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Ani Mei chapter 13 . 3/18
Very unique take. It's novel to have Draco do the time traveling. Alas, it looks like this is where the journey comes forcefully to an end.
Konohamaya Uzumaki chapter 13 . 3/9
Woah this was really good and very original. It's pretty easy to find time travel stories without one of the Golden Trio going back to their first but never have i come across a story where Draco goes back in time. Thanks a lot for writing this it was about time somebody broke the tradition and tried something different!
Robotboy chapter 13 . 2/7
i will never understand why people write such a good story ust to abandon them!

if any other reviewer see this, PLEASE give me the name of good draco/harry fics in slytherin/go back in time
Robotboy chapter 3 . 2/7
i love this so far. its a shame its short
Margaret chapter 10 . 1/5
This last moment with the clothes at the end. That was the sweetest thing in the world. And I loved it times a million. Only thing I could have done without was the repetition with the Dumbledore/Snape/Slytherin House conversations about rules.

I'm also interested in the way you used the Sorting Hat as being able to see into anybody's head within the Hat's vicinity rather than how I had assumed the Legilimency (as you aptly put it) would only extend to the wearer of the hat. It's not necessarily wrong either way, I just think your view of it is pretty different from the norm, but that kind of makes it really cool.

Aaaand I like this story :)
Margaret chapter 2 . 1/5
Hi! I'm liking the premise of the story and although this time-travel plot has been done before I'm excited to see what you do with it. Draco seems very in character and you write well. I'm currently wondering if he goes back as his older self or if he's more like reversing time with himself, like he'll be 11... lucky I can keep reading.

I know you wrote this a while ago, but I still love to get reviews and feedback on my old stories so I thought you would.
Helene Nightfire chapter 13 . 12/28/2014
It's a shame you didn't continue Erasing Time's Tracks. You managed a very plausible route to a friendly relationship between Ron & Draco. I think you also did a good job with Harry. I was also curious as to how you would develop Hermione's slytherin character. I loved that last line re the possibility of Hermione "acting more pure-blood than Pansy by the end of first year".
Thank you for sharing this story it made for a fun afternoon.
pennamelsjsets chapter 13 . 12/12/2014
Ohhh, I can't wait. Hermione will show everyone her worth. Smartest witch of her generation! Great story so far. It will be interesting to see Harry and his friends and adventures but through Draco's eyes. His plan seems to be going well so far. Keep it up!
The Lonely Ant chapter 13 . 12/10/2014
I love this story and although I was gutted to realize it has most likely been abandoned I read it all anyway. In a single night. Against all hope I've followed the story anyway in the hope that you post... something, if just a formal declaration of abandonment.

Anyway this story is extremely well written, although I agree with other reviews that Ron and Hermione are being underrepresented. Unlike most reviewers I found this story by searching for a "Ron gets sorted into Slytherin" AU, so his lack of POV has been somewhat disappointing. But I was pleasantly surprised by the HPDM slant promised in the summary, not that we get to see it yet, their being eleven and all.

While you'll probably never read this and I'll probably never see an update, please know that this story is loved.
Elaine du Lac chapter 2 . 12/8/2014
Yes, I think you did a good job in setting up how Draco Malfoy goes back in time. He plans it and accounts for a lot of things in a very Slythering manner, quite like how he planned the tasks Vodemort set him to do. Draco having to practically overdose himself on magical strengthening potions and destroy his body in order to go back in time is very realistic (as much as fanfic on a magical world can be realistic haha). I'm glad he didn't go back in a vague magical accident or because fate had decreed it or anything tropey and overdone like that. I'm also glad someone decided to break the timetravel trope and chose Draco as the protagnist instead.
JulesCapulet chapter 13 . 11/26/2014
Winged-Ashes chapter 13 . 10/25/2014
This is good but I feel like Ron and moine aren't getting enough screen time and whil I like Harry's friendship with draco I don't like the fact that he is neglecting Ron and moine. Plz update soon
Guest chapter 5 . 9/21/2014
Why, thank you. It is one of our most esteemed qualities.
Crystia chapter 13 . 8/3/2014
Oh, I would love to read more. I'd even be willing to beta, since you said that your previous editors were unable to, but given how much time has passed...well, I'm sure you've already had other offers. Still, if by some miracle you change your mind and decide to continue, my offer stands! :D

Thank you for posting. :)
SchwarzShifter chapter 13 . 6/30/2014
Oh my god. Please. Please. Please. I am so in love with this fic. I would totally marry your vocabulary if I wasn't already taken - I haven't learned that many new words since SAT prep in 8th grade :0 I adore that Draco is the one who went back this time, and his guidance of Harry is so cute! Only, I think Draco did a very good job being nice in the beginning - he didn't seem snobby or Dudley-ish at all to me, especially considering how he usually speaks and what a walking disaster Dudders is. Anyways, I can see that this has been abandoned for seven years, but if you still use this email at all, if you ever notice this review, I beg of you to continue it. I wish I could write it in my mind, but Slytherin elegance and wit is not my forte - I can only look on and read in burning envy. So please continue this TT_TT
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