Reviews for Changes in a Time of War
Aquila chapter 7 . 4/25
Wow! I did not expect the plague to return! I am somewhat shocked and insanely impressed, especially 'cause somehow, this all makes perfect sense. I'm just.. wow.
Guest chapter 30 . 4/18
AnthonyR89 chapter 5 . 4/16
i never noticed it the previous times i've read this series, but i noticed and error. previously, you had relora and the other werewolves there being attacked and killed by demons, with only daniel surviving. now you have them being held by the ministry after being attacked by vigilantes.
WinterSoulZ chapter 16 . 4/7
Ohhh I enjoyed this chapter sooo much!
WinterSoulZ chapter 7 . 4/5
This. Is. So. EXCITING
Wonder if there's going to be a third story
Recce1994 chapter 4 . 4/5
I somehow always seem to miss these hints you keep refering to... Ill have to start from the beginning some time in the future...
ironhair chapter 2 . 3/30
ironhair chapter 29 . 3/30
an awesome reread! 9/10.
dave chapter 10 . 3/18
love the story
DarkWolfAssasin chapter 10 . 3/18
Great story, really hope more comes out eventually.
C'mon chapter 30 . 3/8
So I love this series and especially you're vampires. Decided to re-read again and noticed several inconsistencies in the story line. Most were minor and I'll try to keep better track next time, but the most jarring was this shift from Uzbekistan to Mongolia for the vampires massacre courtesy Namach. Not sure if your still active or not, thought I'd leave a note anyway.
Jay Salvatore chapter 1 . 2/1
I wonder if, with enough effort on his part, could Namach overpower Cyala. Because he's older than her, although it's not by that much.
LoliBat chapter 2 . 1/16
Sorry, cut off the links:
Namach, Cyala, and Rahkesh's portraits:
lolibat. deviantart art/Miranda-Flairgold-s-characters-1-507429576

Quick doodles/action scenes:
lolibat . deviantart art/Flairgold-Quick-Doodle-507430505
LoliBat chapter 1 . 1/16
I sent a review in earlier- here is my artwork:

Namach, Cyala, and Rahkesh's portraits:

Quick doodles/action scenes:

I know the ice dragon doesn't fit the description strictly, but by the time I found the description, I already finished drawing. I'll probably do a more accurate version later on (along with a death dragon).
loleo chapter 30 . 1/8
Such an incredible work of writing art. A very unique story of Harry Potter. And a Harry aka Rahkesh personality that I can very much like. Thank you and I hope you write the sequel to this story very fast and can update equally fast. I hope so...
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