Reviews for Changes in a Time of War
L's Cappuccino chapter 26 . 11/8
The bromance is strong in these two.
Cztelnik chapter 30 . 11/7
So much has happened since Harry hid it in the Room of Requirement. I especially like the grumbling portrait of Dumbledore who can't admit his massive war was more about personal manipulation.
Cztelnik chapter 29 . 11/7
Thunder likely won't mind being hands off to other vampires and Tristan is correct the old bit of Harry inside will feel he owes him for helping fight off the elves. Snape and Draco, is it possible they were saved because of reader interests? ") it was an unusually nice bit for both these characters who don't have that much of a role yet. Really enjoyed it, especially the possessivness between Tristan and Nicodemus over Thunder. What a fun story!
Cztelnik chapter 28 . 11/7
So Harry probably had someone save him some blood tree seeds 14 thousand years ago. It just shows their world idea worked.
Cztelnik chapter 27 . 11/7
Brilliant! This ought to be interesting. I really, really like how sex, death and violence are a dark part of this fic but described adjectivly so readers imagination can fill in the gaps. The vivid imagery is used for fight scenes and the dark humor prevalent throughout.
Cztelnik chapter 26 . 11/7
Haha, the army and entire world loyal to Thunder and two vampire/demons. This will have repercussions if they all survive the invasion.
Cztelnik chapter 25 . 11/7
Hmm. Not sure but thought Thunder had the ability to waken the army himself? Wonder what they'll think odd that if so?
Cztelnik chapter 24 . 11/7
Even tho this was written years ago it is one of the best fics I've read on this site...Maybe the best.
Rune Tobor chapter 13 . 10/11
In Dungeons and Dragons some of the more powerful dragons can have a human form.

Why not have Sygra be like them?

It would allow all sorts of fun!

Rahkesh and Sygra, friends or more, a cute pairing.
Rune Tobor chapter 11 . 10/11
Not sure if you have already taken them down but I think incomplete fics should be left on the site. Someone else might want to continue them. Or they may get inspired by them. You could even find yourself finishing them in the future.
Rune Tobor chapter 10 . 10/11
Have you realized that your story has reduced Voldemort to a subplot?
All previous Harry Potter stories I have read either focus on Tom or him and improving the wizarding world.
Rune Tobor chapter 8 . 10/11
A chapter is too long if FFN can't handle it.
Also some might prefer short chapters posted often.
I say just please write and post.
Thanks again.
Rune Tobor chapter 7 . 10/11
Ron lovers?
They are a myth right?
From making Hermione cry in to desertion during the horcrux hunt...
Why would anyone like him?
Rune Tobor chapter 5 . 10/11
American or metric?
Personally I don't care because I understand both.
Practically just be consistent in using one or the other.
Anyone who doesn't know one system can just look it up online.
It is a good way to learn something new.
Rune Tobor chapter 1 . 10/10
I wonder where JKR got the horcrux idea from?
There is at least a library's worth of fantasy written.
In fact the ONE RING in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings can be viewed as a horcrux.

You have done a good job with imagining blood magic, thread magic, and the rest.
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