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Tris the weatherwitch chapter 2 . 12/15/2007
This is...simply amazing. Your gift of wordsmithing is beautiful. I love the echoes of Pratchett and Gaiman's styles, but your won as well. I love this piece and I have to admit that I enjoyed reading it aloud-the skill you exhibit demands it be spoken. Well, that and t'was fun to do so. D

I have to agree with you on the religious front as well. I'm not a Christian, and I never will be. I was ambivalent at best towards Christianty, but then I read Charles de Lint and Good Omens. De Lint made me fairly ambivalent, but Omens made me realise that it wasn't Christianity I didn't like, but the people who twisted its teachings. Oh, I'll never be a Chistian, but I don't have anything against it, now. Now, I realise that Christianity wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't for the Christians.
Princess Nat chapter 2 . 11/4/2007
Whew, glad they both made it out of that one. Those two certainly have rubbed off on each other, haven't they? Nice to see it. And I'm glad Heaven saw things properly and let them be together. Short and sweet. Thanks for sharing.
Anhk d'Aiath chapter 2 . 5/30/2007
Loved this, recently I got interested in the good omens book, and I was glad to find fan-fiction about it too. espically good ones like yours.
juniper chapter 2 . 3/26/2007
Amazing as always. The worst day in the world could be brightened by reading this story. Thank you.
shina-schatten chapter 2 . 2/10/2007
absolutely fabulous... I loved it.
the ness-ness chapter 2 . 2/8/2007
You made me cry with the first part! I didn't want Crowely to die. I was acting like Aziraphael. *hugs you tightly* Thank you for brightening my exsistance with this two-shot. It compeletly rocks my pirate socks. _
firefly12 chapter 2 . 1/29/2007
'And he said, "Here's a riddle for you, find the answer; there's a reason for the world, you and I..."' I loved this fic! It was beautiful! I really do think Crowly would take on all of Hell for Aziraphael.
Translucent Darkness chapter 2 . 1/13/2007
Aw, that's so sweet!
juniper chapter 2 . 12/4/2006
Brilliant as always. Whenever I need to smile I come back and read this and spend the entire time grinning and practically bouncing with happiness. Thank you.
thinofsubstance chapter 2 . 12/2/2006
It's so melodramatic and so sappy and not-quite-as cliche and it also made my entire night.

Basically, I love your story lots and lots and it doesn't even matter that it's melodramatic and sappy. It's so awesome that it works.

(Which means that you're fantastic and can pull off pretty much anything.)

Thanks for writing this.
MissRevolutionary chapter 2 . 12/1/2006
Hello, dear. I don't really have anything to say, but I'm reviewing nevertheless. I enjoyed your story muchly. Your right, I do feel better...
Banan chapter 1 . 11/13/2006
omg. I love this story! Actually, it's the best Good Omens fanfic I've read. Crowley and Az relationship is so sweet... And Crowley's prayers were simply great! When I was reading first chapter, and Crowley said something like "Say hi to big brother for me", I thought, that 'your Jesus' will be someone like Orwell's Big Brother xD But your version is great x3 Love is all that matters!

(Sorry for my English, I'm still learning ")
Zydrate Anatomy chapter 2 . 11/8/2006
i thought this was a really good story, quite original. i only had one problem with it: you spelt Aziraphale's name wrong. read the book again.

Also, i wanted to publish a story on here but i can't cos I'm using school computors. It's also to do with good omens but its sort of a crossover from harry potter too. can i send it to you and you can publish it but put my name in the disclaimer.

this is it, its called The Game


A warm autumnal breeze whistled through the room, flicking a strand of honey blonde hair into the eyes of the sixteen-year-old girl lounging on a sofa. A fire flickered in the grate and a number of comfortable chairs were scattered around the room. Occasionally, the mahogany paneled wall were decorated by tapestries and paintings of elderly men and women who appeared to be sleeping and, in the far corner of the room, between the doors which lead to the girls’ and boys’ dormitories, was a notice board, covered in signs and posters. The room had a very homey feel, but still the girl was not entirely at ease. She brushed the unruly lock behind an ear and looked through the frosted glass of the tower window. Her classmates were still downstairs enjoying the feast and would be for sometime now. She, yet again, had not felt inclined to join them but preferred to sit and contemplate what it was that alienated her from the others. Was it her dress sense, her ideas, her intelligence? She could not be sure. In most ways she was exactly the same as them, yet somehow, somewhere, something was amiss.

