Reviews for Rokuro
omasuoniwabanshi chapter 1 . 8/2/2006
Interesting Drabble!

Rokuro sounds like a complicated villain with a fascinating background story.

Good job!
White Rabbit Tale chapter 1 . 8/1/2006
I suppose it's up to us to decide whether she was or not...I LOVE that last line, by the way. Fics that are moments in time like this tend to resonate strongest when there is some forcast for the upcoming event.

This fic was practically bringing tears to my eyes (and I say practically only because I find myself incapable of crying.)

Rokuro came to me nearly full-formed-in fact, I had to trim away at him before I could unearth his true story (parts of which, to this day, elude me). To see someone like you explain him in such eloquent yet concise terms brings him to life all over again. I feel like you reached way back into my mind, further maybe than even I can see, and scooped out everything that is Rokuro.

Your summary, as always, is at least half as beautiful as the fic itself. Do these phrases just COME to you like moths to a bug-zapper or what? I have to admit, my favorite part was when you described my fic as a "courageous epic" (kidding, of course.)

Jokes aside, I think one of the best lines is the one that begins "But there was time yet-"

Really made me feel as if Rokuro was simply waiting out his life. Just waiting for it to end, somehow, someway, under his own terms.

Rokuro has been a favored OC of mine for quite some time-with this fic, he may have jumped to the very top of my list. I know I loved writing him, and I hope you did too. (And boy am I ever glad I decided to put him out there for the exchange!)