Reviews for She Walks in Beauty
duke15tam chapter 30 . 10/12
This story is...something else...I loved it. Phenomenal.
ManhuaVocaloidPrincessDoll chapter 1 . 9/21
I remember back when this story was still updating and back then I haven't made an fan fiction account this was one of my favorite hades and persephone stories on fan fiction. It still is one of my favorites today I wish there were more or at least a little more chapters on this story but I can understand if you wanted to end it though :). I do hope you continue making greek mythology stories in the future as I really love your writing style and storyline . I also will continue re-read this story over and over again probably a billion times as this is one of my favorites and thank you so much for uploading this on to fan fiction as well .
Y. X chapter 29 . 8/18
Love the feminism! All I was screaming in my heart was, "You go girl!"! You see, in many novels and fan fictions, one side of the romance is always submissive to the other. In this, Perse really learned to get what she wanted and deserved to be treated as an equal! I always hate it when (often) the male does not let the female do anything but to be smitten by his fondness and charisma. It really touched my heart when Perse would care more about being equal and having her voice than to just sink into Hades' love and be known as "Hades' Wife". Thank you very much, haven't read anything like this in a LONG time!
aamlkb chapter 30 . 6/10
I really like this.
aamlkb chapter 29 . 6/10
Too bad she has to go back
aamlkb chapter 28 . 6/10
Nyx is sneaky
aamlkb chapter 26 . 6/10
aamlkb chapter 25 . 6/10
Thank goodness a happy ending. Why didn't she get any powers when she became queen. Like being able to enter and exit the Underworld.
aamlkb chapter 24 . 6/10
aamlkb chapter 21 . 6/10
God she annoys me. I hate Demeter
aamlkb chapter 18 . 6/10
It wasn't wise to not hear him out
aamlkb chapter 17 . 6/10
Poor thing.
aamlkb chapter 15 . 6/10
I thought she was aware that she had to eat the fruit?
aamlkb chapter 14 . 6/10
I hope this ends well.
aamlkb chapter 12 . 6/10
How sad.
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