Her thoughtful silence was broken by an upsurge of adolescent voices, both male and female, ascending the stairs to the common room. Straightening up and brushing herself down, Lynn prepared to welcome the oncoming rush of fellow Ravenclaws.

“Lynn! How are you? Have you had a good time in the holidays? We went to Portugal and Spain and…” She could only pretend to listen. What could she tell them about her holidays? ‘Oh, I had such a fun time with Uncle Anthony and Uncle Aziriphale. You know, watching them shift about in their chairs, talking in hushed tones in some foreign language, stealing anxious glances at me… yes, it was wonderful.’ As if. She hadn’t had a proper conversation with her uncles for since her fifteenth birthday, almost two years ago. It was just another complication that made her different to everybody else. Only one person could really understand that and he wasn’t here. Regulus Black, the twin brother of the infamous Sirius Black, was her best and only friend. His quiet and repressed demeanor had made him easy to befriend as she could identify with him so easily. Growing up in a household full of dark magic and Pure Blood ideas, yet still managing to remain a nice person must have been difficult and this explained his inward manner, though Lynn sensed there was more to it than that, though she had not pressed the subject in the hope that he would open up to her as they began to know each other better. Sadly, this knowledge still remained a secret to her, despite her best efforts to hint at her curiosity.

“…and, oh, it was wonderful, Lynn. Lynn? Are you listening? You know, I don’t know why I bother sometimes, I really don’t.” The Ravenclaw girl stormed off in huff to join her friends. Lynn knew that all that would follow would be few minutes of dark looks and then she would be old news. She marched up the stairs, unperturbed. Nothing had changed.

Collapsing in a heap on her bed, confident of her privacy, Lynn pulled an old mirror from under her bed.

“Regulus.” She breathed, unable to wait any longer, knowing he would almost certainly already be holding his mirror, waiting for an invitation.

The smiling face of a sixteen year old boy with floppy black hair and deep brown eyes, so similar to his twin’s, came into view. It was sad, really, that two people could be so similar- they were identical twins for Pete’s sake (Lynn felt generally uncomfortable with words like ‘God’ and ‘hell’, though she was unsure why.)!- and hate each other with such a passion. Lynn couldn’t entirely understand the reason behind it, (apart from that Sirius was even more arrogant and pig-headed than his best friend, James Potter) but then again, she was pretty sure even Sirius himself could not fathom why he had become so distanced from his twin.

“Lynn! Oh, I’m so glad you came on! How were holidays with the uncles? Are they still being all funny with you? I had another argument with Sirius yesterday, he never seems to understand me, but, then again, how can he? He doesn’t kno-”

“Regulus, you’re rambling again. You know what my holidays have been like: I owled you everyday! They still look at me as if I’ve got three heads or have sprouted wings or something like that. What did you argue over this time, anyway?”

“You know, the usual: ‘Why can’t you just be normal, like everybody else? Do you have to be so bloody repressed and pitiful?’ et cetera. I think he’s still het up about the whole Slytherin/Griffindor thing. He won’t accept me for who I am… but anyway, do you want to come to library and we can meet up? It’d be better to talk to you face to face, well, you know what I mean.”

“Oh, go on then.” She smirked as she severed the connection. It was so good to talk to someone about anything that wasn’t the opposite sex.

