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Ashlee chapter 3 . 2/26/2013
Chance and Jake looked at each other then they looked over at Allie.
“I think she should know our secret, “Jake said.
“I’m sure we can trust her, “Chance said.
“What secret? Allie asked.
“Allie come with us, “Jake said.
Chance and Jake led Allie down to the hanger. Allie was really surprised by what she saw.
“This place is so cool, “Allie said.
“Allie, we want to let you know that our secret needs to stay hidden so will you promise us that you’ll keep it a secret? Chance asked.
“I promise, “Allie said.
“Alright then well Jake and I are the swat kats named T-Bone and Razor, “Chance said.
Jake handed Allie, her mask and flight suit.
“So what's your name going to be now that you’re a Swat Kat? Chance asked.
“Flame, “Allie said.
“Welcome to the team Flame, “Chance and Jake said at the same time.
Ashlee Bennett chapter 1 . 2/26/2013
The New Swat Kat (By Ashlee Bennett) [2-26-13]
One day in Mega Kat City Allie Catnip was at the hospital sitting on a chair. She just heard a code blue and knew that something was wrong. Just then a doctor came out of the room and he saw down next to Allie.
“Doctor will my parents be ok? Allie asked and the doctor looked at her.
“I’m sorry but your parents didn’t make it, “The doctor said.
“What their gone who is going to take care of me and I don’t have any other family, “Allie said.
“I’ll call a taxi and they will take you to the salvage yard. “The doctor said.
Allie nodded and went to the counter and he called a taxi to pick up Allie from the hospital.
*At the salvage yard*
Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson were in the garage when another taxi pulled up. Chance looked at the car.
A young, beautiful she-kat stepped out. Chance's jaw hit the floor, he was totally spaced out.
“Chance! Yelled a voice from out under the car.
It was Jake shouting at him. Chance finally looked at Jake.
“Chance I asked for One and a half not One and One forth. “Jake said.
“Sorry Jake we have company, “Chance said.
Jake looked at Chance then went back under the car. The she-kat walked up to Chance.
“Hi my name is Allie Catnip, “Allie said.
“My name is Chance Furlong, “Chance said then he pulled Jake from under the car. “And this is my best friend Jake Clawson. “
Jake looked up then he saw tears coming down Allie’s face.
“What’s the matter? Jake asked.
“Jake, my mom and dad are dead, “Allie said as she started to cry.
Allie and Jake walked inside. And Chance followed them.
Jake and Allie were sitting on the couch. Chance walked over and sat next to Jake.
“Chance and Jake I don't have anymore family, “Allie cried.
“Allie you still have family, “Jake said.
“Allie you can live here at the salvage yard with us, “Chance said.
“Really? Allie asked.
If it's alright with Jake, “Chance said.
“Yeah it’s okay with me, “Jake said.
Jenny jumped up onto Chance and hugged him.
“Thank you guys, “Allie said as she hugged Chance.
An hour later Chance and Jake were watching the news on TV. Allie was looking around her new home. Just then she saw a trap door and looked over in the living area.
“Chance and Jake what is this trap door? Allie asked.
new swat kat chapter 4 chapter 1 . 11/22/2010
Jenny was helping Chance and Jake in the garage. Aleewood was sitting on the couch she told them that she'll have a break.

while Aleewood was watching TV the news appered. Aleewood stared at the screen.

This is Ann Gora with kats eye news with me today are two kats

A male kat and she-kat their about in their 60 or 70 anyway their looking for their two grate-granddaughters their names are

Aleewood and Jenny Tintail they are some wear in the city being taken care ofter of all of these years now how about we listen to them to see if they have any thing to say Ann said.

do you have any thing to say? Ann asked the two kats.

yes me and my husband hadn't seen our grate-granddaughters Aleeewood and Jenny for about 15 years well that was Aleewood and Jenny had gone missing for the last couple of weeks the she-kat said.

once we find them they come live with us the kat replied.

Ann turned back to the camera well everyone they will be looking for their grate-granddaughters so hope-fuly they have luck this is Ann Gora with kats-eye-news singing off Ann said. Aleewood turned off the TV and took deep breaths.

she ran to the garage. Chance, Jake, Jenny! Aleewood cried.

what is it Aleewood? Chance asked.

mine and Jenny's grate-grandparents are comeing for us Aleewood said.

well we'll see how long till they find us Jenny added.
new swatkat chapter 4 chapter 1 . 11/15/2010
later that day Jenny was helping Aleewood cook.

while Chance and Jake were working on her room.

so Jenny are you happy that you'll be living in a garage? Aleewood asked. Jenny looked at her.

yes I always wanted to live in a garage I even tried to live in our garage back home Jenny said.

Aleewood and Jenny laughed then Chance and Jake walked into the kitchen.

Jenny do you want to see your new room? Jake asked

of course I do Jake, Jenny said.

so Chance, Jake, Jenny, and Aleewood walked upstairs.

soon they stopped by a door. go right on in Jenny, said Chance.

so Jenny opened the door and walked into the room. there was a bed, a closet, a desk and drower, a book shelf, and a table with a tamp on it.

how do you like your new room? Aleewood asked.

it's alwsome it's more fun then my old room and these past couple of weeks I just had been sleeping on the couch Jenny said.

Chance, Jake, and Aleewood looked at each other then started to laugh then they headed to the kitchen for dinner.
a new she-kat chapter 1 . 11/11/2010
a Razorslove story how did Chance and Jake met Aleewood
Guest chapter 1 . 11/11/2010
is there more chapters for new swat kat
Guest chapter 2 . 11/11/2010

can you please show me if there is any new ones of your stories.

Ashlee Bennett
Cody Furlong chapter 3 . 10/17/2008
It's good, I'll have to see how four Swat Ktas will work out.
Smeesnoops chapter 3 . 7/30/2006
Cool Jenny's a SWAT Kat! Can't to see how Klaws help the team!
Smeesnoops chapter 2 . 7/29/2006
Trouble for Jenny and the three SWAT Kats. Please update soon.
Smeesnoops chapter 1 . 7/28/2006
That's sad. I'm glad to see another story with Aleewood. Please continue!