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Augusto Schmidt chapter 10 . 4/22/2014
"Our position now became pretty hopeless, the Germans relentlessly fighting their way up the slopes and steadily closing in to gain a firm footing once again on the mountaintop. The order to fix bayonets was passed around and we expected at any moment to hear the command to charge, which would start the shouts of “Wahoo Mohammed”, the battle cry adopted by the parachute troops which was to strike terror and dismay into the hearts of the enemy long before the campaign was over. The idea of the call came from the lads imitating the Arabs, who used to shout “Wahoo Mohammed” to their donkeys when urging their animals into action."

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Julia chapter 15 . 9/2/2013
Fantastic, brilliant, excellent, outstanding, just perfect! I love Webgott forever and have read all the fics I could get my hands on and I can honestly say that this might be my absolute favourite piece for Webgott so far (as well as in the BoB fandom and fanfiction in general). The characters all felt spot-on (major as well as minor) and I adore the way that fiction were blended with facts from the real story of E Company described in Ambrose's book and portrayed by HBO. There is also a great blend of dialogue and stream of consciousness, which along with the lenght of the story really enables you as a reader to get inside the characters mind and feel for them. I absolutely love this with all my heart, every word of it. If there were some kind of fanfiction prize out there I wish I could have given it to you for your devotion and good work! I also wished that there would have been some kind of ending, but I am still very grateful for the story it as it is. Thank you so much for writing it. Currahee!
Delmo chapter 15 . 8/4/2013
Don't we ever gået the next chapter? I really like this story and would be sorry if i weren't able to finish it :)
Carlough chapter 15 . 1/5/2013
Okay, it kind of breaks my hear that this story won't ever be finished. I spent the majority of the story silently praying that it was just one of those that never got marked as "complete" because I knew I'd be upset to see it end without a real ending. And you were so close! And with Lieb's plans for the future not including Web, and the fact that the real Web died at sea (I was kind of hoping to see Lieb's reaction to that...), well, there was just so much that could have happened next in this story that my mind can't quite supply what the ending would ever be. It's just that good.

I absolutely love the work you did to fit in actual historical details here. It not only contributed as a reminder that these were real things going on, but it was pretty nice to check out the footnotes and see that some of the funnier/odder things actually did happen.

And of course, the fact that this is the longest, most well-thought-out Webgott story I've ever seen kind of helps things. Basically, my favorite Band of Brothers fic ever, and I doubt I'll ever get over it not being finished. But alas, I'll learn to deal. Thank you for writing as much as you have; it was all fantastic.
ChastityHope13 chapter 15 . 11/24/2012
This was really well written! I thought it was so sweet how when each man was hurting, tge other wiuld be there for him, to comfort him. This was just a really great story as a whole... Im not sure if you have finished it or not, but i hope you can complete it! Thanks for this story(:
NightSky213 chapter 15 . 6/21/2012
I really can't believe you made this in 2006 and then only updated until 2006... I wish it was still then because I LOVE this story. I was really hoping that it was one of the newer ones, because then you still would be updating. I'm really addicted to this story and when I saw...this was the end I was really sad and upset. I'm not gonna really blame you or anything cause something could have came up, your busy, orrrrr you forgot(I do that a lot). Well I hope you get to read this comment if your ever online : D Please if your here, continue this story 33
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 11 . 11/28/2010
This espisode was one of my favourites *_* It was so sad... And I live in Belgium, so it even more touched me...

The scenes where Webster tries to escape from the hospital was really great ! Specially the one with "the gasoline" xD

And the moment with Babe and Liebgott was... Wonderful *_* Poor Lieb'... Y.Y Babe was really great ! X3

I miss so much Toye and Guarnere... Y.Y

I loved this chapter X3 Thank you very much ! *_*
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 10 . 11/21/2010
Wonderful ! X3

The scene with the apple was perfect xD Poor Webster xD Liebgott is excellent *.* I loved it X3

I admire Roe... *_* To be a medic... It would be so difficult...