She pocketed the mirror and hurtled down the stairs, through the common room and out into the deserted corridor. She quickly navigated the winding corridors and passages of Hogwarts’ chambers and slipped through the library door. She flopped onto a comfortable chair and waited patiently for Regulus to arrive.

She did not have to do so for long. Hearing a scuffle of feet, Lynn leapt up to greet her friend. Regulus Black was as handsome as his twin, with striking features and the body of an athlete, though none of this interested Lynn. Or any other girls for that matter. Regulus mostly kept himself to himself, which didn’t have a wonderful effect on his social status. He didn’t care though, between him and his family, he had more than enough to contend with without adding smitten girlfriends to the picture.

They embraced each other like lost brothers and sat down to discuss the stupidity of the human race, homework, and other important things that had happened to them over the summer. The lantern on the table was burning low, but their conversation was still far from drawing to a close. Suddenly there was a muffled cry and a girl fell through the bookcase, landing with a large bump on the table leg.

“What the… I think I did something wrong there…” she mumbled, rubbing the back of her head, “I must be hallucinating; this isn’t my bedroom…”

“Of course not, this is the library. Where else would it be?” Regulus was dumb-founded. Lynn, however, had not failed to notice the girl’s strange mode of entry.

“How did you come through the bookcase? Are you some kind of ghost?” She touched the girl’s forearm with the tip of her index finger. The girl screamed and, for a moment, her eyes went blank.

“Ow! What did you do that for?”

“I only touched you arm to see if that you were real. How could that have hurt?”

“I dunno, you’re the one who did it!”

“Hey! Lynn, umm…”

“Rhianna.” Fumed the girl, still glaring at Lynn.

“…OK, Rhianna, calm down! I’m sure Lynn didn’t mean any harm. Where did you come from anyway?”

“Why should I tell you? I don’t know you. I want to speak to whoever’s in charge here!”

“Spoken for.” An elderly man with silvery hair appeared, seemingly from nowhere, and strode to the centre of the group of teenagers. “What appears to be the problem?”

“Well, you see Professor Dumbledore, we were just sitting down, you know, talking and-” Regulus began,

“- and she fell through the book case on top of us! She’s not a pupil or anything like that, sir, so what’s she doing here?”

“Miss Helven, whilst I may, if I do say so myself have more intelligence than the average wizard, it does not stretch as far as telepathy or the ability to be everywhere at once. The only person able to answer that question is Miss…”


“Of course. So, Miss Wiggin, why are you here?”

“Why is everyone so interested in my past all of a sudden? Why can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Because, Miss Wiggin, I cannot send you home if you do not tell me where it is, and I can’t enroll you in my school, if I find you don’t have a home to go to, if I do not know your history.”

A look of great conflict came upon her. She obviously did not want to divulge the whereabouts of her home, but had little desire to enroll in school. Clearly her need for privacy was greater than that for home and family, as she reluctantly informed Dumbledore that her parents were dead and only she and her brother had remained until her brother had attempted a difficult spell (she refused to give details) which had gone horribly wrong which had transported her here and probably killed him.

After hearing her story, Dumbledore lead Lynn, Regulus and Rhianna to his office, the gargoyle leaping aside almost before Dumbledore had even got the password out of his mouth. They were all seated in high-backed chairs, which Dumbledore had pulled out of the air on entry, except for Rhianna, who had begrudgingly accepted the battered old stool which had been passed to her. Dumbledore seated himself in his chair and stretched his arms.

“Now Miss Wiggin, I’m sure you have heard about this school: Hogwarts; school of witchcraft and wizardry-”

“Er, no.” Rhianna interjected, with a look which can only be described as ‘Duh’ on her thin face.

“- and will therefore be familiar with are ways and customs. The Sorting, for example.”

“The Sorting’s where you get sorted into the house which suits you best. It’s Ok, they only put an old hat on your head.” Whispered Regulus, in Rhianna’s ear, at her blank expression.

“What? Are you joking?” Her hands flew protectively to her midnight-black tresses, “No way! I’m not lettin’ some stinking old hat mess up my hair!”

