Reviews for Stranger Than Fiction
awefanfic chapter 12 . 8/23
Please update soon! What would happen now? I love this story! please continue with the next chapter!
Guest chapter 12 . 8/7
love the story especially Anko. Keep writing.
Mikaeru346 chapter 1 . 7/15
Prologue before the main story.
Avidreader212 chapter 12 . 5/21
This was a very sweet story I would have loved to see how this naruto describes Sasuke and his relationship with him after he left and while searching for him... Or if he would have even searched for him as fervently at all.
Swordsman of the Eclipse chapter 12 . 5/8
All I have to say is that this is an amazing story right here, and that I wish that the chapters would still be coming out. Oh well, you can have everything, ya know?
troutman30 chapter 11 . 5/6
I just tried reviewing the last chapter but I already reviewed it so here I am. I know a lot of crap has gone by in the last eight and so and so months. I'm guessing that's one of the reasons for no more chapters, although I've longed to see Negi's comeuppance I'm suggesting one last authors note for closure.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/24
Sad, so F'n sad! The Naruto here is such a martyr...he should just burn the entire village down!
D chapter 12 . 3/7
Dang last updated in 06. This until this point has been an amazing story that has surpassed everything I have read prior. Though lacking action and adventure it has something that totally replaces these elements. Emotion is strong through this entire piece of art. It is an emotional outpouring of love, hate, fear, sadness, uncertainty, regret and many more emotions that pour the soul of the teller into the story. Furthermore, it is obvious that the person telling the story has a grasp on the range of emotions displayed in the writing. Often times it's difficult to express such emotions into words and even writing them can become an emotional experience to rival the raw emotions first felt. The only bad thing I have to say about this entire work is that the last update was in 06.
NodMPortant chapter 12 . 3/2
Update please this is a fantastic story and I want to read more
LongPastMidnight chapter 12 . 3/2
this is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read. thank you so much!
Guest chapter 12 . 2/19
Update! This story makes people happy!
Shade Midnight chapter 12 . 2/18
This story is something i very much enjoyed and wish to see more of. I hope you will continue to write this or at least something else. Good authors are sometimes difficult to come by.

Hoping to read more from you.

Shade E. Midnight
Guest chapter 12 . 2/2
Please dont stop!
Puppet Priestess chapter 12 . 10/24/2015
Please update one day!
iReadWriteType chapter 12 . 9/5/2015
Fudge! This is the kind of story I really want, no, NEED to read! It brought to tears after reading halfway.

This! This is the kind of story I love! The emotion! The atmosphere! It's so fascinating that it makes me feel like it really happened!

I can't wait for the next chapter! The revelations, secrets, moments that will be revealed!
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