Reviews for The Father
mayfriend chapter 64 . 4/27
I was wondering how you'd end this behemoth of a story, but I hadn't thought of this. More fool me. Its perfect. Thank you for the gift that this epic has been; its thoroughly diverted me for almost two days straight.
mayfriend chapter 63 . 4/27
iI will say this once – women are a dangerous proposition, son. I got married and brought down two galactic governments as a result./i


I don't think you can put that ALL on Padme, my guy
mayfriend chapter 57 . 4/27
God, I love Leia.
mayfriend chapter 40 . 4/27
Oh man, poor Lando. He tries to do the right thing and ends up with Vader's kidnapped offspring.
NaniteSystems chapter 64 . 3/24
Fantastic work! Made for an awesome read :) especially liked that you were able to convey so much occurring at the same time, with different plots and plans interacting. Very nice!
Kittona chapter 18 . 2/28
oh man, Luke will be...thrilled... when he finds out he's actually got three sisters lmao
Kittona chapter 15 . 2/28
lmao, poor luke is gonna smell so girly! Luke and Han's friendship is so cute BTW 3 And I almost feel sorry for Anakin, having to figure out how to deal with a teenager lol
Kittona chapter 10 . 2/22
loving this story so far! poor Luke needs hugs! suggestion for some point in the futurewith how much you've improved over the years in writing toddler dialogue, it would be awesome if you tweaked sara and Sandra's dialogue in this story to be more realistic for their age.
Kittona chapter 8 . 2/21
dun dun dun... sigh. and here I have to leave it for the night, because sleep. It cracks me up that at all of 16, Han is convinced that Luke is the only kid in their duo. 16 year olds seem so much younger from the other side of 30 lol. Also, Vader with toddlers will never not be adorable.
Kittona chapter 5 . 2/21
aw I was kinda hoping han and Luke would be friends by now. so...dumb new to the fandom question, what's the EU?
Kathryn.c.l chapter 64 . 2/6
Wow! This was amazing. I loved how you worked all the characters into an original story. I still don't understand how the Emperor didn't know Han wasn't Force sensitive. But that is a minor detail. You are a great storyteller. This was a perfect blend of action, drama, humor, ect... Well done!
nd63722 chapter 63 . 1/24
...Well, death would be too short and easy a punishment, wouldn't it?
This chapter's banter though... I stand by my assessment that half of this is utter controlled crack.
nd63722 chapter 60 . 1/24
Okay, had to comment here.
This fic, was a whole longfic worth of 'WOW' and 'WHAT' and 'WHAT IS THIS,' and there were parts where I was pretty sure this was a crack fic in disguise. - One that I enjoyed and smashed through in less than 4 days. Then that final act happened and I was fully, FULLY brought back to the fact that this was a serious Star Wars fic. With the appropriate death tolls.
And then I arrived at this chapter, and now I would like to express my complete and unabridged appreciation to the amount of FEELS this story has incited within me.
I mean, WOW.
chaotix1 chapter 45 . 1/8
ha a leverage reference good show
Ashalim chapter 55 . 1/4
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