“What a shame. Ah well, no matter.” Flicking his wand to a far off shelf and back to Rhianna, the ancient wizard conjured the Sorting hat right over Rhianna’s head, onto which it fell with a distinct phut.

“Hey!” she ripped at the hat with all her strength, but could not pull the tattered hat from her head. “Get this thing off me!”

“’This thing’ would prefer to be called ‘him’, if you would be so kind, madam.”

“It talks!”

“Of course ‘it’ does; it’s the Sorting hat, idiot.” Lynn replied, scathingly.

The hat appeared to have had enough of Rhianna’s maltreatment of it, as it hastily yelled “SLYTHERIN!” and disappeared.

Rhianna continued to rip at her hair, apparently unaware that the hat was no longer there. After pulling out a particularly large chunk of hair, her mouth formed a small ‘O’ of surprise and she smiled sheepishly at Regulus.

Her gaze must have lingered for longer than was necessary, for Lynn interjected:

“Okay, she’s been sorted now, so are we going or what?”

Regulus reluctantly dragged his eyes away from Rhianna and nodded, “Yeah, come on Rhianna; I better take you back to Slytherin and show you the ropes.” They started off down the stairs to the dungeons.

“Don’t I even get a goodbye from my best friend?” Lynn scowled to mask her hurt.

“Oh, yeah, ‘course. Um, bye Lynn, see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, bye Lynn.” Rhianna smiled like a snake and, for a moment, a red glow could be seen in her eye. She shot Lynn a look which blatantly said ‘He’s mine now’.

new chapter here

Voices in the head

Lynn stormed back to her dormitory, being careful to kick Pilfer, the caretaker’s cat, on the way. How could Regulus do this to her? She was furious. Every light in every corridor flickered and died to be followed by a hiss and the acrid smell of burning as she passed the by. She desperately tried to get a hold of her rage: she could been seen to be having such a temper tantrum, and, after all, that could attract unwanted attention.

By the time she reached the dormitory, she had her temper under control. She snuggled in her duvet and settled down for a night of deeply uneasy sleep.


Regulus, however, was not in his dormitory at all, nor was he with Rhianna. His feet made little noise as he walked down the dungeon steps, alone.

Through the small window in the dungeon he could see the clouded night’s sky, but still he did not dawdle; he had been lucky so far.

The hustle and bustle of the term and meeting Rhianna had made his mind slip, and he had forgotten the date. He could not afford for that to happen.

Thick metallic chains hung from the wall opposite the window. For show, presumably. He removed the shining new padlocks from his robes and adjusted the cuffs before clamping his ankles in their expectant jaws. His wrists awkwardly followed suit. He did not bother with a key: a teacher would be down in the morning with that. As he watched, the clouds began to clear.


The morning was unusually normal: Lynn went to and history of magic, and got a P, and went to charms, and got an O, and went to potions- the list was endless. She and Regulus talked very little, and when they did the conversations were minimal. Regulus gave off a distinct air of unease: he fidgeted, he looked left and right again and again, but strangest of all was the way he rubbed his wrists and ankles. Was he ill? Did he have eczema? Somehow Lynn doubted it- his father would not allow any son of his to contract a skin problem. She didn’t blame Sirius for leaving: how could anyone be expected to live with a man like that?

Bet he gave his ego a serious bashing, she thought, wistfully, and I’ll bet he needed it: his head’s getting as big as Potter’s.

The thought was uplifting. She had to find a curse to inflate stupid James Potter’s head- preferably in front of Lily Evans.

They made their way to whatever class they had next, in silence, as before. Lynn was beginning to come to the boil; he was her best friend, after all. If something was bothering him, then why wouldn’t he talk to her about it? It was infuriating.

As they walked, the silence rose to a fever pitch, squealing into Lynn’s ears.

“What’s wrong with you?” She screeched, shattering a nearby window. A small piece of glass imbedded itself in her arm, only to be pulled out viciously by an unseen force.

