24 . 4/28/2009
Thank you! (And I'm sorry for being so pushy/picky/grumpy.)

I'm new enough at this that I want to try to be extra-careful

not to spoil anything for anyone who is yet to come and enjoy

the whole saga. But I can say those last two chapters - the

ones I found myself left hanging, and waiting, for - were a

worthy finish.

As you might guess from my limited history here, my fan-ness

is most oriented towards Maison Ikkoku. So my comments will

be, too. Bringing Kyôko and Yusaku into the situation meant

giving them different - and separate - backstories. That,

in turn, meant they hadn't met at all before this story. In

fact, none of the characters from "Sôichirô's world" had met

their partners as we know them from the more familiar "Rumic

Universe" until they came to (dare I say it?) "Rumi World".

But this may affect Kyôko and Yusaku the most:

* Sôichirô passed on several years before this story,

so Kyôko has had some time to adjust to his death.

Then too, discovering he had another life could be

the kind of jolt that opened her eyes to someone

else appearing in her life. . . .

* Yûsaku managed to get into and through university,

and even to get a full-time teacher's job . . .

possibly without being a ronin either way. And

without either support from Kyôko or the goal of

becoming worthy of her. That might not have been

believable, except that he was also "without" the

interference of the Ikkookoos - since they were

all on Rumi!

* Come to think of it, not having to try to manage

(or superintend) the Ikkookoos would also let

Kyôko live a more relaxed life.

* On the other hand, was having to fight the Ikkookoos

off really good character-building exercise for

Yûsaku? Was the lack of that exercise part of why

that famous two-year difference in ages seemed

more pronounced in this story? Because he hasn't

had to push himself to overcome really big problems?

* On the third hand, is that safe/boring life in Tôkyô

going to continue? Or will being linked to the

future adventures (okay, I'll stop saying that!)

of Shinobu and Kagome be an equivalent trial for

Yûsaku and Kyôko to survive - more literally so -

as a basis for developing their relationship?

It might be interesting to think about how a Kyôko and Yûsaku

who had "only just begun to live" their lives knowing about

each other after this saga - and several years of separate

existence before that - might come together. It might not

take *quite* as many chapters or episodes for them to 'fess

up. (If nothing else, this Yûsaku has probably had to learn

to hang onto his pay envelopes! . . . see the manga, Volume 9

of the tankobon, Part 9 - one of the best "false cadences"

I've ever seen not written in music.)

Anyway, thank you again. It was worth taking time out from

working on my personal challenge to translate all the hidden

puns in Maison Ikkoku and turn the series into the real-life

complement to the "Comic-Book Introduction to the Japanese

Economy" that was so popular in the US for a panicked while.

And from my occasional ponderings about who's going to sing

what next in the next episode of the "Maison Ikkaraoke" line

of stories that SangoKagome started with "My Shiny Teeth and

Me" and I tried to add to with "Find Your Voice". And that

new Takahashi series _RIN-NE_.

Oh, and other less important things like sleep and jobs. . . . :]
jalp-MI chapter 22 . 4/28/2009
My review - for now - is short:


I stayed up until 3am reading 22 chapters -

expecting to see 24. (Well, you *said* you'd

finished the story! . . .)

So you can tell that you held my interest . . .

and you did a nice job of blending characters,

each set starting as they were from their well-

known and not-easily-made-compatible situations.

But you may also guess that I'm feeling a bit

frustrated, too. So I hope you understand that

I can't do any better than this towards a "well-

rounded critique" until you answer a question:

*HOW SOON* for the last two chapters? :]
Random Stranger chapter 13 . 9/23/2008
I really enjoy this fanfiction since I recently finished Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku. It would be lovely if there is more crossover like this since they are great mangas.

Though the story isn't getting much reviews because not alot of people seen Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku, it's pretty good. It was kind of cruel to leave a cliffhanger when you've already finished the story. It makes me want to write my own crossover (with Ranma 1/2) and hopefully finish it with the satisfying taste like yours.

I don't have much to critize your work since I probably forgotten about them. But keep up the good work and hopefully you can manage to finish this story.
Mink chapter 10 . 1/14/2007
Well, your fic is interestingly different to say the least. I must say I sometimes find it a bit hard to follow, but that is probably because I'm not very familiar with Urusei Yatsura (I found this fic purely by accident...) and there are so many characters it's sometimes hard to keep track of them. It's impressive that you've had the motivation to continue even without reviews, so best of luck _ Even if I don't review again I'll be sure to read the fic 'till the end.
ILuvstaread chapter 1 . 8/14/2006
Hey I think it is really cool how you try to incorporate other works of Rumiko Takahasi into this one piece! Also, I wonder why there is no Ranma 1/2? Oh well, hope you update soon!