Reviews for Z Skit Theater
Riku Uzumaki chapter 425 . 8/6
Ummm... where'd the 4th wall go? Wait! There it is! It's that dust on the ground that Deadpool is trying to snort through a straw up his nose!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 403 . 8/6
So getting hit by Presea's hammer is like getting gassed by GlaDOS from Portal?
Riku Uzumaki chapter 372 . 8/6
I really should have expected the Trogdor jokes, but I didn't since this is the first I've heard of Trogdor in over a year.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 314 . 8/5
How was Zelos able to so much as TOUCH the Eternal Sword?
Riku Uzumaki chapter 303 . 8/5
So many Dr. Who references...
Riku Uzumaki chapter 284 . 8/4
Only Colette would apologize for breaking PHYSICS!
Riku Uzumaki chapter 243 . 8/4
Foolish Lloyd. One does not simply perform a Kamehameha simply by trying to force out energy while saying the words.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 189 . 8/3
It appears Lloyd has another achievement in ignorance under his belt.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 161 . 8/3
I'm not surprised that watching herself kick a dog would count as a nightmare for Colette. She loves dogs.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 150 . 8/3
Looks like Lloyd pulled off an achievement in ignorance by accidentally making a pun about Shadow.
Riku Uzumaki chapter 100 . 8/3
Did Colette just invent text speak?
Kaist chapter 435 . 1/12
Holy guacamole, this has a whole lot of reviews. Well-deserved feedback, I think! :) You've done an excellent job. Sticking with this for so many years must have taken a Herculean effort.
A Mourning Fan chapter 435 . 12/29/2014
And thus ended the Z Skit Theater..A brilliant series that can last hours of entertainment based upon only a few sentences a chapter.
Future Starkid Member chapter 435 . 8/6/2014
I lurve these skits so much! They are hilarious! It's been a while since you updated though...

And haven't you ever wondered if Regal wondered why he must have a hand shaped bruise on his stomach from Colette carrying him one handed all the way to Mizuho? She doesn't even know her own strength so there's got to be some sort of mark for a little while after that event...

Just saying...

Update soon!

Kratos Pendragon chapter 435 . 6/14/2014
As a person who has spent well over a thousand hours on ToS I can really appreciate these skits. In fact I showed them to several of my friends who have played ToS on the PS3 they loved them but they never understood why it was called Z-Skit Theater, meh too bad for them. Any how I laughed through most of these (at some points I was told to be "quite", but they got over it) and even though it's been awhile since your last update I still can't wait for the next one, and if I get any ideas I'll be sure to send them your way!
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