Regulus was stunned. He’d seen Lynn angrier than this before, but never with such explosive effects.

“W-what do you m-mean, Lynn? I haven’t d-done anything, have I?”

“Oh no, of course not; you always walk and talk as if you’ve just had lobotomy operation,” Lynn hoped that that meant he’d had a piece of brain removed, but wasn’t entirely sure. “and act as if we haven’t a thing in common and hint that I should go jump in the lake, do you? Because I was under the impression we were friends.” She stormed off with only the subtlest of backward glances. It was a wonder there wasn’t steam coming out of her ears, the rage she was in. Regulus pitied the idiot who asked her what was wrong.

Luckily for all the poor idiots in the school, Lynn didn’t bump into anyone on her way to the Ravenclaw tower (she didn’t feel like having lessons in the mood she was in and even if she did, she didn’t know what she was supposed to have next); every corridor she passed through was always miraculously empty.

It truly was miraculous because, just as she turned the corner, a young man, dressed entirely in black, wearing sunglasses and an expensive watch, appeared, seemingly out of thin air, a few paces ahead of her.

“Uncle Anthony! Wha… why…wher- Uncle Anthony, what’s going on?” She gazed expectantly at her uncle, a hand on her hip and a look in her eyes which screamed ‘This better be good’ more obviously than a 20ft neon sign.

Anthony Crowley was not one to be fazed by expectant stances or skepticism, looking into the calm (but chilling) gaze, which his sixteen year old ‘niece’ was currently fixing on him, was enough to turn his air of cool collectiveness into one of panicky denial.

“Oh, Lynn, fancy seeing you here. What a nice surprise. Um.” The words tumbled out his mouth with little regard for one another, or the frantic messages being sent from his brain to his tongue: don’t say anything stupid don’t say anything stupid don’t say anything stupid. He winced. Now he would get it, surely.

“Uncle Anthony. If you expect me to believe for one single second that this is some random coincidence, and that you are totally surprised to see me, despite the fact that this school is absolutely enormous, yet you still manage to appear about a meter in front of me, then you obviously have some kind of mental disorder and should be in a home. What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” She emphasized every word with brutal force. If he was going to treat her like a child, then she would do the same.

He opened and closed his mouth several times, half-formed words and sentences- the truth- threatening to leap off the tip of his tongue, carrying their deadly secrets with them. He had come to tell her. He really should’ve told her as soon as he saw her: she should have been told years ago, but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it, to shatter her fragile world irreparably, to show her who she really was. He knew that, if he did say, she would never forgive him or Aziriphale, and, to be honest, he wouldn’t blame her. She was sixteen years old for Go- for Sata- for somebody’s sake! He couldn’t see any justification for her pain at all.

Ineffable, thought Anthony, with some surprise that such an Aziriphale-ish line had come into his head, before realizing that Aziriphale was never going to let him do this alone.

Ineffable my ass, angel, it’s not fair on her. And get out of my head. How was he supposed to focus on the task in hand with someone poking around in his thoughts? It was going to be hard enough as it is.

“Well, you see Lynn, it’s like this: me and Uncle Aziriphale, we’ve been talking and, well, we’ve, um, decided to, er, tell you about… about…” He broke off. Anthony had been ignoring the sensation in the base of his skull for a few moments now, thinking that perhaps Aziriphale was being stubborn, trying to listen in, but he now realized that this was different; much more important and much worse than a ratty Aziriphale- he had to go. Lynn could wait a little longer.

Lynn frowned at the empty space ahead of her. Why did this always happen whenever she tried to talk to one of her uncles? It was a rhetorical question, so Lynn wasted no more thought on it; focusing her energies instead on what Uncle Anthony had begun to tell her, and why he was so edgy.

It must have been important, she thought, or else he wouldn’t have come here.

