Reviews for Harry Lives!
HarryPotter chapter 68 . 6/26
I'd love to read more ... I really like this story :)
Mewpagano chapter 18 . 6/23
ehm tomuch angst to mesorry
lilanimefan247 chapter 68 . 6/11
Me being happy and mad there are additional chapters . Plz continue. If u make the chapters to a new story please give a aler love this series so much
Anonymus Person chapter 68 . 6/6
Great story and I love it... but I need some help for ideas for a creative writing thing in my Harry Potter friend group. SUPER along story short my friends want me to write a fanfic about James Sirius Potter and a girl who are besties and some sort of conflict gets them together. Problem is they don’t want either of them to have any past relationships and that is the only idea I can think of. Sorry if confusing but please comment HARRY AND GINNY: *idea if you have any! Would mean a lot!
Raewen chapter 22 . 5/10
I don't know if you still reading this but
I love so much your stories ! I really hope that you will finish this one !
How do I get the missing part of the chapter, please ?
Silas Roman chapter 67 . 4/13
I truly hope you finish this because your stories always keep me on the edge of my seat. I starting reading your stories when my dad passed away and they were a great comfort. Please continue.
Roamingkiwi chapter 68 . 3/5
I have just binged read both these stories. Soooooooo good. Thanks for writing them.
Guest chapter 68 . 2/25
Heyyy, will you be updating it?
unhingedginge chapter 68 . 2/10
I only recently realized “the end” of this fic wasn’t the end. I personally don’t get excited by the time travel aspect and I liked how everything was complete in regards to Sirius. Just my preference, you do you!
Just William chapter 68 . 1/26
Will you be updating this story soon? If so you need to get someone to proof-read it before posting as there have been lots of typo's/errors.
Just William chapter 28 . 1/2
Typo x 2, it is not "Gryffindor in my residents", it should be "Gryffindor in my residence".
Just William chapter 9 . 1/2
Typo, "to be this great big Aurorer", should be "to be this great big Auror"
Just William chapter 7 . 1/2
Typo, Aurorer Tupin should be Auror Tupin.
Just William chapter 4 . 1/2
Typo, its squib not squibb.
karrtoonmonkey chapter 68 . 11/22/2021
update? please
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