Reviews for Souls Disappear in the Snow
camillian chapter 11 . 10/29/2010
i've read this story elsewhere a long time ago, but only stopped at the part where quatre was first seen declaring that he did not want to be touched at all by trowa anymore. i found this story here and was eager to see how much i had missed out. first of all, you're a great writer. this story was as memorable for me back then and i always wanted to find it again to reread it because of the suspense, twists, and sinister ways cabin fever can change a person even as tough as the gundam pilots. i'm sad to see that this story isn't finished, but by having this story here you made my day because at least i know a more complete version. if you ever finish it, i'm the first in line to read!
Gia chapter 11 . 3/25/2010
Read this story and was entranced...a wonderful writer you are is a shame this story seems to be abandoned...wish you would continue...
HOly chapter 1 . 7/27/2007
A friend of mine recommended me to read this story and I'm just blown away man, it's so awesome that the word awesome doesn't even describe it dude. YOU are a GOOD writer :D

anywho I'm done simpering, love the story tho
Janney chapter 11 . 7/20/2007
Wow the suspense is so well written, you're a really great molder of tension. Your narration of Wufei molds perfectly into the story, and the faults of his character is so real. Like the fact that if he could just step outside his own prejudice the situation would be a whole lot different. Anywho, this story is probably long abandoned, but I just have to say i really enjoyed reading it, and it seems like a shame to just let it go.

And don't you think this would make an awesome movie?
the littlest hobbit chapter 11 . 4/18/2006
Wow, I really love this story. It reminds me in some ways of "The Yellow Wallpaper," not a fanfic, a short story about a woman trapped in a room, going crazy...explaining it wil make it sound stupid but if you haven't read it I highly suggest it. Anyway, this is really facinating. Some of the stuff I don't understand though. Why is Quatre willing to be alone with Trowa if he is afraid of him? But this story is really good. And kind of haunting. I hope the next update is soon.
Mistress Nika chapter 1 . 11/14/2004
I love this fic. It's on my favorites. I would add it to my C2 group, but it's R. I really wish you would update. *huggles you and hands you cookies and hot cocoa with big fluffy marshmallows* Please?
D.A chapter 9 . 10/13/2003
More MORE!

this fic is so god!

please update soon...

you kind of took years to update... ( these last two chapters )

Just like Rolie said... I think you deserve more I dont think... you DESERVE more reviewers...

but please update drives us readers crazy when we have to wait for a long time...
Rolie chapter 9 . 9/3/2003
I love this story. Keep up the good work.
Rolie chapter 8 . 9/3/2003
I really like this story. I think you deserve more reviews.
Joon and Poe chapter 6 . 8/9/2003
love it! can't wait for more!
D.A chapter 6 . 3/20/2003
Oh my god! I LOVE THIS STORY! IT'S AWESOME AND SO WELLWRITTEN! I LOVE THE PLOT AND JUST EVERYTHING...but there's one thing that I dont like...I was kinda hoping that you wouldn't make it a deathfic,since I dont deal with them that good...I get depressed and such..but you've decided,right? and it's definitely going to be a deathfic..But even If I wanted to stop reading it now I CANT! I just have to know...therefor now im just hoping it wont be duo nor heero...They're my favorite... _ or wufei, GOD None OF THEM...

well.. you'll still do it ne? hopefully not of these two though...

anyway I LOVE your story and cant wait till the next chapter is up!
Kururu chapter 5 . 9/7/2002
I just realized this story is also into the supernatural category and it gave me a few ideas: What if that crappy old map they found wasnt exactly a map of Earth? What if that house isn't part of this dimension? *hums The Twilight Zone theme song* Just some food for thought...

...and that's what happens to people after finishing their tenth cup of coffee and an 2 essays on Karl Marx... *sighs*
Kururu chapter 6 . 9/7/2002
Hi there! Umm... I actually started reading this fic today and I have to tell ya': It's spooking the hell out of me! (Hey! I'm stuck home alone in the middle of a dark, cold and rainy day... talk about mood enhancing climate *grumbles*).

I love the way you manage to rise the tension to a higher level with each chapter without killing the atmpsohere... but come on man! Be nice onegai! Have mercy on the guys, Duos "little" outbursts already tell us a bit about the general state of mind inside the house, and if it goes on like this I can't figure for the life of me how are you gonna be able to fit a lemon here (you haven't given up on that idea yet, right?).

The plot seems well planned and characterization is ok (Trowa and Quatre fighting didn't seem so plausible at first, but hey! they're stranded in the middle of nowhere with not much hope... I guess it's expected) Suspense is definitelly your strong point.

Well, I guess that's about it (so much for me not having much to say... -_-;;). Have fun writing and please, please, please keep up the great work.

And now, a word from our sponsors:

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Duo: Now Hee-chan, *points UZI at masamune*, don't worry, she will be nicer to us, RIGHT?
Kairu chapter 6 . 9/7/2002
I promised to review! I like the adventure of the story, and the mystery, though they don't really seem to be getting anywhere currently. I suppose the house itself is the cause for the behavior changes. I hope we find out the cause for it all soon!
Eliza Blaine chapter 5 . 8/28/2002
Wow! Read the prologue to this at gwaddiction. Just happened to be browsing in here and your name caught my eye.

I like, now where's the rest of it? Come on, don't leave me hangin like this.
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