Reviews for Humanity's Judgment
Guest chapter 1 . 3/9/2016
Please continue this it's awesome plz
leafstone chapter 92 . 4/27/2014
great story.
epic chapter 1 . 1/21/2014
awesome. please continue this.
AlieMey chapter 79 . 11/8/2012
Hey there! (okay it's a long review sorry about that _)
So, I passed the last 2-3 days reading this fic (instead of continuing re-watching the anime lol), but this story surprised me a lot!
Here follows some of my general thoughts, opinions etc.

About the story:
I got really quickly that Kira was dark but, but man, he actually became darker and a quite a lot DARKER! And in my eyes he is more evil then Ryu (for some reason). And I sure really enjoyed it! Even if I still prefer the regular Kira lol, it was an interesting change and you sure made him unforgettable!

I enjoyed the general plot! Every part fitted well together, it was wellthought - how Ryu got to Kira, and how his plans went out, the mecanics of the weapons, etc. , though there is one part I think wasn't that well explained: the part of the explanation of the pills, some parts just contradicted themselves, wich made all the thing not logical anymore / -my opinion off course :p).

There might be some times where there was too much cruelty (even if a lot made me actually laugh, specially the Kira vs Shinn parts :D, got a twisted humor sometimes), or too much "Kira never lose" -wich by the way made all the chapter where he lost quite entertaining!- making all the story seems quite impossible, but I think a lot of the reviewers already told you that, but yeah pure evil can be sometimes unstoppable right XD

And finally I must say I was disapointed about the end.
The final plot was simply terrific!
How the suprise attack of Mu failed and lost all his team, how Lacus and Sarah planned the escape, how Lacus actually escaped (wich also surprised me lol), the one big final battle where Athrun and the Archangel went down Amazing!, until you came with the dream... -_-
Really all that premonitory-dream just doesn't work for me, specially when you said this was the "Dark path"-version.

I had expected that ... I dunno actually Kira would die in some way, killed by Ryu for some kind of treason -though that sounds too easy, and the bad guys would just win, but why not-, killed by one of his former allies while he was losing it, and became his old self again feeling lots of remorse in the end or simply by sacrificing himself -maybe too idealistical but still why not-, and sure all the surviving friends-characters/Earth/Space/etc. would have lost A LOT, but in the end all ends well (in some way).
... basically I had expected Kira to die lol, in my opinion, in your story he is just a nut case, that needs to be put out of his misery, and even if he would snap out of it, I don't think he would stand himself anymore and would put an end to his life -now maybe that's just how I would react to such a situation, but yeah..
In any case an end that would look like the story you have been writing: dramatic, unexpected (well the dream-thing was unexpected but too easy in my opinion), and really unforgettable -cause I can assure you I sure will not forget this Dark Kira before a very long time, if not ever!

About the writing style:
I'm not an expert or anything, but this how I felt after reading the first couple of chapters, it's an amazing story! It's interesting, with engouh humor, dark situations, pretty well explained (I understood 90% of what I read, without needing to re-read something), etc. globaly great.

But it's until I reached the 11th chapter that I realised that, I dunno you were taking too much time, maybe too much explanations, or you were repeating yourself too much, there is a french expression that I can not quite well translate it but it's "tourner autour du pot" (dancing around?), anyways that's started to bug me and that's why I started to skim through or to ditch some parts (I'm not proud of it but I think if hadn't done that I would have grown tired of this story and would probably never finished it /, but again the fact that I never expected such a DarkKira made me wanna pursue it, except not how it normally goes)
I was focussed on the parts where Kira was in action, Sarah/Shinn, Lacus/Cagalli/Athrun/Archangel/Eternal-crew, most of the battles (specially those were some of the good-guys died) and the explanations part. (basically not Ryu's, Jibrils or other crews-parts)
But again, this is just my opinion and how I felt about it.
Anyways, I don't know if this changed since this story is now more then 4 years old, but globally this story was great and I'm sure I'm gonna check your other stories and hope they will be that entertaining (minus the too "dancing around"(?)-parts) :D

Now about all the next chapters, I sure loved those!
The schizofrenic part made me laugh, but yeah it all fits in! Plus I like the timing, I mean Kira alreay did a LOT of killing, so he is not that innocent ..or something lol
I'm actually quite surprised you didn't continue directly your story with that path, (again) I think it fits way better then the dream-ending, but specialy because you call it the "original" path.
And this will be my last opinion, you shouldn't make different endings just because of some reviewers aren't pleased on how it looks like. It's your story not theirs, and if they don't like it, too bad and that's it!
(of course maybe you had planned on doing those boths paths -another thing that I always ditch are the author notes, cause they tend to spoil sometimes and I just hate that, and now it's habit of not reading them-, if it was the case then never mind my last comment -even though I still mean it.)

Now what I would like to know if you will ever finish those stories that one of the Original-path and the sequel of Dark-path?
It would be too bad if you didn't, and it's kind of unforgiveable when writers never finish their work specially when they are great plots, but there is a good point: you did finish of the paths so this a more satisfiing then when the writer just stop there XD

Et pour finir, keep writing such great stories (despite the negative points I mentionned, you really got a lot of talent! D)
Guest chapter 11 . 9/12/2012
An insane story! You sir have created a new aspect in gundam seed which i really want to see in the animation
TimTiang chapter 92 . 5/3/2011
story!do hope that you fan of your fanfics.
Kedima chapter 92 . 12/28/2010
a good story...but when will it be updated?
ZGMF X20A Strike Freedom chapter 88 . 8/23/2010
Too long of a story
XxFlaringFoxX chapter 89 . 4/26/2010
a very...vary long storyXD but I enjoyed reding.
Kirinthor chapter 92 . 4/22/2010
an excellent story. hope u continue :)
Monkey D Dragon chapter 1 . 11/30/2009
great story
MsMeka87 chapter 92 . 11/21/2009
come back and finish plz...ppl are still interested
kiman1917 chapter 92 . 8/23/2009
R this is a great story the only problem is that there are several spelling errors in your story and I suggest you get an editor. Otherwise you are such a great author that you can make a book if you wanted to.
Engelmohr2004 chapter 1 . 4/9/2009
Its all nice and good and all and Kira being evil is ok to but the whole killing the guy whoever he was and his family went a bit to far its not just oc but oocc I can't see Kira no matter how evil hes become kill a faily and thier father never maby lock him up forever anf threten to kill his family if they say anything but not just shot them in clod blood well besides that its pretty good.
nxkris chapter 92 . 4/8/2009
amazing story. i love the way you show the dark kira and all the way back in the first twenty chapters i was figuring on a mpd case. i like how you did the entire first story and now the split line is also great. will you give kira strike freedom or will he manage to reclaim his suit and redesign it to look better for his personality since it is a wonderful design that is better than anything else. i cant wait to see the changes that are now going to come from kira changing, also would it be to hard for him to go by kira yamato rather than Hibiki and if he removed his scars he could return as he was before. he could say that Hibiki was his twin brother and with his capture it wouldnt be to hard to say he died. while this would be a bit of a conspiracy, it would work better for them altogether not having to deal with revenge. also will kira save his children and sarah? also do his children with sarah have names because you always said daughter, girl, and ultimate from what i remember? update soon.
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