Reviews for Megatokyo: The Gray Saga
anonymous comrade chapter 11 . 7/12/2009
I remember this work...

I remember this work completely.

Years ago. When I started looking in MT(I think I started just at the start of Chapter 6 or something?)

The angst of this ficcu still fuels me to this day. This is the kind of navel contemplation I can get behind...

Can't say I want more of this work. I really don't see a point where you can stick a continuation fic,really...

But I enjoyed the work. Well written. Totally expressive...and moving.

Rare works of fanfiction indeed...
Oblivion Unknown chapter 11 . 5/1/2007
Wow. This is.. amazingly awesome
ThunderRiver411 chapter 1 . 4/29/2007
Good story. I just got into Megatokyo recently.
KeEsH chapter 11 . 12/30/2006
So much angst... but it was so damn good. Excellent work.