Reviews for Grey's Anatomy: Post Prom
Jasminegirl123 chapter 1 . 7/1/2016
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 28 . 1/13/2007

a perfect ending!

and i finally finished it! rn't u excited! except that u lied. u said i only had 2 chapters to read. try 4! but it was worth it. great story!

x0x Maddie x0x chapter 27 . 1/13/2007
aw! love the mer/der fluff.

is george going to ask callie to marry him? wow. that was...unexpected. though i guess it shouldn't b considering u already wrote 2 weddings.

neways, another great chapter!
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 26 . 1/13/2007
aw twins! how could addison possibly have missed that b4? jeez, u scared me! great chapter though!
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 25 . 1/13/2007
haha. derek: “You know, this pregnancy thing has turned you into nice and caring person. I’d hate to see you on you angry stage!” i'm sure that "angry stage" is coming up.

“No, nothing wrong. I just looked over her sonogram and I found something,” uh oh! don't kill mer and der's baby! that would b so sad. but i know u wouldn't do that.

great chapter. only 2 more to go!
January-21 chapter 28 . 11/12/2006
i liked the ending... but probably you could do like an epilogue 5 yeasrs after or something and that could also be a good wa of introducing your sequel... just a thought...
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 23 . 10/15/2006
well, i hope you realize that i'm taking time out of my incredibly enticing english hw to read and comment on this for you. um...ok, so it's the most boring english hw ever. and we've done like the same essay every yr for the past 2 or 3 yrs so it should b really ez right? well, it's not! anyway, back to the story. it's really really good. if u kill finn i will kill U. he may not be a 'real doctor' but he's incredibly hot and sweet. so if u make derek kill him, ur not going to b very popular. anyway, luv the chapter and i'd leave a longer review but i really do have to get back to that english hw, so i'll try to read another chapter tomorrow. only...5 more chapters to go on this fic. then i've got what like 20 more on the sequel? gosh, i'm really behind. all the more reason to skip english tomorrow. but unfortunately my parents would kill me. ttyl.

x0x Maddie x0x chapter 22 . 10/14/2006
ooh, burn! poor george. huh, that killing a pt by puncturing the glove w/ a figernail and killing a pt seems quite familiar. *cough* meredith *cough* yeah, they really do have a lot in common. just so long as c)"you have a boyfriend whose you’re bosses boss who’ve you been sleeping with and his wife just showed up and now you’re life if screwed?” doesn't happen to emily. that would suck if she turned into a zombie like meredith sort of did. what, she did! she was like miserable and just kind of went through her day w/o any real emotion. sounds pretty zombie-like to me.

“See you at 9 at my place,” isn't "his place" also christina's place. i mean, they r living together. and haha, christina's going soft. o, and also he's not a cardio surgeon, he's a cardiotherastic surgeon (actually i've no idea how to spell it but u get the idea). i'm pretty sure anyway. same basic thing though.

y does everyone think meredith and alex were flirting? they were SO not flirting. it's called sarcasm, ppl!

o, george is gonna b a godfather! how sweet. and what do u mean ur "not too fond of this chapter"? it's really good. an author's hardest critic is her/himself. gosh, stop being so modest! jk. but it is really good. b proud.


p.s. hope u like extra long comments. i'll try to get around to reading the next chapter soon...maybe even tomorrow though i'm not making any promises. ttyl.
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 21 . 10/14/2006
haha, definitely sappy, but still really good. meredith's gonna have a baby girl! i hope. it'd b so mean of u, but not completely unlikely, to make there be a complication in the birth in which mer loses the baby. plz don't! nothing ever goes right for poor meredith. u saw the last episode!


p.s. rn't u glad i'm back to reading ur fic? ttyl.
Kaydee chapter 19 . 9/24/2006
Okay, this is not to be mean or anything, but i have skipped so many chapters because to tell you the truth, the story is boring, and really dragged on. It's just, I dunno, Grey's Anatomy is such a good show, always peppy, your on the edge of your seat and you can't stop watching, but this story you just want to stop reading.
Lily106 chapter 28 . 9/24/2006
That was really cute!
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 20 . 9/15/2006
Wow! Really good chapter. Your writing has improved so much...not that it was all that shabby in the first place! i really liked the similes and other literary elements we learned about in english class. really good! and, omg, they're getting a house! what's she gonna do w/ her old house? prob give it to izz and george and them right? don't tell me, i'll just keep reading. neways, really great chapter!

x0x Maddie x0x chapter 18 . 9/10/2006
haha, christina's gonna kill her. i can't believe u introduced and killed a pt in the same chapter! that was so short, u could have had more details i think. r we gonna find out who she is soon? hope so. luv how much the plot has built up in the last few chapters! cya tomorrow!
x0x Maddie x0x chapter 17 . 9/8/2006
so i'm finally getting around to reading another of your chapters. yay! but i've got a long way to go till i'm caught up to u. u update really fast u know. but i guess that's a good thing so don't stop or anything. so, just wondering but has addison ever called meredith "Mer"?

wow, derek took that life-changing piece of news quite well. except that he doesn't seem too enthused. but at least he's not like dumping her or something. that's good.

this is a nice long review. anyway, good chapter. i'll try to read a couple more this weekend.

luv always,

jexa101 chapter 28 . 9/2/2006
ok, I'm gonna hate myself for doing this but I'm gonna say this:

1st. the weddings were too alike almost the same dialogue, I didn't like it.

2nd. makind Derek such a dog with the whole kiss with addisson is just wrong...

3rd. if Addisson really is as good as she is said to be she would've noticed they were having twins

4th. Izzie wouldn't have forgiven alex after the whole emily issue and Meredith would have told her.

5th. you killed the kids with the names.

6th. Mer doesn't say freaking that often but perhaps it's just the hormones.

FYI: it's spelled 'Coincidence'

I'm sorry to say that your story just didn't flew with me... I hope the sequel is better
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