It was awesome, when Webster think it's Liebgott who is hurt... I had a knot in my stomach, even if I knew it wasn't him... Thank you for the note about Alley, I couldn't remember if he made it It was stressful Y.Y

No... Y.Y Webster is hurt... Y.Y I don't want him to leave the Company and Liebgott Y.Y I was almost crying during this moment...

The last scene, with Liebgott's thoughts, was awesome *_* I loved it X3 Specially when he "says" why he sneer him Y.Y *.*

It was really great ! X3 And Wester doesn't look a girl, like you said, he was hurt, tired and drugged, so it was normal

Thank you for this wonderful and amazing story X33
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 9 . 11/21/2010
Wonderful ! X3

Like in the show, the scene with the kid was... So cute *_* And, in fact, it's better than in the show, because Liebgott saw the exchange X33 xD

Your descriptions of the attack was awesome ! *.* Poor Van Klinken and Randleman Y.Y During the show, I was so happy when they found him X3 And the end, with Liebgott who said "Welcome back, you idiot" was perfect ! X33 *.*
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 8 . 11/21/2010
Aww *_* The beginning was beautiful *_* And the scene with Gordon's poem was excellent xDD

I loved when Liebgott says "Don't do anything stupid" X3 *.*

I wanted to write a fic "Webgott", but now... I don't know... Doubtless... I'll write it all the same, but it will seem to me inferior, compared with yours xDDD

Thank you for this wonderful stroy X33
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 7 . 11/21/2010
I loved this chapter too X33 *_* I was so sad, when Lipton, Tipper and Webster were hurt... Y.Y I say again : I can't stop reading your story ! *_* I'm totally addicted *_*

Thank you very much X3
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 6 . 11/21/2010
Really great ! Amazing ! *_* I love your descriptions X3 I couldn't stop reading xDD It was awesome *_* And it was so cute, when Liebgott or Webster were worried about what could happen to the other *_*

I admire every member of Easy Company ! Webster, Liebgott, Winters, Nixon, Guarnere, Lipton, Luz, Muck, Malarkey, ... X33 *_* I love when they are in your fic' X3 I would like to ask you for something. What is the other information which you used for this fiction, except the book and the show? '
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 5 . 11/21/2010
Awesome ! X3

First, it was excellent; the fight with Guarnere. It's one of my favourite moment in the show, I don't know why xD And their first kiss... *_* It was amazing X33

It was adorable, when Liebgott held Webster close all night X3 *.* I think the scene with the tank... it was in the book, isn't it ? Did you read it ?

I love Luz xDD I couldn't stop laughing during the show xD

"He finally admitted he loved the guy, even if he didn't love him back" ... Poor Webster Y.Y I didn't read all of the Nc-17 scene, but I loved the moment before and after X3 Specially the "I love you too" X33 *_* And the end was... So cute X3 Wonderful X3

I saw your profile, you're from Belgium ! O_O And... Me too ! X33 D So... Tu parles français ? xDD
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 4 . 11/21/2010
It was perfect ! X3

Poor Webster... xDD I don't like Sobel... xDDD But I really like the song Where did you see Webster's drawings ? *_*

And when Webster's nose bumped into Liebgott's... *_* X3 I love when Lieb' took his journal *_* I want to see his drawings too ! X33 xD And after, when Liebgott says "You're really really good"... I was the one who feel butterflies in my stomach xDDD No, seriously, it was perfect xDD I don't want to arrive at the episod where Webster is hurt... T.T I want him to stay with Liebgott forever ! xDD X3

I loved this chaper ! X33 Thank you very much ! *_*
Melancholic-Wolf chapter 3 . 11/20/2010
I loved this chapter too ! X3

I forget to say before, but I love when they shook hands and feel the electricity *_* It's a wonderful idea ! X3

It's so cute when Webster write in his journal ! X3 And I'm so happy that Luz, Lipton, Johnny,... are in this chapter ! X3
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