Reviews for I Hope You Dance
AngylGrrl chapter 1 . 7/6/2001
This was a really well written story. I am currently in a severe writters block, due to much work. hopefully the block will get removed soon, and more will flow. I love Buffy and WIllow...they are so much cuter. I didn't think Faith and Tara would work either...but I like Faith's characther, so i figured, why the hell not. I do hook Tara up with other girls, so she's not lonely. I like Tara's characther.
Ivy Gort chapter 1 . 6/7/2001
Thanks. You didn't take the easy way out with this story.
yourshadow chapter 1 . 6/6/2001
You gotta get over this buffy/willow thing. I think your fic would be more interesting if you set it in an alternate universe where Tara didn't exist. This way is just silly after everything that has gone on in the show. Where was Willow when Buffy was on the brink of Death protecting her beloved sister, yes with Tara. That's what I thought.
Mad-Hamlet chapter 1 . 6/6/2001

My timing sucks.

You're well aware of the fact, by now, that I havn't seen an epsiode of BtVS in three years. Well, that ended today. I saw 'The Body'.

What a way to come off the bench.

Now, sufficiently shocked, upset, hurting, and awed..what do I do? I go out and read a Fav Fic of mine.

Which is talkinga 'bout BUFFY'S death. Lord, can you say 'Boot to da' Head?'

I consider 'Angst Fuel' for my own stuff but we're talking about you.

You commented on my works both here and in the channel, so I'm returning the favor. NOT because you did it, simply because it _HAS_ to be done. Your work deserves praise(Muchly much much more so than many.) and thus it shall have it.

Course coupled with 'The Body', even with the hopefull air your story holds, I still really could use a srong drink..or twelve and it's 10:20 in the MORNING!

I'm doomed.


Thanks for writing.

Thanks for feeling.

Thanks for making me feeling this way too.


Now I'm going to return the favor again.

I remain, as always,