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Insanitywriter chapter 25 . 5/11/2015
Sooo this is me being to lazy to sign in but I really enjoyed the story and it didn't end at all how I thought it would Im happy but upset at the same time I didn't want it to end and really want a Joden spin off lol sigh. And I might just be crazy but i REALLY liked Jeff (even if i almost crawled into the book and killed him) and I honestly thought Jaden would be a think after Jeff got through his shyt, and I feel bad because now he has no body. I wonder what would have happened if troy told him why he didn't join Chi Delta in the first place... oh well but Jordan's adorbz and obviously fell pretty to Kay's power, sigh sad face I need some of those myself.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
animelvr23 chapter 25 . 1/3/2011
I read this entire story and I cannot put into words the emotional extremety that was put into it! I cried, out of sorrow and joy, laughed, and fell in love. Even your OCs were the most wonderfully thought-out pieces! This is one of my number one stories and the best multi-chapter Tryan fic I have read. ever.

Fave~ ja ne!~
heavenrains chapter 25 . 3/11/2010
Well, this story took me great deal of time to finish it but i did enjoy reading it, really. You'd written a great story, and i love all the OCs here, especially Meg and Leslie. The 2 girls rock!
asm613 chapter 22 . 9/20/2009
So Ryan was all attitude thought his wit, scathing remarks and his rich boy entitlement would get him out of any situation. His choice put Kaden at risk. So trying to prove something to himself and to those boys he and Kaden end up near dead in the hospital. Ryan wasn't smart enough to walk away before it had the chance to escalate_he got what he deserved. He was basically asking for a fight by confronting 6 drunk fag haters_what a monumentally stupid thing for him to do. Other than 'shock value' and 'drama'; what exactly did you want the readers to learn or take away from this chapter?
asm613 chapter 15 . 9/20/2009
You have Ryan crying that he loves Troy so much but he doesn't know if Troy loves him as much as he does Troy. Troy gave up basketball for him, Troy came out for him. Troy treats him like a boyfriend in public places-hugging, holding hands, kissing, etc... gave him a ring, is always vocal about his feelings. Ryan on the other hand is a selfish, vain, drama queen. You've had a 'few' weeks go by since winter breakyet you still haven't had Troy ask what Ryan was doing the nights he snuck away.,..the way you've made Troy's character leaves readers to believe that Troy would not let it go that long. He would have asked before they returned to college.

It's also hard to believe that Jeff would take Kaden to his frat when you've written it into the story that them or anybody finding out about Kaden is his biggest fear-so that was not very believable. Kaden's observations while at the house were good-but then again, it's hard to believe he would have been there in the first place.

You have written about Troy breaking 3 dates in 1 week. You make it sound like he just blows Ryan off without explanation. Why would Ryan put up with it to the point of flipping his lid, returning the ring and breaking it off. Also the way you've written Troy's character makes it hard to believe that he'd break 3 dates in 1 week. You blow over the details on Troy's side of things and become overdramatic on the details in Ryan's point of view.

This story is one of your earlier ones which probably explains why I'm not enjoying it as much as your others. I think I'm going to have to skip some chapters-because you keep on writing the same things about Troy and Ryan lately. It makes for a slow moving story.
asm613 chapter 13 . 9/20/2009
The story is interesting. I don't quite get what Ryan's problem is though. Troy is being nothing but loving and wonderful-explains fully when he can't be there; reinforces to Ryan that he loves him constantly. Then you have Ryan having some kind of made up problem that Troy isn't around for him. Doesn't take time out for him. It's difficult to understand Troy wanting to be with such a little whiny bitch. And now you have Ryan sneaking out at night without Troy and without telling Troy what he's doing. At least Ryan always knows what Troy's doing when he's not with him. You've even written about Ryan being at the fraternity house while Troy has to do stuff there. How much more accomodating could Troy be? Now you write shit is going to hit the fan in the next couple of chapters_all Ryan's fault again-because of his insecurities and imagined slights and depending soley on Troy for his happiness. Ryan is really coming across as needy, demanding, whiny, ungrateful and lots of other bad adjectives.

I wasn't going to even leave a remark since it's been so long since you've written this story-but after Troy goes out of his way again to show and tell Ryan how much he loves him, with the ring and the speech to go with it; it just makes Ryan's behavior come across as even more ungrateful and selfish and distorted.

I enjoy your original characters of Jeff and Kaden. I don't think the fraternity boys girlfriends characters were that good or necessary. Treating Ryan as one of the girls is kind of undesireable. I was hoping his character would become less shallow with being away from his sister's influence and having Troy to support him. It's also interesting how you have Jeff and Kaden's relationship developing. Jeff still not comfortable with it and not wanting his frat brothers to know. Kaden enjoying being with Jeff but not wanting to hide his feelings for Jeff.

I enjoyed reading your stories 'Thank Goodness',' My Grown Up Christmas List' and 'The World Keeps Turning'.