She didn’t have time to consider this point any further, for, as she turned to walk away, a demonic voice, the stuff of her nightmares, called to her from down the corridor.

new chapter here

“Look, James: it’s the Shadow. Watch: I’ll walk through it.” Sirius Black’s muscle-bound body crashed into her side, crushing the air from her lungs. She doubled over in pain. When she could find the strength and the will power, she stood straight and was met by a collection of sneering faces.

“And there was I thinking that maybe, just maybe, you had developed a couple more brain cells over the holidays. Do you lot have nothing better to do than ruin my day? Now I can see why none of you have ever had a successful relationship.” She raised a disgusted eyebrow. If there was one thing she truly prided herself on, it was her steel tongue. The way she saw it, if you could make someone cry without using actual physical violence, it was a good thing.

The smiles, not matter how mocking, vanished. When it came to popular people, boys in particular, the best way to get at them was hitting them where it hurt: their love-lives. What Lynn hadn’t considered was that her words might do a bit more than shut the boys up. Blood rushed to Sirius’s cheeks, turning them crimson, and she found herself pressed against the wall, a hand at her collar. Sirius raised a powerful arm to strike her. She recoiled, waiting for impact.

Sirius cried out in pain as his arm was forced behind him, and another (someone else’s) placed him in a head lock, a wand at his throat.

“Don’t touch her.”

“I’ll touch whatever I like, snake!” He snarled at his captor, elbowing his stomach and pulling his legs from beneath him. He held a foot against his brother’s throat. “Who do you think you are, Regulus?”

“When are you going to accept me for who I am, Sirius? You just can’t get over the fact that I’m not a ‘rebel’ like you. Do you honestly think that I wouldn’t rather be like you? You don’t understand!” He turned away, eyes moist. Lynn put her hand on his shoulder, looking awkward but as though she felt the need to comfort her friend.

“How the hell am I supposed to understand you if you never tell me anything? We haven’t had a real conversation since we were kids!” It was an odd sight, for Sirius to drop his front in such a public way for the sake of his twin. The scene was worried Lynn, she could feel the tension in the air.

This was his moment; Regulus could tell him the truth, like he’d been wishing to for years, or he could maintain his silence and still be almost normal in the eyes of the congregation. Various scenes of acceptance and rejection flashed through his mind. He flustered, unable to make a decision, until his uneasy silence was interrupted, and the tension of the scene broken.

Rhianna, who had been standing unseen to the side of the crowd for some time now, shrieked and fell in a crumpled heap on the floor. Everyone’s attention switched to the lifeless figure on the ground. Regulus and Sirius both rushed to her, quarrel forgotten, to attempt to revive her. Lynn stood guiltily to one side, blue sparks still leaping half- heartedly from her finger tips. She had only just brushed the back of her hand against hers as she had swept by, she didn’t understand how she had had such a reaction.

She came to moments later, her eyes snapping open in an instant.

“What happened?” Her tone was harsh and seemed to crackle on each word, not at all like her usual voice. “Where am I?”

“In the east corridor, Rhianna. It’s Okay, you fainted, that’s all.” A spark of understanding crossed her face. That would explain it, she thought.

Then her eyes seemed to light with an evil gleam as she took in her surroundings. She was laying on the floor with a pair of handsome twins standing over her. In les than a blink of the eye, she was wrapped around Regulus’ neck. Lynn’s eyes narrowed to slits.

i'm sorry 2 ask this of you, but i'd really like it published and ur the best person iv seen 2 do it so far

from, Jess Howarth
LadyJenny chapter 1 . 10/20/2006
Wow. This is incredibly well-written and powerful. I think it's the best Good Omens fanfic I've read. Glorious, beautiful, it captures the characters and their relationship perfectly. I love your concept of Jesus.

I've marked this as a favorite story; I'm sure I'll be back to read it again.
Uyuki chapter 2 . 10/7/2006
OMG I just love it, really I did. My heart was beating so fast, and I had a nod in my throat when I thought Crowley died.

I love this fanfic, you write so good.
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