Reviews for Butterflies and Hurricanes
Maple11 chapter 30 . 9/6
OH MY GOD! No words, just no words.
Lady Deviance chapter 30 . 8/16
Peablossom chapter 1 . 8/3
Omg, where has this been all my life?! You need to get this published! Thank you for warming the hearts of Zutarians the world over.
zutara4life chapter 1 . 7/28
It was perfect I loved it
Gemma D chapter 6 . 7/7
No! this was a great chapter! don't be so harsh on yourself! ;P
Guest chapter 30 . 6/30
this was the best series ive ever read. :)
Guest chapter 29 . 6/30
Drunken Hamster chapter 30 . 6/14
Awesome story. Epic twist at the end, had me fooled for all of 10 minutes while I read this chappie.

Excellent work, though I doubt I could've stayed on board while it was in progress {for a number of reasons, one being I'd probably forget about between updates, another being more personal.}

Anyway, It was a good read :]

LettersToHeartbreak chapter 30 . 6/13
*confused sputtering* wait what?! Zuko was dead and suddenly he's just sitting in the corner of a room alive and just what? My brain can't handle that sudden whiplash. Happy he's alive and well though.
I'myourmisery chapter 30 . 6/11
wow..I just finished re-reading this little piece of art the third time around! no I'm not an Zutara addict who just happened to love this story so much that She'd come back on her free time to read one of her favorite Zutara stories :p okay maybe I am! :P
but seriously I totally loved the story and evrytime I read it I'm so reeled into the plot and the "hurricane" of feelings. It's just that great. :D Hope you write more :) Really :)
azulathunder chapter 30 . 6/7
i read the entire story in a day nd an half . i have a major obsession with zutara. really unhealthy honestly nd i would gladly fight to defend the honor of zutara. i loved the story it was beautiful but it was quiet sad that Anag didnt really have a chance at life but it does make you realize how him running way was good. i really enjoyed the story . the azula_thunder is my sc very few people understand what it means . the ones that do i make it clear i ship zutara
Emma chapter 30 . 4/23
ok ok, i apologize for my previous comment but i was outraged in the fact that you convinced me that he had died... so im sorry but you could have left some easier clues to follow. ok i love your writing and i really enjoyed this story but i felt that once you had 'killed off' zuko the story lost it's flare and really deflated me, and then when zuko is in fact alive i was hiding under my bed cursing under my breath. i think it would have turned out better if you hadn't lead us on for the amount that you did, maybe you could've stuck with the fire nation thinking he's dead while you told us what was happening... i don't know but i was disappointed really.
i hope you continue writing
best wishes, Emma
Emma chapter 29 . 4/23
i hate you i hate you i hate you! this was going so well! he died! WTF!
Asami Roninn chapter 30 . 3/9
Although its the fist zutara fic i hav read i think it will be the best i hav ever read. U ar a ve ry gud writter .i wish to thank 4 writtin this fic.;-)
Guest chapter 30 . 3/8
I loved this, and as soon as I saw the title I figured you must be a muser, and I'm so glad I saw the quote at the end! Great story!
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