You're a pretty good story teller. Thanks for sharing your stories.
GreenHaven89 chapter 10 . 6/1/2009
I don't know if you still frequent this site and will get my message, but I had to tell you that this chapter was phenomenal!
Apolaki chapter 25 . 4/25/2009
Well, I believe I was able to read this while it was still on-going, but I don't recall ever giving a review (the plot and characters are very familiar...)

Yes, I do believe i've read this a long, long time ago.

Anyway, this is definitely one of the best tryan stories out there! And wholly satisfying too. I'd say this is a very good read, the tone light and easy and the dialogues realistic (although some parts were a little too cheesy, but hey, I like cheese so no problems).

The original characters are lovable to death! Yeah, especially Leslie, hahaha, whenever she's in a scene I always laugh. Hah, anyway, yeah, except, along the way, there were some typos and stuff that made the sentences slightly weird.

Okay, here are a few points:

in: Chapter Seven

-room 338, Ryan and Kaden's Room.

attached to ryan's bed is a loft kit, elevating it a few feet off the ground leaving room for a couch.

Q1: What happened to the said couch? Did they get one?

Q2: Where did Ryan sleep? On the bed? On the couch? If so, where're the details? Needs detail, did Ryan get up to the bed?

Q3: what did Troy and Jeff talk about while they were away?

in: Chapter eight

-Sigma Phi Gamma Frat House

“And why would he when he’s got such a big hunk of man like you all to himself?” Parker questioned. “Someone so deliciously altruistic and positive.” Parker leaned closer to Ryan and laid a hand on his shoulder. “If I had someone like you, I wouldn’t complain about anything, either.”

Q: Why is ryan here? OBVIOUSLY, the thing is that you sometimes confuse the names of the characters that you have in the scene, this is not the only time this has happened where you put a different name.

in: chapter eighteen

-on the bench outside the Union building

according to Kaden's part of the story, he left out the part he was slapped. in troy's part of the story, as he sits on the bench, he thinks about what could possibly drive ryan to accuse kaden and such...and hit his roommate. wtf? how'd troy know about that?

So yeah, points to consider, even though the story is well and done!

But, aside that, a job well done! This was an excellent read.

EmeraldReporter chapter 25 . 4/15/2009
I first of all would like to say, thanks.

I liked the OC's.

One critique I would like to state. (And one I hope you can respond to)

Why did you not mention Ryans feelings/reactions/insecurity's about having sex again, I mean having to deal with being self-concious about his body.

Did he have any scars? Any imperfections? If you havn't made a one shot about him regaining his insecurities to rest, you should.
EmeraldReporter chapter 22 . 4/15/2009
wow... That was, unexpected...
EmeraldReporter chapter 15 . 4/14/2009
You rushed the drama, I don't believe you gave us Ryans point of view with his decision to quit on his relationship with Troy. Did I miss it? Or did you not feel the need to voice it.
EmeraldReporter chapter 4 . 4/13/2009
Aw... Those last sentences. So sad.
IntroX chapter 25 . 4/2/2009
I realize that you finished this story a while ago, but i found it this afternoon. I started reading it around 6:00pm and din't stop reading till I'd finished it. Your origional Characters were great, I felt they fit into the HSM world very well and was very impress that you added strong female characters to the story. What i thought was a great addition to the story as it added a very great sense of reality to the story. Troy and Ryan are my absolute favourite pairing and I loved how you depicted their relationship throughout the

story. My only critisim of story was that I didn't like the Subjects which troy and ryan went to study, it just seems that by not allowing either of them the chance the do a dramatic degree along with their other courses, you removed a passionate part of both their personalities. You did however relate back to Ryan and the theatre for the reconciliation so I was glad that this aspect of their characters was not completely removed. Overall I loved this story and look forward to reading more of what you have written. I really enjoyed your writting it kept me hooked. :) IntroX
tryanforever91 chapter 25 . 1/14/2009
Okay... wow.

That was a pretty awesome story.

So, first off, I like the way the story was laid out. Things weren't perfect for Troy and Ryan, but they weren't ridiculously crazy either. There was a good balance, and it seemed very real. I love your portrayal of both of them, and the great relationship you built between them.

At first, I was a little put-off at all the OCs being introduced, especially all the gay ones. But you invested enough time in them to flesh out their characters and make them enjoyable. I especially like what you did with Jeff. I certainly wasn't expecting it, but it worked well for the story. And I love Jordan's character too.

There were a number of plot twists that kept the story flowing at a nice pace, but at the same time, the plot wasn't overcomplicated, which I think is fantastic. It wasn't too moody, and it wasn't too light and fluffy, it was just right.

I really really enjoyed this story, and I'm kinda sad I didn't get the chance to read it while you were writing it. I'm also sad that I'm already through the whole thing, but I guess that's what the prequel's for.

Anyways, stellar job with this! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful story! I can't wait to read the next one now.

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